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If you need a small reliable Microwave for your home in the coming days, then check out our review for the best small Microwaves available in the UK at present which will not disappoint you. All of these small microwaves generally have a maximum width of 45cm with only 2 going marginally beyond 45cm width and all of them can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free which is good to know in the current circumstances.

After reviewing over 30 microwaves, we have narrowed our list down to our top 7 best small Microwaves so there should be something here that can cater for you own needs. Most of the turntable sizes here are between 24.5cm and 25.5cm with one option from Samsung below offering a larger rotational turntable size of nearly 29cm in diameter for larger plates outlined further down on this page.

A series of detailed comparison tables are outlined further down which outlines all the dimensions you need to be aware of and a short video summary is also included to cover off the main points you need to know prior to making any final decisions – all the dimension information is also included in this video. Please note also that price guides can only be published at the time of this microwave review so please make sure to use the price checkers provided below to help ensure you have the most recent up to date prices.

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Video Overview – Best Small Microwaves

Best Small Microwaves in the UK – 7 Recommendations

Option 1: Cookworks Black 700W Microwave

Quick Overview:

Smaller interior capacity of 17 litres
Power 700W & includes 10 programmes
Stylish black finish – defrost option
Child safety lock system built in
Turntable diameter is 24.5cm
Dimensions 26.2H x 45.2W x 33D cm
Cable 1m long & 1-year warranty

Best Small Microwave Overview:

  • Our first reliable and budget type small microwave that you should consider is the Cookworks Black 700W Microwave which is also available in white and silver colours and it comes backed with numerous positive reviews from previous buyers in the UK. (black tends to the easier one to maintain from a cleaning point of view)
  • This microwave’s main attraction is the low price, reliable performance, it comes with a smaller capacity of 17 litres and the smaller frame which is 26.2cm high by 45.2cm wide by 33cm deep so make sure to get your measuring tape out to double check your available space.
  • The power available is 700W, it comes with 10 different power programmes and you get the defrost function along with the child safety lock function and a rotating turntable of 24.5cm which can accommodate the average plate size.
  • You have a digital timer display for more control, the weight is just 10.5kg and the interior lights up when the door is opened and cooking. Usually you can get your hands on this microwave for less than £60 and it comes backed with a 1 year warranty for your protection.

Price Guide: Less than £60 @ Argos UK

Option 2: Panasonic Black 800W 20L Microwave - NNE28JBMBPQ

Quick Overview:

High performance 800W Microwave
Includes quick 30 second start
Internal capacity 20 Litres, Cable 1m
Child safety lock system provided
Dimensions 25.8H x 44.3W x 34D cm
Turntable rotational diameter 25.5cm
9 programmes & warranty 1 year

Best Small Microwave Overview:

  • Next, we have the Panasonic 800W 20 litre capacity Microwave with a new code NNE28JBMBPQ which is certainly one of our favourites on this list and it is also available in silver and white coloured options if you wish to look beyond the black finish here. The price level does tend to be higher so be prepared in advance for this microwave from Panasonic.
  • This microwave offer a great selection of 9 programmes to choose from which will cover any of your specific heating and cooking requirements – a defrost option is also included such as auto defrost and auto reheat to make your task of getting your food to the right temperature as quick and easily as possible.
  • The diameter of the rotational turntable is 25.5cm which covers standard plate sizes and the frame dimensions to note for installation are 25.8cm high by 44.3cm wide by 34cm deep (internally they are 21.4H x 30.6W x 30.8Dcm) which caters for the internal capacity of 20 litres.
  • The weight is only 12kg, it has a cable length of 1m to the power socket and it comes backed again with a 1 year warranty for your investment protection

Price Guide: Less than £90 @ Argos UK

Option 3: Russell Hobbs 800W Buckingham Microwave - RHM2086SS

Quick Overview:

Dial controller & blue digital display
Made from stainless steel & plastic
Spin rotational diameter 25.5cm
Child lock included, capacity 20 Litres
Mirrored design & defrost function
Dimensions 25.8H x 43.9W x 35.7D cm
8 programmes & warranty 12 months

