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Are you thinking about buying a Russell Hobbs Kettle over the next few days? If so, then check out our detailed Russell Hobbs Kettles review which will outline everything you need to know (both the good and the bad) before you make that all-important final decision. Our focus will be on one of their cheaper Kettles namely the Russell Hobbs stainless steel Adventure kettle (23911) which tends to be an affordable option for the average family, but we will also include 4 more Kettles under this brand that we also recommend so at least you have more than just one option when it comes to making your preferred choice (also for those of you that are prepared to spend a little extra)

One good thing to know starting off is that each of these 5 Kettles in this review can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free which is reassuring in the current situation we find ourselves in. Our review will outline the main pros and cons that we came across, a short FAQ session, a comparison table and also a short video overview which will help give you a better understanding of what these Russell Hobb kettles are all about – they have over 20 in the current range (with various colours) so we have narrowed this down to what we believe are 5 of the best solutions to choose from when buying from Russell Hobbs.

Russell Hobbs Kettle Review Content:

  • Part 1: Brief FAQ Session (typical questions answered)
  • Part 2: Video overview (all 5 Russell Hobbs Kettles in this review)
  • Part 3: Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle Review
  • Part 4: Further Russell Hobbs Kettle solutions (4)
  • Part 5: Brief Conclusion and Optional Feedback

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As guide prices can only be published at the time of this Russell Hobbs Kettle review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information

Kettle Overview

Kettle Brand:Russell Hobbs
Model:Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel Adventure Kettle (23911)
Capacity:1.7 Litres
Power Level:3000W
Warranty:24 months
Best place to buy:Argos UK – View Stock Availability here

Part 1: Brief FAQ Session (12 general questions)

Q1. How long does it take to boil 1 cup of water?
A. From what we have seen, it takes less than 50 seconds to boil 1 cup of water (235ml)
Q2. Does it have a push button lid opener?
A. No, the lid needs to pulled open manually
Q3. Is the interior made from plastic?
A. No, both the interior and exterior are made from stainless steel
Q4. How long is the cable for the power supply?
A. The cable to the power base is approx. 66cm long
Q5. Can the excess cord be stored in the base?
A. Yes, if the cable is too long, then the excess cable can be stored in the base unit
Q6. Where are these Kettles made?
A. From what we have seen, this particular kettle has been made in China

Q7. What is the weight of the kettle without any water?
A. This kettle when empty weighs 1.73kg
Q8. Is there any plastic inside the kettle?
A. Yes, the limescale filter and red clips inside are made from plastic. The lid is also plastic but that doesn’t come into contact with the boiling water.
Q9. Is the heat element concealed inside the base?
A. Yes, the heat element is inside the base and it is concealed from the water
Q10. Does it have a water gauge vision window?
A. No, other models from Russell Hobs have the vision window but this Adventure stainless steel model 23911 does not have any vision water window
Q11. What are the red plastic parts needed for and can they be removed?
A. They are used for measuring the cup volumes and they can be removed if needed
Q12. Are the red plastic measure sets and plastic filter BPA free?
A. Yes, all plastic parts used for this Kettle are BPA free

Part 2: Video Overview – Russell Hobbs Kettles

Part 3: Russell Hobbs Adventure Kettle Review

Option 1: Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel Adventure Kettle - 23911

Brief Overview:

Budget low price offer
Ideal for bargain hunters
Stainless steel interior
Stainless steel exterior
Water capacity 1.7 litres
Rapid boil capability
Power level is 3000W
One cup less than 50 sec’s
Removable limescale filter
Cable to base is 66cm
Warranty 2 years

Russell Hobbs Kettle Overview:

  • If you need a budget type durable kettle at a low price, then you don’t need to look much further than this Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel Adventure Kettle code reference 23911 which is backed with several positive reviews from previous UK buyers. Some reviews though were disappointing, yet most were fairly positive.
  • This kettle would be considered one of the most basic and simple kettles to use and it comes with the rapid boil functionality which has the ability to boil 1 cup of water (235ml) in less than 50 seconds. This is ideal for people who need a hot cuppa in the quickest possible time in the mornings or when you are running late for your appointments. Most of the other (and better kettles) from Russell Hobbs have this quick boil system also
  • The water capacity is standard at 1.7 litres and both the interior and exterior is made from stainless steel though some parts are made from plastic such as the lid, red clip measures and also the filter. These red clips can be removed if required and the filter can also be removed and cleaned when needed.
  • The power capability is 3000W which you would expect, the lid needs to be opened manually (no push button opening) and the length of the cable to the base is 66cm. Any excess cable can be stored in the cable base and it comes backed with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind

Price Guide: Less than £25 (excluding delivery)

Main Pros to Note:

