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Do you need to get your hands on a cheap reliable mini Fridge or tabletop fridge in the coming days? If so, then take a quick look through our review list for the cheapest Mini Fridges in the UK which will also include a selection of cheap tabletop fridges and drinks coolers that can cater for people seeking the lowest possible price levels. We have included a wide range of sizes that start from just 4 litre capacity in size up to 50 litre capacity and nearly all of these options are available for less than £100 while some of the smaller mini Fridges will set you back less than £50 which is great value for what you are getting.

Included in our list are fridges for drinks and beverages while the countertop or tabletop fridges are ideal for people from smaller or tighter living spaces. We have reviewed over 45 mini fridges and table-top fridges and narrowed our list down to our top 7 appliances for you to choose from so this list should make it easier for you overall when it comes to making your own final decision. For easier navigation, we have split this review into 5 parts outlined as follows:

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Cheap Small Mini Fridges Review Outline:

  • Part 1: Video Summary
  • Part 2: Cheap Mini Fridges (3 recommendations)
  • Part 3: Cheap Tabletop Fridges (2 recommendations)
  • Part 4: Cheap Drinks Cooler Mini Fridges (2 recommendations)
  • Part 5: Conclusion plus Optional feedback

In addition, we have also included a series of comparison tables so you can see how all the dimensions and features compare side by side and we have also assembled a short video summary which hopefully can give you a better understanding of what these cheap Mini and Tabletop Fridges are all about…

Part 1: Video Summary – Cheap Mini Tabletop & Cooler Fridges UK

Part 2: Cheapest Mini Fridges – 3 Recommendations

Option 1: Cristal 4 Litre Black Mini Travel Fridge - MNBX4 BLK

Key Features in Summary:

Capacity to store 6 drink cans (330ml)
Or capacity to store 4 larger cans (440ml)
Mini travel fridge in black with 1 shelf
Temperature range 15 to 20 degrees Celsius
AC adaptor is not included (buy separately)
Compatible with a car socket, weight 1.86kg
Can be used in bedrooms, cars or camping
Dimensions are 28.2H x 10W x 26.8D cm
Warranty duration of 1 year is provided
Price Level: Less than £30 @ Argos UK

Option 2: Cristal 6 Litre White Mini Travel Fridge - MNBX6 WHT

Key Features in Summary:

Storage capacity of 8 drink cans (330ml)
Or capacity to store 6 larger cans (440ml)
Temperature range 15 to 20 degrees Celsius
Carry grip for mobility & magnet door
AC adaptor is not included, weight 2.7kg
Compatible with a car socket with 1 shelf
Can be used in cars, camping and bedrooms
Dimensions are 37.5H x 22W x 29D cm
Warranty 1 year provided guarantee
Price Level: Tends to be less than £50

Option 3: Cristal 16 Litre Black Mini Fridge

Key Features in Summary:

  • Credit card plans are optional for a longer payment plan and is also compatible with car sockets.
  • Total capacity of 16 litres which can hold 5 wine bottles 75cl or 18 cans 440ml or 27 cans 330ml.
  • Attractive design which can be plugged in and used in your bedroom, kitchen, under your desk or on countertops.
  • It can store drinks on the side door, and it operates at temperature levels from 12°C to 18°C.  There is one shelf and the dimensions for placement are 48cm high by 27cm wide by 30cm deep (to the nearest cm)
  • For carrying it around, this appliance is lightweight at approx. 5kg only and it comes backed with a 1-year warranty to protect your investment.

Price Level: Tends to be less than £100

Comparison Table – Mini Fridges

If you need clarity on the dimensions side by side, then check out this comparison table below for the first 3 cheap mini fridges in this review.

FridgeCristal 4 litreCristal 6 litreCristal 16 litre
Capacity:4 litres6 litres16 litres
Temperatures:15 - 20°C15 - 20°C12 - 18°C
Warranty:1 year1 year1 year

Part 3: Cheap Tabletop Fridges - 2 Recommendations

If you need a larger tabletop or countertop fridge instead for your main kitchen or back kitchen, then take a closer look at the Simple Value or Russell Hobbs appliances instead summarised as follows

Option 1: Simple Value Table Top Fridge - DF106

Brief Overview:

Fresh storage capacity 42 litres
Same as 2 to 3 shopping bags
Drinks storage on the door
Mini frozen storage box
Energy rating A+ status
Reversible door included
Energy usage 139kWh per year
Size is 51H x 44W x 47D cm
Warranty level 1 year

Cheap Tabletop Fridge Overview:

  • If a small countertop or Tabletop fridge is what you are after at the lowest possible price, then take a serious look at the Simple Value Table Top Fridge code reference DF1-06 instead which is extremely popular at the moment and comes backed with several positive customer reviews.
  • The capacity of this fridge appliance is just 42 litres but you have the storage sections on the doors as well at the internal shelf and also a mini frozen storage box for your ice cubes or your favourite ice pops. Usually it can fit between 2 to 3 bags of shopping and it sits well on various tabletop or countertop type surfaces.
  • This small fridge can be used in offices, bedrooms, under desks or the kitchen table work top so it is not just limited to a kitchen countertops. The interior is made from plastic and should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth. The dimensions when it comes to installation is 51cm high by 44cm wide by 47cm deep and it comes with a reversible door for more flexibility as well as an energy A+ rating status.
  • Please note that it must be used in your home as it is not suitable for garages or outbuildings. Overall, it is a very basic but effective tabletop fridge with a noise level of 41 dB(A) with an energy usage of approx. 139 kWh per year.