Best Small Microwave Overview:

  • Up next, we have the very popular Russell Hobbs Buckingham Microwave code RHM2086SS with 800W of power which performed exceptionally well and overall was easy to use with the digital display and dial controller for managing all the timings and programme choices.
  • This microwave fits in well to various kitchen types especially when it comes to traditional and even contemporary type kitchen layout designs and counter tops. Even with the small frame size of 25.8cm high by 43.9cm wide by 35.7cm deep, this appliance provides plenty of power to get your foods prepared to the right temperature exactly as you would expect.
  • There are 8 programmes included here along with the defrosting function and the capacity of this microwave is 20 litres which is one of the smaller microwaves you can get. The exterior appearance is elegant and professional looking and there is a child safety lock system built in for your added family protection.
  • Internally the dimensions are 20.5H by 30.6W by 30.7D and the weight is only 11.5kg. The rotation turntable is 25.5cm in diameter, the cable to the socket is 1m long and they also provide a 1-year warranty

Price Guide: Less than £80 @ Argos UK

Option 4: De'Longhi Stainless Steel 800W Standard Microwave

Quick Overview:

Also available in a black colour
Power output level 800W
Internal capacity is 20 litres
8 programmes & Stainless steel
Dimensions 26H x 44W x 36.2D cm
Cable length 1m long to socket
Warranty guarantee 12 months

Best Small Microwave Overview:

  • At number 4, we would like you to consider the De'Longhi Stainless Steel 800W Microwave which has an easy to use control panel backed with a digital control display along with a series of buttons and dial twist controller – all that one would need to get the best possible results.
  • This particular microwave comes in a stainless steel finish but there is also the option of choosing a black coloured version if needed - our preference was the stainless steel finish though.
  • This microwave is well capable to heating up and cooking various food types with the power output of 800W and you get the defrost option built in as standard which worked a lot quicker than expected. You get 8 programmes overall through the settings and the capacity of the microwave is 20 litres.
  • For installation purposes, the dimensions to note are 26cm high by 44cm wide by 36.2cm deep so make sure it is small enough to fit your own kitchen worktop plan. There is a child safety lock built in, the cable is also 1m long and it comes with the standard warranty of 12 months for peace of mind before you buy

Price Guide: Less than £85 @ Argos UK

Small Microwave Comparisons

To add further clarity on the 4 small Microwaves outlined so far in this review, feel free to check out the comparison table below which outlines how all the dimensions compare plus the diameters of the turntables.

Microwave:CookworksPanasonicRussell HobbsDe'Longhi
Capacity:17 litres20 litres20 litres20 litres
Cable:1m long1m long1m long1m long
Warranty:1 year1 year1 year1 year

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Best Small Microwaves continued – Last 3 Recommendations

If the 4 options already outlined haven’t ticked all of your requirements just yet, then take a look at 3 further small microwaves that we also recommend summarised as follows…

Option 5: Sharp Silver 800W Microwave - R274SLM

Quick Overview:

Available in a black colour finish
10 menu programme options
Defrost option as well as Eco mode
Dial controller & digital display
Interior capacity is 20 litres
Smaller turntable diameter 22.5cm
Dimensions 25.8H x 44W x 35.9D cm
Cable length 1m, Warranty 1 year

Best Small Microwave Overview:

  • If you like the brand of Sharp, then the small microwave that you should consider is the Sharp Silver 800W Microwave reference code R274SLM which is also available in a black colour finish and comes backed with lots of happy and positive customer reviews – this microwave is extremely popular at the moment and it will not disappoint you.
  • Price is a little on the high side, but this microwave offers a good deal more than your average or lower priced microwave. You get a good selection of heating and cooking programme options – 10 in total and you can choose the defrost function as well as the Eco mode or the various auto menu modes.
  • The power level is 800W and the length of the cable to the power socket is 1m long. The frame size is one of the smaller ones coming in at 25.8cm high by 44cm wide by 35.9cm deep and the size of the rotational turntable is also smaller at 22.5cm in diameter.
  • This microwave looks neat, tidy and elegant on the countertop and it has the child lock protection as well as great cooking and heating results to ensure you have the right temperatures for your various food types. It comes backed with a 12-month standard warranty and it weighs only 11.5kg which allows easier movement around the kitchen worktops.

