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Are you looking for a reliable Bosch Washing machine or even the best Bosch washing machine in the UK at present? If so, then please take a quick look through our reviewed and researched list which should only take a few moments of your time. We have reviewed over 20 types of Bosch washing machines and we have narrowed it down to what we believe are the 5 best options for homeowners in the UK under the brand of Bosch.

One good to know starting off is that all of these 5 best Bosch washing machines can all be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free which is good to know with the current restrictions that are in place. In this list, 3 of these machines have 9kg drum capacities while the last 2 have smaller drum sizes of 8kg and 7kg. For easier navigation, our review will be split into 5 parts so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most…

Best Bosch Washing Machines UK Content:

  • Part 1: Video Summary Overview
  • Part 2: Our Top 3 Best Bosch Washing Machines
  • Part 3: Comparison Table with Dimensions
  • Part 4: Best 7kg & 8kg Bosch Washing Machines
  • Part 5: Conclusion and optional feedback

As guide prices can only be published at the time of this best Bosch Washing Machine review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you get the most accurate up to date price information.

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Part 1: Video Summary Overview

Part 2: Our Top 3 Best Bosch Washing Machines

Option 1: Bosch White 9kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine - WAX32MH9GB

Main Features in Summary:

Spacious 9kg drum capacity
For larger family homeowners
Faster spin speed 1600 rpm
Home deliveries available
Install & Recycling options
EcoSilence Drive quiet spin
Energy rating status A+++
Child lock & delay starter
AutoStain removal adjusting
Smart connectivity phone
SpeedPerfect solutions
15 programmes available
Quick wash solution 15 mins
Size is 84.8H x 59.8W x 59D cm
Warranty level is 2 years

Best Bosch Washing Machine Overview:

  • Our first option for you to consider when seeking the best possible Bosch washing machine is the Bosch White 9kg 1600 spin speed washing machine reference code WAX32MH9GB which gives you plenty of cleaning power, excellent stain removal options and Wi-fi smart connectivity to allow better control over your appliance at all times.
  • The price of this machine is a little of the high side for our liking, so it is really for people who have the extra disposable income on hand. One thing that can help is the credit card plan which allows you to spread the cost over a longer term instead of paying for it all up front (extra charges apply for the longer payment plan)
  • Home deliveries can be organised within a few days (assuming it is in stock at the time of ordering) and you can also avail of the recycling and installation services if required which is good to have as back up.
  • As you would expect, this washing machine has an energy rating status of A+++, a spacious 9kg drum and it also comes with the EcoSilence drive system which helps to reduce the levels of noise during the high powered spins. Another feature worth pointing out is the AutoStain removal where you can adjust temperatures, detergent and spin cycles in getting those tougher type stains removed from your laundry.
  • In addition, you have the SpeedPerfect feature where it will adjust the washing times to suit particular cycles and of course you can use the smart Wi-fi connectivity to your phone in conjunction with the home connect app.
  • When it comes to cycles, you can expect to get cycles for delicates, quick wash, shirts, hand wash, eco mode, woollens, cottons, sports, silks and many more.  The LED display works great, you have the delay timer included as well as the child lock and you can expect it to use on average 54 litres of water per cycle
  • The dimensions to take note of here are 84.8cm high by 59.8cm wide by 59cm deep, there are 15 programmes included to choose from and you have the quick wash of 30 minutes along with a 2 year warranty for your added protection.

Price Guide: Promotion Dependent @ Argos UK – View Below

Option 2: Bosch Silver 9kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - WAT2840SGB

Main Features in Summary:

Attractive silver alternative
Same 9kg drum capacity
Recycling and install options
Home deliveries available
Energy rating A+++ status
EcoSilence Drive system
SpeedPerfect functionality
ActiveWater Plus technology
Reload function for extra items
15 min quick wash solution
Size is 84.8H, 59.8W, 55D cm
Warranty level is also 2 years

Best Bosch Washing Machine Overview:

  • Our second Bosch washing machine that you should consider if you wish to look at a different colour than just white is the Bosch Silver 9kg 1400 spin speed Washing Machine reference code WAT2840SGB which was available for less than £500 when seen at the time of this review and can be double checked below.
  • Credit card plans can be used here along with recycling for your old appliance and installation if you don’t have a local handyman to get it installed properly for you. Home deliveries are generally done when ordered online in a matter of a few days which of course will be dependent on stock availability.
    Some of the main features that stand out here are the ActiveWater Plus technology (built in sensors) which helps to use the correct amount of water for each specific cycle along with the EcoSilence for reducing noise levels and the VarioPerfect mechanism when you select either the SpeedPerfect or EcoPerfect functions.
  • As you would expect, this machine comes with an A+++ energy rating, a large 9kg drum capacity and a steady 1400 rpm machine spin speed capability. If you have some forgotten items, then you can choose to use the reloading function to get them washed also (reloading becomes disabled if the water level has gone too high or the suds water temperature has gone beyond 50-degree Celsius.
  • For quicker wash times, you can choose the 15 minute quick wash for having laundry freshened up and cleaned just in time for that special occasion or night out and the dimensions to take note of here are 84.8cm high by 59.8cm wide by 55cm deep.
  • The maximum washing time for a 40 degree Celsius cotton cycle is 285 minutes and the maximum time for a 60 degree Celsius cycle is also 285 minutes. The weight is this appliance is not all that bad at 69.2kg and of course both the temperatures and spin speeds have variable settings.
  • For the cycles, you get the eco wash, darks, delicates, shirts, easy iron, woollens, cottons, sensitives, silks, sports and synthetics to mention just a few and you get the delay timer up to 24 hours along with the child lock, a time remaining indicator and the 2 year warranty as back up for both parts and labour.

