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Do you need the best possible Microwave for your home over the next few days? If so, then make sure to take a quick look through our review which outlines what we believe are 10 of the best Microwaves in the UK at present and which can be delivered to your home in a matter of a few working days. We have reviewed over 50 microwaves and narrowed our list down to what we believe are the 10 best options for you to consider for your own home.

You should be familiar with most of these brands already as all of them are household names which have been trialled and tested numerous times before not just in the UK, but in several other countries worldwide. A summary table is outlined at the end of this page for your convenience with all the dimensions along with a short video overview which will covers most of the main points you need to know before you buy and this will only take a few minutes of your time.

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Video Overview – Best UK Microwaves

Best Microwaves in the UK – Our Recommendations

Option 1: Panasonic 1000W 34L Combination Microwave - NNCD87KSBPQ

Quick Summary:

Premium combination microwave family size
Made from premium stainless steel
30 menu programmes available to choose
One push smart reheating technology
Genius sensor for vapour detection
34 litre capacity & 36cm diameter turntable
Convection oven temperature to 200°C max
Grill power level 1300W & microwave 1000W
Dimensions are H34.3 x 56W x 45D cm
Cable length is 1m long & weight is 18kg
Warranty duration lasts for 12 months
Price Guide: Less than £350

Option 2: Samsung 900W 28L Combination Microwave - MC28M6055CK

Quick Summary:

Ability to steam, grill, roast, heat & bake
Multi task capability combi microwave
Interior is made from ceramic enamel
HotBlast tech to maintain food moisture
Chips cooked using Slimfry technology
Microwave power 900W & Grill 1500W
Max convection oven temperature 200°C
Wide range of 45 programmes available
Capacity of 28 litres with 31.8cm turntable
Dimensions are 31H x 51.7W x 46.3D cm
Longer warranty of 3 years provided
Price Guide: Less than £250

Option 3: Sharp Silver 900W 25L Combination Flatbed Microwave - R861

Quick Summary:

Reliable & high-performance microwave
Combi convection oven, grill & microwave
Regularly promoted for less than £150
Flat turntable surface for larger dishes
Drop door unique feature & 15 programmes
Microwave power 900W & Grill 1200W
Maximum 200°C for the convection oven
Convection power output level 2050W
Capacity internally is 25 litres, weight 17.7kg
Drop down door easy access in tight spaces
Standard warranty guarantee is 1 year
Price Guide: Usually, less than £180

Option 4: Russell Hobbs 900W 25L Combination Microwave - RHM2574

Quick Summary:

Made from stainless steel with 25L capacity
Attractive finish with mirror door design
Convection oven, grill, microwave combo
Suitable for cooking, roasting & grilling
Microwave power output level 900W
Grill power output level 1100W max
Convection oven 2500W up to 240°C
Dimensions are 30.5H x 51.3W x 49.8D cm
Includes child lock safety protection
Cable to socket is 1m long, weight 18.4kg
Warranty guarantee is 12 months long
Price Guide: Less than £150

Option 5: De'Longhi 900W 28L Combination Microwave - AM925

Quick Summary:

Lower priced combi microwave
Tends to be available for less than £150
Large capacity of 28 Litres with defrost
10 programme options to choose from
Low level of cooking noise emitted
Maximum temperature oven 230°C
Power output level microwave 900W
Power output level for the grill 1100W
Rotational turntable diameter is 31.5cm
Dimensions are 32.6H x 52W x 50D cm
Weight, 20.7kg, cable 1m, warranty 1 year
Price Guide: Generally, less than £150

Option 6: Morphy Richards 900W Microwave & Grill -D90D23ELB8

Quick Summary:

Lower priced microwave with grill
Tends to be available for less than £100
Internal dimensions are 22H x 34W x 32D cm
External dimensions 28.1H x 48.3W x 39.5D cm
Rotational turntable diameter is 27cm wide
Child lock safety feature built in
Internal capacity is 23 litres, weight 14kg
10 different programmes to work with
Microwave power level 900W
Grill power output level 1000W
Warranty 1 year duration, cable 1m long
Price Guide: Tends to be less than £100

Option 7: Toshiba Stainless Steel 800W 23L Microwave Oven - ML-EM23P

Quick Summary:

Internal cooking capacity is 23 litres
Larger 25L capacity alternative available
Made from stainless steel with 800W power
One touch cook express & digital display
6 programme options to choose from
User friendly panel design layout
Child lock function & low noise level
11 different power levels available
Dimensions are 29H x 49W x 40D cm
Warranty guarantee 1 year, weight 12.3kg
Price Guide: Less than £100

Option 8: Bosch Serie 2 800W 17L Compact Microwave - HMT75421B

Quick Summary:

Standard microwave with 17L capacity
LED digital display with 5 power levels
7 programme options to work with
Available in black colour finish also
Operates with power source 230V
Rotational turn-plate diameter 24.5cm
Weight approx. 12kg with defrost solution
Automatic weight cooking programmes
Memory function and 1.3m cable to socket
Dimensions are 29H x 46W x 35D cm
Price Guide: Less than £130

Option 9: Hoover Black 900W 25L Microwave HMW25STB-UK

Brief Overview:

Touch screen digital display controls
6 power levels with 25 litre capacity
Microwave power output level 900W
Child safety lock panel protected
Eco mode enables turned off display
Installation mode is built in
Backed with a 12 month warranty
Dimensions are 28H x 48W x 42D cm
Price Guide: Less than £130

Option 10: Candy Silver 800W 22L digital Microwave -CMXW22DS-UK

Brief Overview:

Smaller compact size solution in silver
Ideal for people seeking lower prices
Power level 800W & smaller 22L capacity
Digital control panel & dial control
Available in white colour finish also
20 litre & 30 litre alternative options
5 power levels with Jet defrost action
Dimensions are 29H x 46W x 37D cm
Price Guide: Less than £100

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Comparison Table – Best Microwaves

To add further clarity on the dimensions, power levels and size capacities, check out the quick comparison table below which may help you when making your own final decision.

Microwave:CodePowerCapacitySize (cm)
1, PanasonicNN-CD87KSBPQ1000W34L34H x 56W x 45D
2, SamsungMC28M6055CK900W28L31H x 52W x 46D
3, SharpR861900W25L30H x 50W x 50D
4, Russell HobbsRHM2574900W25L31H x 51W x 50D
5, De'LonghiAM925900W28L33H x 52W x 50D
6, Morphy RichardsD90D23ELB8900W23L28H x 48W x 40D
7, ToshibaML-EM23P800W23L29H x 49W x 40D
8, Bosch Serie 2HMT75M421B 800W17L29H x 46W x 35D
9, HooverHMW25STB-UK900W25L28H x 48W x 42D
10, CandyCMXW22DS-UK800W22L29H x 46W x 37D

Please note dimensions are rounded off to the nearest cm in this table


After completing our review for the best Microwaves in the UK, we hope our 10 top list has given you something to think about and hopefully you found it beneficial and useful in some small way. Perhaps you will find a better Microwave than this and if you do – the very best of luck to you! We have covered a wide range or brands and a wide range of microwave model codes so there should be something here to cater for you needs, especially if you want more than just a standard basic microwave.

Which one would we choose? After further consideration and reflection and taking the price into consideration, our preference would have to be either the Sharp or the Samsung above and further customer reviews as well as todays updated prices can be double checked below…

Optional Feedback – Educate Others?

Did you find our list of best UK Microwaves useful in any way? Or did you manage to find a better microwave elsewhere at a more attractive price?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!

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