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Are you searching for a reliable Ceramic Hob for your home in the coming days? If so, then check out our review for the best and affordable Ceramic Hobs in the UK at present which can all be delivered to your home hassle free in a matter of a few days (based on current stock availability). You should be familiar with most of these brands already and we have included some lower priced alternatives which should cater for everyone’s needs.

After reviewing over 30 Ceramic Hobs, we have narrowed it down to what we believe are the best 5 or even the top 5 best value solutions for your home and updated prices can be seen by viewing through the price checkers provided below (only guide prices can be published at the time of this review)


To ensure you have all the necessary dimension information, please make sure to take a look through the comparison table further down on this page so you can see how they compare side by side which will also include the dimensions required for the aperture opening. In addition, we have also included a short video overview which covers the main points you need to know and it will give you a better understanding overall of what these Ceramic Hobs are all about before you commit to a purchase.

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Video Overview – Best UK Ceramic Hobs (few minutes)

Best Ceramic Hobs in the UK – 5 Recommendations

Option 1: Bosch Black Electric Ceramic Hob - PKE611CA1E

Brief Summary:

Unique QuickTerm technology
Reaches temperature quicker
4 separate cooking zones
Dial controllers on the side
Heat power 1.2kw to 2.2kw
Residual safe heat indications
Sword Knob controllers
9 power setting levels
Size 59.2W x 52.2D cm
Aperture plan 56W x 46D cm
2 year warranty

Best Ceramic Hob Overview:

  • Our first Ceramic Hob that you should take a serious look at is the Bosch Black Electric Ceramic Hob code reference PKE611CA1E which comes backed with lots of positive customer reviews and it will usually set you back anywhere from £200 to £250 when seen at the time of this review.
  • The one thing that stands out here is the rapid heat where the temperatures are reached very quickly thanks to its QuickTherm technology so you can expect the cooking to start faster than your average Ceramic hob. It has the residual heat indicators as standard to protect your hands and it has 4 different heating zones with different levels of power that range from 1.2kw to 2.2kw
  • You get 9 power setting on the controller dials mounted on the side which are Sword knob controls so there are plenty of heating and cooking options available to you offering as much flexibility as you need in your kitchen. Cleaning the frame and surface should be done after each use to prevent the build-up of stains and the ability to keep food warm, simmered, boiled or rapid cooking is excellent throughout
  • The aperture dimensions to plan for are 56cm wide by 46cm deep and the dimensions of the unit itself is 59.2cm wide by 52.2cm deep. If you are serious about a reliable Ceramic Hob, then this option from Bosch will definitely do the job for you and it comes backed with a 2 year warranty for your added protection.

Price Guide: Tends to be £200+ @ Argos UK

Option 2: Beko Black Electric Ceramic Hob - HIC64402T

Brief Summary:

Unique dual heat zone
For larger pots & pans
9 different power levels
Front touch controllers
Vitro-ceramic heat technology
Timer & safety cut off
Heat power 0.75kw to 2.2kw
Aperture plan 56W x 49Dcm
Dimensions 58W x 51Dcm
Warranty 2 years long

Best Ceramic Hob Overview:

  • Our second Ceramic Hob on this list is from a brand that you may not be too familiar with and it’s the Beko Black Electric Ceramic Hob code reference HIC64402T which is cheaper than the Bosch above and it also comes backed with several positive customer reviews. The double circle from the diagram works as a dual zone which means the heat burn can be extended for those larger pots which is a seriously handy feature to have in the background especially when you have larger groups of friends or family over for dinner.
  • You get 4 cooking zones here which include the dual (larger) zone and the appliance is managed and controlled with the touch button controllers mounted at the front. Having no exterior frame also means that cleaning around the edges is a lot easier to do and each zone has 9 power settings for you to choose from.
  • For installations, there are the mounted clips on the sides, so no screws are needed, and the quality of the heating comes backed with their Vitro ceramic technology to give you the best possible heating and cooking results. For the power levels, it ranges from 0.75kw to 2.2kw and you have the timer display in addition to the safety cut off and residual heat indicators for you added protection in your kitchen.
  • For planning, the dimensions of the unit itself are 58cm wide by 51cm deep, the aperture planning requires a dimension of 56cm wide by 49cm deep and it also comes backed with a year warranty

Price Guide: Tends to be £180+ region

Option 3: Hotpoint Black Electric Ceramic Hob - HR651CH

Brief Summary:

