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Do you need a trustworthy Cordless Vacuum cleaner for your car in the coming days or weeks? If so, then make sure to check our review for the best Cordless Vacuum cleaners for cars that we recommend based on prices, value for money, suction power, battery performance and additional features such as filters, LED lighting and customer support. We reviewed over 30 handheld cordless Vacuum cleaners for cars and narrowed down our results down to our top 6 models that give the best results based on overall performance, user experience and cost levels.

As prices guides can only be shown at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. In addition, all of these recommendations can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free in a matter of a few working days.

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Cordless vs Corded

One big advantage with the cordless vacuums is that there is no restrictions on where you can clean but you do need to look after the batteries, charging ports, recharging and typically higher price points. The corded handheld vacuum cleaners on the other hand don’t require any batteries and they tend to offer much lower prices, so we have included just one option further down on this page for you to consider before you make your final decision.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Cars – Top Recommendations

1, VacLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Car Cleaner VL189

Our first recommendation would have to be the VacLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum Car Cleaner which offers great performance and results and you should be able to get your hands on it for less than £65 when seen at the time of our review. This small little handheld vacuum offers fast charging, low noise levels, strong suction on stubborn debris and it also has LED lights for better visibility in darker areas for collecting finer dust and particles

Included in the package is the adapter, a HEPA Filter and several tools such as the crevice nozzle, dusting brush and cleaning brush so there is lots of flexibility in the type of cleaning work it can do. It operates from 3.7V, the dustbin has a small capacity of 0.4L and the weight of the unit is only 660g, so you don’t have to worry about arm fatigue setting in. Charging this battery takes 2.5 hours to 3 hours on average and the battery runtime tends to last around 20 minutes before you have to recharge it once again.

Not only can this little handheld vacuum be used on cars, but it can also be used on the stairs, hard to reach places for your regular vacuum or even for small accidents or spillages that don’t require the normal long stick vacuum. We really liked the deep cleaning and suction power of this unit plus the LED lights to get all the finer dirt picked up and overall we would have to say that this cordless Handheld vacuum cleaner offers great value for the money.

Price Guide: Less than £65

2, Shark WandVac 2.0 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner WV270UK

Our second recommendation is from one of our favourite brands and it’s the Shark WandVac 2.0 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner code reference WV270UK and this little vacuum does not disappoint in any way. For such a small sized vacuum, the level of suction power you get here is certainly impressive especially with stubborn debris, crumbs and dirt and it also has the anti-hair wrap technology to deal with any pet hairs, so it remains tangle free at all times.

You can attach the wand and the anti-hair wrap floorhead for dealing with larger areas and in the handheld mode, it can be used not only just in your car, but also on kitchen countertops and stairs as well. For tougher debris and dirt, you can also choose the power boost mode but please note that this will deplete the battery quicker. On a full charge, you tend to get around 15 minutes runtime on the battery when used in the standard mode.

The weight of the unit is seriously lightweight at just 0.65kg, the dust capacity is 0.1L which can be easily emptied after each use with the simple press of a button, and you get various tools included in the pack such as they crevice tool, a multi surface tool and the upholstery tool. The battery, charging station and the wand are included as standard and it comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Price Guide: Tends to be £150 to £200 level

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3, Gtech MK2 Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Another highly popular handheld cleaner for cars and certainly one of our favourites is the Gtech MK2 Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner which costs a good deal more than some of the other vacuums on this list, but you still should be able to buy it for less than £200 nonetheless. Not only can it use in cars, but you can also use it around the home, on the stairs and also on kitchen countertops. One additional feature that we liked here was the extension tube for harder to reach areas plus the power on the motor and the suction was superb.

Unlike other handheld vacuums, this model from Gtech offers a larger dustbin capacity of 0.4L so you don’t have to empty it as often which is less hassle on your end. It also looked heavy, but it is lighter than expected at just 1.5kg so you don’t have to worry about arm fatigue setting in for longer cleaning sessions.

This brand of vacuums Gtech has become more and more popular in recent years and this vacuum has received multiple positive reviews and we can see why – it is a joy to use! The attachments for cleaning dust, dirt, crumbs, car seats and the dashboard certainly do their job effectively as you get a crevice tool, a power brush head and also a dusting brush.

Recharging normally takes 6 hours to complete and you can expect to get 20 minutes runtime when used in the standard mode. It does cost more than what we expected however it’s certainly a great buy if you can afford it – it also comes backed with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £200

4, Beldray Revo Digital Handheld Vacuum Cleaner BEL01163

At number 4, we have the Beldray Revo Digital Handheld Vacuum Cleaner code reference BEL01163 which is ideal for car seats, under car seats, dashboards and the boot area and the level of suction provided from the motor and battery is certainly impressive in every way to get all the stubborn debris picked up and to leave a spotless finish. The narrow design on this appliance allows you to reach all the harder to clean areas in between the seats and make the whole job of cleaning your car that bit easier to do.

