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Do you need a reliable and powerful Allergy Vacuum cleaner for your home in the coming days? If so, then check out our reviewed list for the best Allergy Vacuum Cleaners which are available in the UK at present and can be delivered to your home hassle free in a matter of a few working days. After reviewing over 30 Vacuum cleaners for Allergies, we have narrowed down our results to our top 5 best Allergy Vacuum cleaners for you to consider which should speed up the process in your own online research.


It has been shown that 1 in 3 people can suffer from Allergies and the most common ones to worry about are pet dander, pollen, pet allergens and dust mites and these are virtually undetectable in your home. With the use of these Allergy Vacuum cleaners and the types of filter bags used, they can be used to trap the allergies inside which can be over 500 times smaller in width than the size of a human hair.

For those of you who suffer from allergens, then a vacuum cleaner designed to remove as many allergies as possible from your home is an absolute must for a more normal and comfortable living environment. The Allergy UK Helpline is 01322 619898 who are open weekdays 9am - 5pm or you can email them directly on

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Best Allergy Vacuum Cleaners UK – 5 Recommendations

1, Shark Lift-Away Allergy Vacuum Cleaner

Our first recommendation for you to consider is definitely the Shark Lift-Away Allergy Vacuum Cleaner that includes the 2 attachments, the lift away technology and the Anti-Allergen complete seal for 99.9% of allergens and dust inside the vacuum. This is based on IEC standards 62885-2 Cl. 5.11 at 0.3 to 10 microns so they cannot be let back into the air. There is the Crevice tool which is great for reaching into hard to reach places and the multi-surface tool which is ideal for soft furnishings and upholstery.

One key feature that you will like here is the fact that it can be easily transformed from an upright Vacuum cleaner into a lighter portable vacuum which certainly helps when it comes to completing the stairs and this can all be done with just one touch of a button.

There is one mode for carpet and one mode for hard floors plus there is flexibility with the suction controls and of course the portable mode with the detachable vacuum pod. Another thing we really liked was the swivel steering to get around various furnishings and the LED lights help you to spot hard to see hidden dust.

Included in the package is the long wand to reach up to high areas in your home such as the corners of ceilings and on top of curtain poles and the length of the power cord provided is 8m long while the hose length itself it 1m long.  There is an indicator for when the dust bag is full and needs to be changed, the noise level emitted is 80dB and of course you get the HEPA filter which encloses and traps all the small particles and pet dander in your home, which is ideal for allergy sufferers.

The dustbin size capacity here is 1.1 litres and it comes with a 5-year warranty for your protection. A copy of the user manual can be viewed here if you are interested in taking a quick look, so you know exactly what you are getting

Price Guide: Less than £200 @ Argos

2, Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Corded Pet Allergy Vacuum Cleaner

Our second recommendation is another model from Shark and this time it’s the Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Corded Pet Allergy Vacuum Cleaner which is slightly more expensive than the previous model but this one comes with the DuoClean technology which basically means there are 2 separate motorised brush rolls in the floorhead vacuum. The dimensions of the unit are nice and compact at H118 by W26 by D41cm and the weight of the unit is only 3.9kg which makes the mobility of the unit so much easier than expected.

Shark can be contacted directly on +44 (0)800 862 0453 if needed and the user manual outlines all the  information you need in terms of the various modes, assembly procedure and maintenance for the filters and the nozzle and cleaning the soft roller – a copy of their user manual can be viewed here. While it can vacuum on various surfaces, you must avoid using it for large objects, glass, screws, nails, coins, liquids, fireplace ash or any toxic materials such as ammonia, drain cleaners or bleach

This particular vacuum cleaner is designed for pet owners and you have the anti-hair wrap technology included as standard as well as the Flexology bend for use under furniture, the DuoClean floorhead and it has the ability to transform into a handheld portable vacuum which is ideal for use on stairs. There is a dedicated pet tool as well as other attachments plus the HEPA filter and the swivel vacuum head.

The capacity for the dustbin is 0.3L, the power cord is longer at 10m and this model also includes the LED headlights in the floorhead which helps to illuminate hard to see dust particles under furniture. There is also the dustbag full indicator, a crevice nozzle, a dusting brush, a turbo brush plus it comes backed with a 5 year warranty.

Price Guide: Less than £230 @ Argos

3, Henry Allergy Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner HVA 160-11   

For a larger capacity vacuum cleaner for Allergy’s, the model we recommend is the Henry Allergy Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner code reference HVA 160-11 which is actually approved by the British Allergy Foundation and includes a unique 3 stage filter system HepaFlo Filtration to keep your home allergens at bay and to give you a more pleasant living experience in your house.