Price Guide: Less than £500 @ Argos UK – View Below

Option 3: Bosch White 9kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - WAT28371GB

Main Features in Summary:

Max spin speed 1400 rpm
Large drum capacity 9kg
Credit card plans
Home delivery organised
Install & recycle options
Energy rating A+++ status
Quick wash solution 15 mins
Self cleaning detergent drawer
Ecosilence drive to reduce noise
15 programmes available
Delay timer starter 24 hours
Child lock feature included
Size 84.8H x 59.8W x 59D cm
2-year warranty parts & labour

Best Bosch Washing Machine Overview:

  • Next up we have the Bosch White 9kg 1400 spin speed washing machine reference code WAT28371GB which tends to be around £20 cheaper than the silver model above and also comes with home delivery options along with additional recycling and installation services if needed. The additional cost of the install and recycling service tends to be around £40 to £50 which is not all that bad to be fair.
  • This machine also comes with an energy rating of A+++ and we really liked the self-cleaning detergent drawer feature which is one less job for you to be worrying about. As you can expect, you can use the 15 minutes quick wash solution here when you are under pressure but please note that the quick wash cycle only allows a laundry weight of soiled clothes of up to 2kg maximum.
  • The quality of the spin speed and low noise levels are excellent which is supported by the Ecosilence drive advanced motor so you can sit in comfort in the kitchen while the machine is spinning at full blast. This model also offers 15 programmes to choose from, a delay timer starter and also the child lock feature as standard.
  • The dimensions to take note of are similar to the ones already outlined coming in at 84.8cm high by 59.8cm wide by 59cm deep and the weight of this particular appliance is 71kg so make sure you have an extra set of hands when it comes to installation.
  • The max time for a 40 and 60 degree Celsius cotton cycle is 285 minutes and both the temperature and spin speed settings are variable. It doesn’t offer an easy iron or darks cycle, but you still get many other cycles such as silks, cottons, quick wash, woollens, shirts, delicates, eco mode and synthetic cycles.
  • Other useful features that we liked are the timer remaining countdown, the LED digital display, the detergent drawer usability and of course the delay starter feature which works up to 24 hours into the future.
  • The level of moisture remaining on the laundry after the cycles tends to be around 53%, the noise level is low at just 49 dBA and you get the 2-year warranty for labour and parts as back up.

Price Guide: Less than £480 @ Argos UK – View Below

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Part 3: Comparison Table

If you need further clarity on the features and dimensions on these Bosch washing machines so far, then feel free to check out the comparison table below which hopefully can help you make up your own final decision.

Model:Bosch 9kgBosch 9kgBosch 9kg
Spin Speed:1600 rpm1400 rpm1400 rpm
Drum Size:9kg9kg9kg
Energy Rating:A+++A+++A+++
Quickwash:15 mins15 mins15 mins
Delay Starter:YesYesYes
Child lock:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Water/cycle:~54 litres~51litres~51litres
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years

Part 4: Best 7kg & 8kg Bosch Washing Machines

If you feel that the 9kg Bosch washing machines are a little out of your price league, then check out the 2 following smaller Bosch washing machines below which offer similar features but come with smaller drum sizes and lower price tags. Both of these are more suited to smaller volumes of laundry requirements but can cater for families of up to 4 or 5 people np problem in our opinion.

Option 4: Bosch White 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - WAN28201GB

Main Features in Summary:

Medium sized drum 8kg capacity
Reliable spin speed operation 1400 rpm
Home deliveries readily available
Optional extras of recycling and installation
Energy rating status A+++ also
EcoSilence Drive, DrumClean & SpeedPerfect
15 programmes & 15 min quick wash
Dimensions are 84.8H x 59.8W x 55D cm
2 years parts and labour warranty
Price Guide: Less than £450 @ Argos UK

Option 5: Bosch White 7kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - WAJ28008GB

Main Features in Summary:

Smaller drum capacity of just 7kg
Ideal for smaller families & wash loads
For people seeking a lower priced alternative
User friendly LED digital display, A+++
SpeedPerfect feature to reduce cycle timings
Reloading function for any forgotten items
Anti-vibration design & EcoSilence Drive
Dimensions are 84.8H x 54.6W x 59.8D cm
2 years warranty (labour & parts)
Price Guide: Less than £350 @ Amazon UK

Reloading Function

What this means is basically that you can load any forgotten items into the washing machine during the cycle which is one great benefit to have for a washing machine like this. Please be aware though that you will need to reload as early as possible while the cycle is running as you cannot reload if the water level has gone too high or if the water and suds temperature inside the machine has surpassed 50 degrees Celsius.

ActiveWater Functionality

Another key feature that stands out here is the ActiveWater feature which helps to cut down on your annual utility bills by calculating the wash load and cycle and then adjusting the level of power and water needed to get the job done as efficiently as it possibly can. After using this machine after a few months, you will really start to see the benefits and advantages of having this extra feature included in your washing machine appliance.

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Part 5: Conclusion and Optional Feedback

Do we recommend these Bosch washing machine or which one would we choose from this list? After serious consideration, our favourite among this list would have to be the Bosch White 9kg 1600 Spin speed Washing Machine code WAX32MH9GB mainly down to the extra power if offers, the selection of programmes and of course the smart connectivity Wi-Fi to your phone app.

It does cost a good deal more that the lower priced 7kg and 8kg on this list, but it would be our number one choice based on performance and reliability all the same. If we were seeking a lower priced alternative, then the 7kg option above will do the trick above which also offers a price tag which would be hard to refuse in our opinion.

Optional Feedback – Educate Others?

Did you find our list of best Bosch washing machines in the UK useful in any way? Or did you manage to find a better Bosch washing machine that this elsewhere?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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