Cheap Indesit Washing Machine UK 2023 – Warranty?


Are you looking for a cheap Indesit washing machine for your home over the coming days or weeks? If so, then please make sure to check out our reviewed and researched list of cheap Indesit Washing machines which is focussed on families who are based in the UK and who are seeking the lowest possible price. From what we have seen, there are over 30 different types or models of Indesit washing machines available so we hope this short list of 5 options can narrow down your search somewhat.

The cheaper and lower priced Indesit washing machines do tend to have the smaller dimensions and smaller drum sizes but we have included some larger drum sizers here also which we hope can cater for everyone’s needs. A quick summary is also outlined in the video below if preferred…

While using these washing machines, you should always avoid opening the detergent dispenser while the machine is in operation and you should avoid touching the drained water as it may be extremely hot. You should also avoid forcing the porthole open as this could damage the safety lock mechanism and you should also make sure to dispose of your old washing machine in an environmentally friendly manner so that various different parts can be recycled.

Cheap Indesit Washing Machine UK Content

  • Part 1: Our Top 3 Cheap Indesit Washing Machines
  • Part 2: Comparison Table
  • Part 3: Prices Comparisons
  • Part 4: Further Cheap Indesit Washing machines x 2
  • Part 5: Conclusion with Optional Feedback

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Please note that guide prices can only be presented at the time of this cheap Indesit washing machine review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Part 1: Our Top 3 Cheap Indesit Washing Machines

Option 1: Indesit White 7kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine (IWC71252)

Brief Summary of Features:

Drum size capacity is 7kg
Spin speed level is 1200 rpm
Water balance technology spec
Quick wash lasts for 20 minutes
Size 85H x 59.5W x 51.7D cm
16 programmes included
A++ Energy rating status
Warranty 10 years parts & 1 year labour

Indesit Washing Machine Overview:

  • Our first Indesit washing machine that you should consider if you are seeking the lowest possible price is the Indesit White 7kg 1200 spin washing machine reference code IWC71252. While this machine is not the best in terms of performance and energy rating status, it still offers a price point that many households can afford.
  • The drum size is not the largest in the range but still offers 7kg drum capacity all the same. Home deliveries can be organised no problem whatsoever and the cost associated to recycling and installation will set you back a further £40 to £50 when seen at the time of this review. If you don’t have all the money up front, then you can also choose the credit card plan which can spread the cost over a longer period of time (again a further cost is associated to this)
  • The spin speed here is just 1200 rpm, there are 16 programmes to choose from which is adequate enough from what we have seen and the energy rating status is lower at just A++ (many others are A+++).
  • The programmes include the Eco wash cycle, sensitive, cottons, woollens and intensive cycles however it does not include cycles for easy iron, mixed cycles, shirts and sports cycles.
  • For the dimensions, the size to be measured up is to cater for a machine 85H by 59.5W by 51.7D cm and the quick wash programme is available here that lasts just 20 minutes so you can get the next cycle going quicker than you think.
  • In terms of water usage, this machine includes the Water Balance technology for optimum results to reduce your water bills. The weight to take note of for this machine is 63.5kg and both the temperature and spin speeds are variable.

Price Guide: Less than £200 from Argos UK

Option 2: Indesit White 8kg Washing Machine (IWC81252 ECO)

Brief Summary of Features:

Includes overflow protection
Max wash capacity is 8kg
Energy rating status A++
Uses approx. 54L per cycle
16 programmes to choose from
20 minute quick wash
Size 85H x 59.5W x 57.2D cm
10 years parts warranty
1 year labour warranty

Indesit Washing Machine Overview:

  • Our second cheap Indesit washing machine option if you prefer a larger 8kg drum is the Indesit White 8kg IWC81252ECO washing machine which again tends to be under £200 from time to time especially when it is being promoted at discount prices (there was a reduction of £20 on this item at the time of this review)
  • Prices generally include home delivery, but the recycling and installation services will cost extra if needed – this cost is not all that bad to be fair which can range from just £30 to £50 extra.  A local installation service would cost more than this from what we have seen.
  • Many other washing machines offer a superior energy rating of A+++ while this model in particular only has a A++ rating. That being said, it still offers a good range of 16 programmes, a 20-minute quick-wash and also a 10 year warranty on parts and a 1 year warranty on labour.
  • In terms of dimensions, it is slightly deeper than the first model where it is 85H by 59.5W by 57.2D cm. Spin speeds are not variable and the maximum spin speed operation is 1200 rpm. The Eco time maintains optimum results, it has the Water balance technology to adapt the level of water being used and it is particularly good at removing sports stains with its sports cycle.
  • One extra feature you will like is the scheduling feature or the delay timer where you can set it to run up to 24 hours into the future. If you don’t want to pay for it all up front, then a credit card plan can be used to spread the cost over a longer time which can help with monthly cashflow.
  • While it doesn’t have the hand wash cycle, mixed or dark cycles, it still has cycles for delicates, eco mode, sports and synthetic cycles.

