Indesit Washing Machine Reviews UK 2023 – Worth the Money?


Do you need to know more about Indesit Washing Machines in the UK? If so, then check out our Indesit Washing Machine reviews which is focussed really for people who are primarily based in the UK at present. Our review here will focus on the Indesit White 7kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine model code IWC71252 as this one tends to offer the lowest possible price, but we will also outline 2 further alternatives further down on this page that you can take a look at that offer larger drum sizes.

The one good thing to know in advance is the fact that these washing machines can be easily ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free which of course is one less thing to worry about. Recycling and installation services are also available at an extra cost which tends to be less than £50 extra so keep this in mind before you make your final decision.

Our review will include a series of FAQ’s that hopefully can answer some of the queries that you may have along with the main pros and cons that we came across that will give you a clearer picture if indeed this is the washing machine for you or not.

Indesit Washing Machine Review Content:

  • Part 1: Overview Video and FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Indesit Washing Machine IWC71252 features
  • Part 3: Pros and Cons to Consider / Trouble Shooting
  • Part 4: Alternative larger Indesit Washing machine options
  • Part 5: Conclusion plus optional feedback

As guide prices can only be published at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Part 1: Overview Video and FAQ’s

Washing Machine:Indesit White 7kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine - IWC71252
Dimensions:85H x 59.5W x 51.7D cm
Programmes:16 programmes available
Best place to Buy:Argos UK – View stock availability here
Warranty:1 year for labour and 10 years for parts

Details of the Indesit washing machine user manual can also be viewed here

Video Overview:

FAQ’s about the Indesit 7kg 1200 Washing machine (8)

Q1. How much moisture is left on the clothes when the cycle is over?
A. It is estimated that approx. 50% to 55% of moisture remains after a 60 degree Celsius programme
Q2. What level energy is used for each cycle?
A. The level of energy used in a cycle from the Indesit 1200 washing machine is 1.06 kWh per cycle
Q3. How much water does the machine use?
A. It is estimated that this machine will use approx. 41 litres of water per cycle or around 9000 litres per year
Q4. How big is the Indesit 7kg washing machine?
A. The dimensions to note for this machine is 85cm high by 59.5cm wide by 51.7cm deep
Q5. Does it have a quick wash feature and if so, how long?
A. Yes, there is a 20 minute quick wash solution for refresh with this Indesit washing machine model
Q6. What is the length of this power cord?
A. The length of the power cord for the Indesit 1200 7kg is roughly 170cm long
Q7. Does it come with a standard 3 pin UK plug?
A. Yes, a 13-amp 3 pin UK plug comes fitted for this machine
Q8. Can you use extension cords or multiple sockets?
A. The manufacturers recommend that multiple sockets or extension cords should be avoided.

Part 2: Indesit Washing Machine IWC71252 Features

Indesit White 7kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine - Code IWC71252

Summary of Features:

Drum size capacity of 7kg
Water approx. 41L per cycle
Size: 85H x 59.5W x 51.7D cm
Energy Rating status A++
16 programmes provided
Spin speed operation 1200
Quick-wash of 20 minutes
Warranty 10 years for parts
1 year labour warranty

Indesit Washing Machine Overview:

  • This lower priced washing machine from Indesit model number IWC71252 is generally one of the better priced options around so you don’t need to look much further than this if you are seeking the lowest possible price. It has a spin speed of 1200 rpm and a drum capacity of 7kg which would be considered on the smaller size scale when it comes to drum capacities (it can still hold the equivalent of 25 adult T-shirts all the same in the 7kg drum)
  • You get the really useful Push & wash cycles which is ideal for cotton and synthetic fabrics as it will wash them at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm. This push and wash button needs to be pressed for 2 seconds to be activated. When activated, the indicator light will turn green and the door becomes locked with the door lock symbol turning on.
  • It comes with the Water balance technology to make the water you use go that bit further which helps to cut back on utility bills, there is a 20-minute quick wash refresh solution that you can use and both the spin speeds and temperature settings are variable.
  • The weight of this machine comes in a 63.5kg, the maximum wash time for a 40-degree celsuis cotton cycle is 160 minutes and you get a maximum wash time for a 60 degree Celsius cotton cycle of 165 minutes. Dimensions to take note of are 85H by 59.5W by 51.7D cm which is similar to other models under this brand.
  • Even though it doesn’t have cycles for shirts, darks, baby or easy iron, you do get cycles for woollens, eco mode, cottons, sensitives, handwash and synthetics.