This vacuum is particularly good when it comes to trapping pet dander, pollen, dust mites and allergens inside the bag until the time comes to have it changed. You can check out the user manual here if you wish to take a closer look.

You get a HEPA filter for trapping all the unwanted allergens, more capacity in the storage bags plus there is 2 bags provided when you buy. There are various tool and attachments included in the package such as the mattress nozzle, crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle. In addition to this, you also get a dusting brush plus a combination floor nozzle – basically a tool for every type of job in your home that you would need.

This vacuum comes with a long 2.2m hose plus a power cord 10m long so you get plenty of length when it comes to moving from one room to the next. Unlike other smaller vacuums, the capacity of these bags that lock the allergens inside are 6L so this will last you a significantly longer time before you need to change over to a new bag.

This vacuum is particularly effective when it comes to mattresses, upholstery, carpets, hard floors and stairs and when it comes to collecting and getting rid of all the allergens in your home, you don’t need to look much further than this Henry vacuum in our opinion. Overall, it gives superb results to give a happier you in a happier home.

Price Guide: Less than £250 @ Argos

4, Miele Complete C3 Allergy Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Another allergy vacuum cleaner that we highly recommend is the Miele Complete C3 Allergy Bagged Canister Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner which has the foot controls, a universal floor head and superb suction power built into the design to give you excellent results over and over again.

There are various colour options to choose from plus a C1 model and C2 model but this C3 model in blue ticked all the boxes for us.

What we liked here was the high-performance HEPA AirClean filter which can trap 99.99% of all allergens in your home which at the end of the day leads to a healthier and happier you. The motor provides plenty of power from the get-go, the C3 Allergy cylinder is robust and airtight and there is the nice touch of the onboard storage compartments for the various attachments such as the crevice cleaner, upholstery nozzle and the dust-off brush.

You get lots of storage here in this vacuum as the bags holds a capacity of 4.5 litres and it can be used on a wide range of floor surfaces such as tiles, wood flooring, carpets and rugs. One thing that really impressed us is the suction power as it seemed to be a good deal more powerful than some of the other allergy vacuums that we tried.

The weight of the unit is slightly heavier though coming in at 7.3kg, you get a working radius with the pole and power cord combined of 12m and the noise level emitted is quite good at just 77 dB. When it comes to filters, this HEPA AirClean filter is in the top tier with superb results in dust and allergen retention and the power at the suction head does not disappoint – a beast of a machine in our humble opinion

Price Guide: Less than £300 @ Amazon

5, Hoover Optimum Power Allergy Pet Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

If you prefer a bagless allergy vacuum cleaner, then the model that we would recommend is the Hoover Optimum Power Allergy and Pet Bagless Cylinder vacuum cleaner code reference OP30ALG which comes with the energy class A status and the Multi cyclonic technology for the best possible suction results. Designed for allergy sufferers, this vacuum has the HEPA filtration system to remove unwanted allergens in your home and keep them trapped with high quality retention results

The bagless cylinder vacuum has the ability to keep the dust separated which stops any potential blocking or clogging of the filter which is good to know in the background. This in turn helps to keep the suction levels maintained at their optimum levels. Emptying the unit is done with a simple press of a button and just place the top end facing downwards into the bin – this can be done outside your back door if preferred and the working radius is 7.5m for the hose and cord

The turbo brush in particular works great, the lightweight design certainly helps with mobility from one room to the next and you get a minimum of 12 months warranty protection for peace of mind. Working on the stairs and carrying it upstairs is quite easy as the weight of the unit is only 4.5kg.

The power is supplied with a standard power cord and the capacity of the vacuum compartment is lower at 1.8 litres but as least you don’t have to worry about replacing the bags in the future. Overall, we would have to say that this vacuum cleaner is quite impressive and it is certainly an excellent choice especially when it comes to allergen collection and retention.

Price Guide: Less than £150 @ Amazon

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After completing our review for the best Allergy Vacuum cleaners in the UK, we hope our work here has helped you out in some small way and perhaps given you some positive ideas to think about and consider. We have included what we believe are highly reputable brands in this sector plus models with high-capacity storage, low-capacity storage, bagless options and models that can be adjusted to portable handheld vacuums so there should be something here that can meet your own requirements for your own home

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