Price Guide: Less than £200 from Argos UK

Option 3: Indesit Black 7kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine (MTWC71252K ECO)

Brief Summary of Features:

Unique 3 full-load Fast-Cycles
Fast cycles are less than 60 mins
Water Balance Plus sensor
Quick wash is only 30 minutes
Variable spin speed & temp
16 programmes included
Size 85H x 59.5W x 54D cm
A++, 1-year labour warranty
10 years parts warranty

Indesit Washing Machine Overview:

  • Next up we have the Indesit Black 7kg 1200 spin washing machine MTWC71252K ECO for you to consider which tends to be slightly over the £200 from what we have seen, and it comes in a black colour if you wish to look beyond the standard white finish.
  • Home delivery is included in the package, but the recycling of your old machine and the installation is an additional optional extra which can be anywhere from £30 to £50 which is good value to be fair. This machine has an energy rating of A++ as well as 3 full load FastCycles which run for less than 1 hour.
  • The quick wash is slightly longer at 30 minutes which is 10 minutes longer the previous 2 options above and the mixed colours, cotton and synthetic cycles also take less than 60 minutes to complete.
  • Another feature worth pointing out for this machine is the Water Balance Plus sensor to make the water go that bit further and the Everyday Fast programmes help to reduce operational times overall. The dimensions to note can be viewed in the comparison table further below on this page, there are 16 programmes available and the warranty is 10 years on parts and 1 year for labour.
  • The spin speed here is at the lower end of 1200 and the weight of this machines comes in at around 66.5kg.  Programmes that can be used are Eco mode, woollens, cottons, delicates, hand wash, sports and Synthetic cycles however there are no cycles for shirts, darks, freshening up or baby cycles.
  • The moisture level remaining after the cycles tends to be around 53%, the estimated water usage for each cycle is approx. 52 litres and the estimated annual energy consumption is approx. 198 kW per year for this appliance.

Price Guide: Less than £220 from Argos UK

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Part 2: Comparison Table

To help you compare the features and dimensions for these 3 Indesit washing machines, then check out the comparison table below which hopefully can make it clearer when it comes to viewing what each of these machines have to offer along with the size dimensions, codes and noise levels.

ModelIndesit 7kgIndesit 8kgIndesit 7kg
Code:IWC71252IWC81252 ECOMTWC71252K ECO
Drum Size:7kg8kg7kg
Energy Rating:A++A++A++
Spin Speed:1200 rpm1200 rpm1200 rpm
Quick wash:20 minutes20 minutes30 minutes
Parts Warranty:10 years10 years10 years
Labour Warranty:1 year1 year1 year
Noise Level:62 dB(A)61 dB(A)56 dB(A)

Part 3: Prices Comparisons

If you wish to explore Indesit Washing machine prices elsewhere to get the cheapest possible price, then check out these options also which also had attractive price points when seen at the time of this review.

Part 4: Further Cheap Indesit Washing machines x 2

If the 3 options outlined already haven’t ticked all of your boxes just yet or you want to look at a 1400 rpm machines or a larger 9kg washing machine, then check out the 2 further options below which we also recommend. Both of these further solutions also come with a warranty of 10 years for parts and 1 year for labour, 16 programmes and a 30-minute quick-wash.

1, Indesit White 9kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine (MTWC91283W ECO)

Main Features in Summary:

Larger drum capacity solution of 9kg
Includes home delivery service
Recycling and Installation are extras
Energy rating status is A++
Includes 3 full load Fast-Cycles (< 1 hour)
Quick wash solution last for 30 minutes
Water Balance Plus sensor provided
Cotton wash programme for 45 minutes
Size dimensions are 85H x 59.5W x 60D cm
Price Guide: Less than £250 @ Argos UK

2, Indesit White 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine (BWA81483X)

Main Features in Summary:

Faster spin speed operation of 1400 rpm
Options for installation & recycling available
Medium sized drum capacity of 8kg
Innovative unique Push & Wash program
No pre-treatments needed for stubborn stains
Performs well with removing sports stains
Weight is 73.4kg / 30 minute quick-wash
16 programmes available to choose from
Size dimensions are 85H x 59.5W x 60.5D cm
Price Guide: Less than £270 @ Argos UK

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Part 5: Conclusion with Optional Feedback

With over 30 washing machines available under the Indesit brand, we hope our short list here today helped you narrow down your search to find the cheapest possible solution. Please note though than none of the machines on this list have a A+++ energy rating status that many other brands offer but they still offer a rating of A++ nonetheless.

The more you pay, the higher spec you can go and the more features the machine can offer, and we have included drum size options of 7kg, 8kg and 9kg which should cater for most household needs. Perhaps you can find a cheaper solution than his – if you can – best of luck but make sure to double check the warranties you are getting before you commit to a purchase.

Optional Feedback

Did you find this list of the cheap Indesit Washing Machines in the UK useful in any way? Or did you manage to get a cheaper Indesit washing machines elsewhere with the same warranty?

If possible, please share you feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!


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