Price Level: Less than £110 @ Argos UK

Option 2: Russell Hobbs Tabletop Cooler - RHCLRF17

Brief Overview:

Smaller fresh capacity 17 litres
Energy rating A+ status
Interior light is provided
Adjustable shelf & thermostat
Weight is only 7.7kg
Temperatures from 5°C to 15°C
Lower noise level of 38 dB(A)
Energy usage 84kWh per year
Size 34.1H x 38.5W x 42.2D cm
Longer warranty 2 years

Cheap Tabletop Fridge Overview:

  • Another reliable mini table top Fridge worth considering is the Russell Hobbs Tabletop Cooler code RHCLRF17 which offers a longer warranty and a lower level of noise along with excellent customer reviews and an attractive price tag when seeking the lowest possible price – especially when you want something from a brand that is highly recognised worldwide such as Russell Hobbs
  • Even though the storage is a good deal lower at just 17 litre capacity, it gives you a sleek modern appearance with a temperature range that operates from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius. While it may not be big enough to accommodate large items, it is a useful appliance to have as back up on the table top or even in the bedroom or under your desk.
  • One key feature is the low level of noise here at 38 dB(A) so you hardly even notice it being on in the background. It comes with an energy rating status A+ and many people also use it to keep their lunch cool beside their work desk. Both the thermostat and shelf are adjustable and there is a bottle storage rack on the door.
  • Included here also is the internal light for better visibility and it needs to be plugged into a standard mains socket. The rear is made from metal and the level of energy used is approx. 84kWh per year. For the installation the dimensions to note are just 34cm high by 39cm wide by 42cm deep (to the nearest cm). The weight is only 7.7kg and it comes backed with a longer 2-year warranty. If you like the Russell Hobbs brand, then this is the mini tabletop fridge for you

Price Level: Tends to be less than £100

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Comparison Table – Table-Top Fridges

To add further clarity on the dimensions and features of these Tabletop fridges, take a quick look through the comparison table provided below.

Tabletop Fridge:Simple ValueRussell Hobbs
Energy Rating:A+A+
Capacity:42 litres17 litres
Reversible door:IncludedNone
Noise level:41 dB(A)38 dB(A)
Energy Usage:139 kWh/year84 kWh/year
Warranty:12 months24 months

Part 4: Cheap Drinks Cooler Mini Fridges - 2 Recommendations

For those of you who need a reliable low-priced drinks mini cooler fridge instead, then the 2 appliances that we would recommend in particular is the Husky Drinks Cooler and Subcold Drinks Mini Fridge summarised as follows…

Option 1: Husky Budweiser Drinks Cooler Mini Fridge – 46 Litres

Brief Summary

Capacity storage of 46 litres or 40 drink cans
Or up to 12 bottles of wine 75cl size
Energy rating status A+ with 95kWh per year
Ideal for having friends over or family gatherings
Includes the official Budweiser branding logo
Silver cabinet with reversible glass door
Thermostat and shelf are adjustable
Range of temperatures are from 6°C to 15°C
Length of power cable to the socket is 1.5m long
Dimensions are 51H x 43W x 46D cm
Weight 18kg plus 1 year warranty applies
Price Guide: Tends to be in the £150 region

Option 2: Subcold Black Mini Drinks Cooler Fridge - Super50LED

Brief Summary

Gross capacity of 50 litres, net capacity 46 litres
Same as 55 regular drink cans 330ml
Includes a lock and key with LED light internally
Energy rating status A+ plus low noise 42dB(A)
Premium cooling compressor
Range of temperatures are 0°C to 10°C
Can be used for milk, drinks, beverages & more
High grade glazed safety glass door
Durable injected foam cabinet frame
Energy usage is approx. 95kWh per year
Dimensions are 52.5H x 44W x 50D cm
Weight 17.1kg plus longer warranty 2 years
Price Guide: Less than £150 @ Amazon UK

Comparison Table - Drinks Cooler Mini Fridges

If you need to compare both of these drink cooler fridge appliances, then check out our last comparison table below in this review as follows…

Drinks Fridge:Husky BudweiserSubcold Super50
Energy Rating:A+A+
Capacity:46 litres50 litres (net 46L)
Reversible door:IncludedNone
Power Cable:1.5m long1.5m long
Energy Usage:95 kWh/year95 kWh/year
Warranty:12 months24 months

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Part 5: Conclusion plus Optional feedback

After completing our research and review for the cheapest possible mini or tabletop fridges, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and save you some money in your own online search. We have included options for less than £50 and many others for less than £100 which covers Mini fridges, Tabletop Fridges and Drinks Mini Cooler fridges so there should be something here to cater for your own individual needs.

They all have a minimum warranty of 1 year while the options from Russell Hobbs and Subcold offer a longer warranty of 2 years – further information along with more customer reviews can be double checked below if needed

Optional Feedback – Educate Others?

Did you find our list of cheap mini Tabletop Fridges in the UK useful in any way? Or did you manage to find a cheaper mini Fridge elsewhere at a better price?

If possible, please feel free to share your feedback or thoughts in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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