User friendly touch controls
Residual heat safe indicators
9 levels of heat settings
4 cooking zones small & large
Heat power 1.2kw to 2.1kw
Heating timer included
Aperture size 56W x 49D cm
Dimensions 58W x 51D cm
Parts warranty 10 years
Labour warranty 1 year

Best Ceramic Hob Overview:

  • Another Ceramic hob that you will like is from a brand that you will already be familiar with and it’s the Hotpoint Black Electric Ceramic Hob code reference HR651CH which you should be able to get your hands on for less than £200 from what we have seen at the time of this review. The quality of this appliance is excellent and the speed of the heat burn is top class when it comes to getting your food items cooked as quickly as possible.
  • As there is no exterior frame, the chore of cleaning is easy to do and it fits in well around various kitchen types and different countertop surfaces. In addition to the lower price you get the longer parts warranty of 10 years which also has the 1 year warranty for labour from Hotpoint (once registered online – details are in the manual)
  • As there are no knobs, you have the touch controllers on the front right hand side which again makes the job of cleaning around that area easy to do. There are 9 heat setting in each of the 4 cooking zones and there is the child safety lock build in to prevent any small fingers accidentally turning on the appliance by mistake.
  • In addition to the touch controls, you get the residual heat indicators as standard along with the timer display and the level of power you can expect ranges from 1.2kw to 2.1kw. For installations, the dimension are 58cm wide by 51cm deep, the opening aperture plan is 56cm wide by 49cm deep and if you have less than £200 to spend, then take a serious look at this Ceramic Hob from Hotpoint

Price Guide: Lower level £150+ @ Argos UK

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Comparison Table – Ceramic Hobs

To add further clarity on the 3 Ceramic Hobs outlined already in this review, make sure to check out the comparison table below so you can see the power levels and all the dimension information side by side for yourself…

Ceramic HobBoschBekoHotpoint
Min power:1.2kw0.75kw1.2kw
Max power:2.2kw2.2kw2.1kw
Control Type:KnobsTouchTouch
Aperture width:56cm56cm56cm
Aperture depth:46cm49cm49cm
Parts warranty:2 years2 years10 years
Labour warranty:2 years2 years1 year

Best Ceramic Hobs – Last 2 Recommendations

If the first 3 Ceramic Hobs above outlined already don’t meet all of your expectations just yet or if you need to consider lower priced alternatives, then check out our last 2 recommendations summarised briefly as follows…

Option 4: Gasland Chef Built-in Black Ceramic Hob - CH604BF

Main Points to Note:

Oval and dual heat zone designs
Touch controls for 4 zones
Child lock system for protection
Includes timer with 9 heat settings
30cm and 90cm alternatives available
Residual heat indicator & pan detector
Auto alert and auto shut down capability
Compatible with all cookwares
Size dimensions are 59W x 52D cm
Aperture cut opening plan 56W x 49D cm
Power levels range from 1kw to 2.2kw
Warranty is 1 year long (parts and labour)

Price Guide: Less than £200 @ Amazon UK

Option 5: Noxton Domino Ceramic Hob Built-in -TN604/A

Main Points to Note:

Lower priced alternative solution
Ideal for people seeking a budget bargain
4 cooking zones with touch controllers
Heat burn power levels from 1.2kw to 1.8kw
9 heat settings for each zone
Vitro ceramic glass quality finish
Residual heat indicators & child lock protection
CE & GS standard approvals
Suitable for various types of pan surfaces
Dimensions for planning are 59W x 52D cm
Aperture planning guide 56W x 49D cm
Warranty is also 1 year long – labour & parts

Price Guide: Less than £150 level

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After completing our review for the best Ceramic Hobs and best value Ceramic Hobs in the UK, we hope our work here has helped you out in some small way and perhaps given you some guidance or tips on which brand appliance will work best for you in your own home. We have included brands that you should be familiar with already, avoided some of the higher priced solutions that were too expensive and we also offered some lower priced alternatives that give you great value overall for what you get.

Which one would we choose? After further consideration, our top pick would have to be the Bosch outlined earlier and further information can be checked out below

Educate Other – Optional Feedback?

Did you find our list of best Ceramic Hobs in the UK useful in any way? Or did you manage to find a better Ceramic Hob elsewhere at a better price?

If possible, please feel free to have your own say and share your feedback in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!!

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  1. Hello, I enjoyed reading your article on these Ceramic Hobs. This is a good overview and review of all the models, and I like how you incorporated the comparison charts also. After reading and comparing all the ceramic hobs you listed, I tend to agree with you that the Bosch model sounds like the best ceramic hob, and I like the fact that it comes with a 2 year warranty, don’t give you hassle and last a long time. Nettie

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