Price Guide: Less than £200 from Argos UK – View Below

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Part 3: Pros and Cons to Consider

Pros for the 7kg Indesit Washing Machine:

  • The push and wash button works great in that you can start a wash cycle even when the machine is switched off (no need to press the on/off button)
  • A credit card plan can be used to spread the cost over a longer period instead of having to pay for it all up front (small additional charges apply though)
  • You have the additional options of using the recycling and installation services which is generally available for less than £50 combined which is excellent value to be fair.
  • When registered online, you can get a 10 year warranty on parts and 1 year warranty for labour which is as good as you will get anywhere else
  • Even though it doesn’t have all the extra features that other machines offer, it does offer great overall value for what you get – generally this appliance can be found on sale for less than £200 which is a hard price to beat.
  • Instead of having the hassle of getting it loaded into the boot of your car, this machine can be delivered to your home hassle free.

Cons for the 7kg Indesit Washing Machine:

  • Many other more expensive washing machines have an A+++ energy rating where this model only has an A++ energy rating.
  • The drum size here is on the smaller size so more frequent washing and more wash loads will need to be planned on your end
  • Other washing machine models offer a much faster spin speed of 1400 or even 1600 rpm where this machine offers the lower spin speed of 1200 only
  • There are no cycles for darks, sports, shirts or baby cycles. It also doesn’t have cycles for delicates, pre-wash or easy iron cycles either.
  • There is no delay start feature available which you see available on other washing machines and there is also no child lock mechanism either.
  • The quick wash of 20 minutes has limitations in terms of load volumes and some people may find it as being too noisy to bear.

Trouble Shooting Problems & Possible Solutions:

1, Does not Turn on: Appliance is not plugged in correctly, no power to the socket or a fuse has blown within the plug
2, Wash cycle won’t start: On/off button is not pressed, the door is not closed properly, the start button has not been pressed or the delay start button was pressed.
3, Machine doesn’t fill with water: Water pressure may be too low, a kink may be in the hose, not connected properly to the water supply, the inlet valve could be blocked or the start button has not been pressed.
4, Water drainage issues: Top of the drain hose is too low (must be 65cm to 100cm from the floor), not connected correctly to the sink trap, drain hose is too far down the standpipe
5, Machine won’t spin: Drain hose may be kinked, drain hose may be blocked, the pump filter may be blocked or the spin speed has been set incorrectly to off.

Part 4: Alternative Indesit Washing machine options

If you believe the 7kg drum will be too small for you, then check out 2 further larger washing machines from Indesit outlined as follows…

1, Indesit Eco White 9kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine - MTWC91283W

Main Features in Summary:

Larger 9kg drum & Energy rating status A++
3 full load fast cycles under 60 mins
Rapid 30 cycle & water balance sensor tech
30 minute quick wash programme
Dimensions are 85H x 59.5W x 60D cm
Price Guide: Less than £230 @ Argos UK

2, Indesit White 8kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine - IWC81252ECO

Main Features in Summary:

Drum capacity 9kg drum with spin speed 1200
Energy rating status is also A++ with delay timer
Specific programme designed  for sports wear
Installation and recycling options available
Dimensions are 85H x 59.5W x 57.2D cm
Price Guide: Less than £220 @ Argos UK

Price Comparison:

To ensure you have a better view on prices across the market, then check out the price comparison option outlined below which could possibly save you some money while you are here…


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Part 5: Conclusion plus Optional Feedback

Do we recommend the Indesit washing machines? Yes, without any hesitation. The smaller 7kg machine is not the best washing machine you will find but it certainly offers a good solution for people who are seeking the lowest possible price. The quick wash could be better, the energy rating and spin speeds could be improved upon in particular, but these are things are tolerable and can be managed all the same. The 7kg drum size for large families would be considered too small though with too many washing loads so we would recommend the 9kg drum size for larger families of 5+ instead.

Optional Feedback

Did you find our review for Indesit washing machines useful in any way? Do you have any reviews yourself that you would like to report in general?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the community can learn also!


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