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Are you thinking about buying a Bosch Fridge Freezer in the UK over the next few days? If so, then check out our Bosch Fridge Freezer review which will give you all the information you need before you make that all-important final decision. Our focus for this review will be on the popular Bosch White Fridge Freezer KGN34NWEAG, but we will also include 2 alternatives to this with more storage space so at least you have more than just one choice if and when you decide to add it to your shopping basket.

Our review will include a series of FAQ’s that hopefully can answer some of the possible queries that you may have along with a comparison table and a video overview so you have a better understanding of what these Bosch Fridge Freezers are all about. In addition, we will outline the main pros and cons which we came across and these can be checked out further down on this page. For easier navigation, our review will be split into 5 parts so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most.

Bosch Fridge Freezers Review Content:

  • Part 1: Brief Overview with Video outline (few minutes)
  • Part 2: Bosch White Fridge Freezer KGN34NWEAG review
  • Part 3: Alternative Larger Bosch Fridge Freezers to consider (2)
  • Part 4: Comparison Table & Price Comparison
  • Part 5: Conclusion & optional feedback

As guide prices can only be published at the time of this Bosch Fridge freezer review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information

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Part 1: Brief Overview plus Video outline

Appliance:Fridge Freezer
Model:Bosch KGN34NWEAG Fridge Freezer
Energy rating:A++
Storage:Capacity 297 litres combined
Best places to buy:Argos UK – View Stock Availability Here
Amazon UK – View Stock Availability Here
Warranty:2 years

Video Summary – Bosch Fridge Freezers

Frequently Asked Questions for the Bosch KGN34NWEAG

Q1. How long is the power cable to the socket?
A. The power cable is 2.4m long to the socket (many other brands are less than 2m)
Q2. Can they be used in garages or outbuildings?
A. No, these appliances from Bosch needs to be used and kept inside your home
Q3. Do they come with an open-door alert noise?
A. Yes, the open-door alert mini alarm will be activated when the internal temperature drops
Q4. Can you control the fridge and freezer separately?
A. Yes, the freezer and fridge both have separate controlling systems and temperature displays
Q5. Is there a recycling service available when replacing with this appliance?
A. No, this is not always guaranteed and will vary from supplier to supplier so you will need to double check it depending where you buy.

Part 2: Bosch Fridge Freezer Review (KGN34NWEAG)  - Main Features

Bosch White 297L Fridge Freezer -KGN34NWEAG

Brief Summary:

Storage capacity 297 litres
Premium MultiAirflow System
SuperFreezing premium function
Zero frost function – no defrost
Fresh temperature sensors
Energy rating A++ status
Reversible door included
19 hours safe storage
(If you have power outages)
Energy usage 242kWh / year
Size 186H x 60W x 66D cm
Warranty 2 years long

Bosch Fridge Freezer Overview:

  • This fridge freezer from Bosch is definitely one of the most popular appliances in this category and it is worth a closer look if you are insisting on getting a Bosch Fridge freezer at the lowest possible price. While it is not the largest in the category, it still has a total capacity of 297 litres combined across the fridge and freezer (fridge is 192 litres and the freezer is 105 litres)
  • Unlike many cheaper models and brands, Bosch offer a premium range of features and functions to their engineering and designs such as the Superfreezing system, MultiAirflow temperature maintenance, zero frost control and FreshSense sensors to ensure your food items are kept as fresh as possible for as long as possible.
  • With the zero frost, you never have to worry about defrosting it manually and it comes with a higher energy rating A++ status to keep your utility bills as low as they can be. If you have power outages or power failures, this appliance allows safe storage for up to 19 hours and the dimensions when it comes to installations are 186cm high by 60cm wide by 66cm deep.
  • There are 4 fridge shelves with 3 frozen basket compartments underneath plus you have the additional storage sections on both the upper and lower doors. The doors are reversible, it comes with an internal light and open-door alert and please note this appliance must be kept in your home (not suitable for garages or outbuildings)
  • Temperatures are displayed and you have the electronic temperature controls but please note there is no ice or water dispensers included here. The noise level is low in this category at just 42 dB(A), the length of the power cable is 2.4m long to the socket and it comes backed with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Price Guide: Less than £450 @ Argos UK

Pros to Note:

  • Many other brands offer just a 12 month warranty where you get a longer 2 year warranty when you buy this appliance from Bosch
  • Maintains excellent temperature controls with the sensors and technology built in – both fresh and frozen compartments are maintained consistently
  • The quality of the fridge shelves is robust and the design of the frozen basket compartments stand up well to heavy levels of food packing and storing
  • One smaller feature is the longer power cable – many other appliances come with power cables that are only 1.5m or 1.8m long while this appliance has a longer 2.4m cable
  • When it comes to price, this particular model is one of the best you will get when you are insisting on getting a Bosch fridge freezer appliance
  • They tend to last years and years on end without any problems or hassle whatsoever, so they prove to be a good investment for families in the future

Cons to Note:

  • Overall, there is a poor range to choose from – limited to less than 7 models from what we have seen yet other brands can offer over 15 models in this category
  • No ice or water dispensers are available like what you see available on the higher end American fridge freezers
  • Prices do tend to be on the high side for our liking, so you need to be prepared to spend a good deal more than your lower-end fridge freezer. This model tends to cost £400+ from what we have seen, and others will cost £700+!
  • This appliance is limited to 4 fridge shelves and 3 frozen baskets where more is available on the 2 larger appliances further below on this page.
  • Other appliances can be used in garages or outbuildings while this appliance from Bosch must be kept in your home.

Part 3: Alternative Larger Bosch Fridge Freezers

If you need a larger Bosch Fridge Freezer than the appliance already outlined and reviewed, then check out 2 further appliances below which offer more than 350 litres of storage capacity but the price ranges do tend to be a good deal higher than the initial KGN34NWEAG already outlined. Further information can also be viewed in the comparison table below

Option 1: Bosch White 366L Fridge Freezer - KGN39VWEAG

Key features in Summary:

Larger 366 litre storage capacity combined
Fridge capacity 279 litres & Freezer 87 litres
5 fridge shelves and 3 frozen compartments
MultiAirflow functions for air distribution
Frost free appliance – no need to defrost
Holiday mode setting to reduce energy
16 hours safe storage (for power failures)
Reversible door, internal light & open-door alert
Dimensions are 203H x 60W x 66D cm
Energy rating status A++ & temperature display
Energy usage 273 kWh per year
Longer warranty of 5 years
Price Guide: Less than £650 @ Argos UK

Option 2: Bosch Silver 422L Fridge Freezer - KGE49AICAG

Key features in Summary:

Higher storage capacity 422 litres combined
Fresh storage 312 litres and frozen 110 litres
More efficient energy rating status A+++
Temperatures adjustable via SuperCooling
Quick superfast freezing capabilities
Lower energy consumption 190 kWh per year
Low levels of frost with LowFrost built in
44 hours safe storage for any power failures
Lower levels of noise emitted at 38 dB(A)
5 Fridge shelves and 3 frozen compartments
Dimensions are 201H x 70W x 65D cm
Reversible door plus a 2-year warranty
Price Guide: Tends to be £700 plus

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Part 4: Comparison Table & Price Comparisons

To add further clarity on the features, functions, storage capacities (fresh & frozen) and dimensions side by side for these Bosch Fridge freezer appliances, check out the comparison table below which will help you when making your final decision.

Fridge Freezer:Bosch 297LBosch 366LBosch 422L
Total capacity:297 litres366 litres422 litres
Fridge capacity:192 litres279 litres312 litres
Freezer capacity:105 litres87 litres110 litres
Zero Frost:No frostNo frostLow frost
Reversible door:YesYesYes
Safe storage:19 hours16 hours44 hours
Energy rating:A++A++A+++
Energy usage:242kWh/year273kWh/year190kWh/year
Noise level:42 dB(A)39 dB(A)38 dB(A)
Fridge Shelves:455
Freezer baskets:333
Power cable:2.4m long2.4m long2.4m long
Warranty:2 years5 years2 years

Price Comparison

To ensure you have the best possible price, please make sure to take a quick look and compare the price option provided below which could possibly save you some money while you are here. At times it can be more expensive but at other times it can be cheaper – it really depends on promotional discount activities that are in place at any given time

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Part 5: Conclusion & optional feedback

After completing our review for these Bosch fridge freezers in the UK, we hope our work here has helped you out in some small way and given you some guidance and direction on which path you can follow. All the dimensions, features, functions and storage capacities are outlined in the comparison table above so you should have a good idea now about which Bosch Fridge freezer will work best for you and your own home. Whatever model you decide on, we would like to wish you the very best of luck with it and we are sure you will have years and years of use with them without any hassle whatsoever.

Do we recommend it? Without a doubt, we would highly recommend these Bosch fridge freezers to the wider public in the UK and further reviews along with todays updated prices can be double checked below

Educate others in the UK?

Did you find our review for the Bosch Fridge Freezers in the UK useful in any way? Or have you anything positive or negative to report yourself about them?

If possible, please feel free to share your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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