Cheap Hoover Tumble Dryer UK 2023 – Vented & Condenser


If you are looking for a Cheap Hoover Tumble Dryer in the UK, then you should definitely take a look through our short selection review of low-priced Hoover vented and condenser Tumble Dryer options here which we found to offer the best possible value. We have stuck to 8kg and 9kg drums mainly as they offer the lowest price tags, but we also included a cheap 10kg drum Hoover Tumble dryer option for those of you seeking a larger drying capacity appliance that requires less loading frequencies.

Hoover is definitely one of the most popular and recognised brands when it comes to Tumble dryers, but they don’t offer the cheapest prices when compared to other brands. That being said, they do offer a lot more in terms of features, smart connectivity and drying capabilities so if a higher quality appliance is what you are after, then you don’t need to look much further than the Hoover brand in our opinion.

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Cheap Hoover Tumble Dryers - Best 5 Picks for UK Homeowners

Option 1: Hoover White 9kg Vented Tumble Dryer - HLV9LG

Key Features Available:

Vented 9kg drum with Sensor dry technology
Reverse tumble, 40 minute quick dry solution
Auto shut down when dry levels reached
Iron dry, Hanger dry and Store dry options
15 programmes, Energy rating status C
Smart connectivity – reports, health checks
Voice activation, downloads more cycles
Timings to perfection, Hoover Wizard App
Size dimensions 85H x 60W x 61D cm
Warranty – 1 year labour & 10 years on parts
Price Guide: Less than £250 – View Below

Option 2: Hoover White 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer - HLC8LG

Key Features Available:

Innovative Wi-Fi and NFC enabled Dryer
Hoover Wizard App – Tech that talks
One touch, manage energy usage, reverse
Health check diagnostics, download programs
Instant alert messages with any issues
Ready for installation straight from the box
15 programmes available, Energy rating B
Easy to remove water reservoir container
Size dimension - 85H x 60W x 61D cm
Warranty – 10 years on parts / 1 year labour
Price Guide: Less than £250 – View Below

Option 3: Hoover Black 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer - HLC8LGB

Key Features Available:

Reliable condenser solution with 8kg drum
Ready for use right from the box delivery
No vents required – empty water container
More flexibility with installation locations
Sensor dry technology – adjusts the cycles
Ability to auto stop when dry levels reached
One touch Smart connectivity solution
Hoover wizard app - Energy B rating
Dimensions to note 85H x 60W x 61D cm
1 year labour warranty & 10 years for parts
Price Guide: Less than £270 – View Below

Option 4: Hoover White 10kg Vented Tumble Dryer - HLV10LG

Key Features Available:

Swift Home deliveries available, Sensor Dry
Timer remaining indicator & Smart connectivity
Dial control & Energy C rating status
Filter full indicator when changes are needed
Delay starter up to 24 hours in the future
4 dryness levels, 45-minute quick dry solution
14 drying programmes and half load option
Weight 31kg, larger 10kg drum, reverse tumble
Size dimension to note 85H x 60W x 60D cm
Warranty level 10 years parts & 1-year labour
Price Guide: Less than £290 – View Below

Option 5: Hoover White 8kg Vented Tumble Dryer HLV8LG

Key Features Available:

Available from Hoover via Amazon UK platform
Average sized 8kg drum drying capacity
Register online to get manufacturer’s warranty
Online warranty 1 year labour & 10 years parts
Must register within 28 days of purchase
Requires a vent to an external wall
Energy rating C status, Smart connectivity
Android Hoover wizard app – One touch
Sensor dry technology – detects moisture level
Delay starter provided with LED display
Price Guide: Less than £230 @ Amazon UK

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