Price Guide: Less than £90 @ Argos UK

Option 6: Samsung Black 800W Microwave -MS23F301TFK

Quick Overview:

Larger and higher priced option
Digital display and dial controller
Includes sleek chrome finish handle
Larger interior capacity of 23 litres
Includes ceramic enamel Interior
Wider turntable diameter 28.8cm
Dimensions 27.5H x 48.9W x 37.4D cm
Longer warranty of 2 years (90 days)

Best Small Microwave Overview:

  • At number 6, we have the larger and more expensive Samsung Black 800W Microwave code MS23F301TFK which will cost you more than the previous microwaves on this list but please note that this is a slightly larger microwave with a longer warranty and more premium features and functions. Generally speaking, you can get your hands on this for less than £120 from what we have seen and in some cases, less than £100 when promotional discounts are in place
  • This high-quality microwave from Samsung comes with a ceramic enamel interior, a larger capacity of 23 litres and a larger diameter rotational turntable of 28.8cm to cater for the larger plates in your kitchen.
  • The extras you can expect to get there are the triple heat distribution, a user friendly digital and dial controller and the interior finish allows easier cleaning.
  • You get a power level here of 800W, a steam bowl accessory along with 20 various programmes for all your cooking needs and a child lock safety protection. The dimensions to note here are 27.5cm high by 48.9cm wide by 37.4cm deep and it comes with a longer 2-year warranty as long as you register online within 90 days of purchase.

Price Guide: Less than £120 @ Argos UK

Option 7: Swan Cream 800W Microwave -SM22030CN

Quick Overview:

Various colour options available
Blue, grey and red alternatives
Interior capacity is 20 litres
Turntable diameter is 24.5cm
5 programmes & 0.9m cable
Dimensions 26H x 44W x 32.1D cm
Warranty duration is 2 years

Best Small Microwave Overview:

  • Last on our list today is from a brand called Swan that you may not be too familiar with, but it is worth a closer look especially with the different coloured options they offer. This particular microwave namely the Swan Cream 800W Microwave code SM22030CN comes with a contemporary retro appearance which will be of interest to those seeking an alternative display to the standard microwave appearances.
  • This particular option comes in a cream finish but you can also choose different colour finishes such as blue, red and grey so there are more options here when it comes to offering something unique and different to your work top countertops.
  • You get 5 power levels here backed with 800W, an internal capacity of 20 litres and the size of the rotational turntable diameter is 24.5cm. The dimensions for installation are as small as you can get coming in at 26cm high by 44cm wide by 32.1cm deep and the internal dimensions for cooking is 17.5cm high by 25.7cm wide by 26cm deep.
  • This microwave is also lightweight at less than 11kg, it has a cable length of 90cm to the power socket and it comes backed also with a 2-year warranty.

Price Guide: Less than £90 @ Argos UK

Further Comparisons of Dimensions

An additional comparison table is included here to compare the dimensions of the Sharp vs Samsung vs Swan so feel free to check this out also if you are still unsure about all the dimensions outlined already in this review.

Microwave:Sharp R274SLMSamsung MS23F301TFKSwan SM22030CN
Capacity:20 litres23 litres20 litres
Cable:1m long1.1m long0.9m long
Warranty:1 year2 years2 years

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Final Conclusion

If you are reached this far in this review, we would like to thank you for the time of visiting our website and we hope this short list of best small Microwaves has helped you out in some small way and given you some ideas to think about. Several hours work has been put in on our side to get all the comparison tables organised, so we really hope you found this beneficial in helping you to make your own final decision. Our favourite across this list is definitely the Samsung MS23F301TFK but these dimensions may be a little on the larger side for you but feel free to view further customer reviews in the UK for it along with today’s updated prices below…

Optional Feedback – Educate Others?

Did you find our list of the best small Microwaves in the UK useful in any way? Or do you know of better smaller microwave brands available elsewhere in the UK?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!

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