It comes with a HEPA filter to remove allergens in the car and keep them securely trapped inside and this filter is washable so you can keep it working for longer at the optimum high performance suction levels. Recharging this battery will take 6 hours on average and you can expect to get 25-30 minutes battery runtime before you will need to recharge the battery once again.

As it is so small and narrow, the dust collection capacity is only 0.1L but it can be easily emptied with the press of a discharge button into a larger bin. If you suffer from allergies, this should be done outside your back door rather than inside your home. Included in this package is the charging base and dock station, additional tool accessories and it comes with a longer 3 year warranty protection for added consumer protection.

Even though the brand is not as well established as some of the bigger brands, this little handheld cordless car vacuum was better than expected and the lower price tag on offer can help save you money somewhat.

Price Guide: Tends to be £50 to £100

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5, Black + Decker Flexi Cordless Handheld Vacuum PD1202L

If you like the Black and Decker brand, then you should definitely take a closer look at the Black + Decker Flexi Cordless Handheld Vacuum code reference PD1202L which can be used inside your home and also for your car, so you get more use from it in the long term. You get a nice comfortable handle on the appliance and the hose pipe sits neatly in top when not in use. When in use, you can extend the flexible hose to reach awkward and hard to reach areas and it works really well between car seats and getting into difficult corners of your car and the boot area.

This small vacuum cleaner comes with a 10.8V lithium-ion battery and you usually get around 10 minutes work time on the battery which normally takes 5-6 hours to recharge. The suction on this vacuum wouldn’t be the best on this list and the battery wouldn’t be as powerful either but it still offers adequate cleaning results which goes a long way based on the lower price range on offer which tends to be under £80 when seen at the time of our review.

One thing we did like is the triple action filtration for collecting debris and the Cyclonic action to stop the filter getting clogged up, so the power and cleaning performance is maintained for longer. You get additional tools such as the dusting brush and the crevice tool, the length of the hose is 1.5m long and it comes backed with a 2 year warranty.

Price Guide: £40 to £80 level

6, Vax Gator Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner H85-GA-B10

Another great value Car cordless vacuum that we tried is the Vax Gator Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner H85-GA-B10 which offers a great low-price level and actually performs a whole lot better than expected. If you need a low-priced car vacuum to get your car cleaned without any hassle, then you don’t need to look much further than this model in our opinion.

You will need to let it charge for 12 hours though which is longer than we anticipated, and you can generally get 15 minutes runtime from this battery. Not only can it be used for your car, but it can also be used for spillages on the sofa, accidents on the kitchen countertops and even on the stairs so it is not just limited to car cleaning. It comes with a basic 10.8V battery, the cordless freedom that you expect plus the crevice tool built in.

The capacity on the small vacuum is 0.3L which can be easily emptied with the press of a button, and it comes with a standard 12-month warranty. While it wouldn’t be the top performing vacuum on this list, it is still great for quickly cleaning up small spillages around your home and in the car.

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £65

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Cordless vs Corded Car Vacuum Cleaners

If you wish to avoid the hassle of recharging batteries and limited battery runtimes or cleaning times, then you should definitely consider the corded car vacuum from ThisWorx which was able to clean for over 30 minutes uninterrupted which was the length of time it took to clean our car. In addition, the prices tend to be lower than the cordless versions so savings can be made here if you are on a tight spending budget.

ThisWorx Portable Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you need the absolute lowest price, then you should consider a corded Vacuum Cleaner for your car and this portable vacuum namely the ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner provides a plug in for the car as well as a 4.8m long cord. There is no need to worry about charging batteries as all you have to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, switch it on and away you go. Some cordless handheld vacuums can cost well over £100/£150 while this corded model tends to be available for less than £40 so there are big savings to be made here.

Included in the package is the very handy carry case for storing it all away neatly after use plus you get the foam filter, a filter cleaner, the cord, a charging connector plus 3 collection tool accessories for all the awkward spots to reach in your car. The level of suction is quite good and the 4.8m (16 ft) cord provides plenty of length to reach the sides, front and back. Cleaning up all those crumbs in the back seats is a doddle with this little vacuum and the auto-shut-off lid is a nice bonus to have as part of the design.

You get an extension tube, a brush head for the seats and the nose flathead nozzle for digging in deep in between the seats. All it requires is a 12V connection which you can get from your normal cigarette lighter and another handy feature it offers it the extra spare filter plus the filter cleaner which goes a long way to keep the suction levels as good as they should be. Again, if you need the absolute lowest price, then this is the handheld car vacuum for you.

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £50

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After completing this review for the best car handheld cordless Vacuum cleaners in the UK, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and perhaps point you in the right direction. We have included larger premium cordless vacuums, lower priced budget type great value car vacuums as well as a corded version if you need to avoid the hassle of recharging batteries or having to worry about replacement batteries in the years to come so there should be something here to cater for your own needs across our range of recommendations.

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