  • For those of you seeking a durable stainless-steel kettle at the best possible price, then you don’t need to look much further than this in our opinion – it certainly can boil water as fast as you would expect
  • Many people do not like the idea of using plastic kettles to boil their water, so this is an obvious solution for them – any plastic associated parts are kept to an absolute minimum. Plus, there is plenty of power to get the water boiled fast
  • Many other brands will only offer you a 12 month warranty where you get a longer 2 year warranty from Russell Hobbs. It also retains the boiled water hotter for longer than other kettles we have seen
  • Having the ability to store the excess cable in the base is handy to have. It keeps everything tidier as you can have as much or as little cable exposed as you would like so you have some flexibility in this regard

Main Cons to Note

  • The lid of this kettle needs to be opened manually instead of a push button – you need to be careful when adding in fresh water when the Kettle has been recently boiled.  A push button open lid is a whole lot easier to manage and a lot more convenient to use.
  • There is no vision window on the exterior which makes it easier to see the level of water in the kettle. Other models from Russell Hobbs have vision windows but unfortunately this kettle 23911 does not. You need to use the red measure clips internally instead to gauge the water levels which can be annoying
  • There are no separate temperature settings or keep warm functions like what you see available from the Bosch kettle models outlined from an earlier post. Plus, the lid could be better designed for easier opening
  • The cable lead on this model is just 66cm – you are better off measuring up prior to any purchase as other kettles we have seen offer 75cm to 1m cable lengths so this 66cm cable length is on the smaller scale.

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Part 4: Further Russell Hobb Kettle solutions

If you prefer a Kettle with a vision window, a push button lid opening or even a lower priced cheap plastic kettle from Russell Hobbs, then check out the 4 popular alternatives below instead outlined as follows…

Option 2: Russell Hobbs Grey Textures Kettle – 21274

Brief Summary:

Lower priced plastic kettle solution
Ideal for people seeking the lowest price
Made from plastic – interior & exterior
Power level is 3000W, Water capacity 1.7L
Includes dual water window for visibility
Includes push button lid opener
Boil dry protection, cable to base is 61cm
Standard warranty is 2 years long
Price Guide: Less than £25 (excluding delivery)

Option 3: Russell Hobbs Purity Brita Filter– Kettle 22851

Brief Summary:

For fresher filtered water requirements
Includes a free Brita Maxtra filter
Indicator for cartridge replacement
Power level is 3000W, 1 litre capacity
Limescale filter is removable & washable
Boil blue illumination, manual pull back lid
Plastic exterior, 61cm cable length
Need to fill water slowly, 2 year warranty
Price Guide: Less than £35 (excluding delivery)

Option 4: Russell Hobbs Black Mode Illuminating Kettle - 21400

Brief Summary:

Available in a red colour alternative
Includes blue illuminating water windows
Cable can be stored in the base
Power level 3000W, water capacity 1.7 litres
Push button lid opening, quick boiling
Made from plastic – exterior & interior
Cable length to base is 65cm long
Price Guide: Less than £35 (excluding delivery)

Option 5: Russell Hobbs Buckingham Quiet Boil Kettle -20460

Brief Summary:

Superior Kettle made of stainless steel
Dual Illuminating boil water windows
Power level 3000W & Quiet boil technology
Up to 75% quieter than other kettles
Water capacity is 1.7L & 360-degree base
Push button lid opener - rapid boiling
Cable to base is 62cm & 2-year warranty
Price Guide: Less than £50 (excluding delivery)

Russell Hobb Kettle Comparisons

The first table below compares the first 3 kettles in this review so feel free to check it out to make whatever comparisons you need.

Russell Hobbs Kettle:AdventureTextures GreyPurity Brita
Construction:Stainless steelPlasticPlastic
Vision Window:NoneYesFull Clarity
Lid Opening:ManualPush ButtonManual
Capacity:1.7 litres1.7 litres1 litre
Cable:66cm long61cm long61cm long
Cable storage:Base Base Base
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years

The second table below compares the last 2 Russell Hobbs kettles in this review when it comes to cable lengths, power, codes and water capacities so feel free to check this out also

Russell Hobbs Kettle:Black IlluminatingBuckingham
Construction:PlasticStainless steel
Vision Window:YesYes
Lid Opening:Push ButtonPush Button
Capacity:1.7 litres1.7 litres
Cable:65cm long62cm long
Cable storage:Base Base
Warranty:2 years2 years

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Part 5: Brief Conclusion and Optional Feedback

Would we buy the Russell Hobbs 23911 Adventure Stainless steel Kettle? To be honest, it would have to be a no. Sure, it is a solid and durable stainless steel kettle that boils water fast but our preference would be for a stainless steel kettle that offers a vision water window and a push button open lid on a hinge instead. If you want a kettle though at the cheapest possible price, then this will do the trick for you but again if you want a kettle that can be opened with the push of a button and a water vision window, then you should skip this one and buy another such as the Russell Hobbs Buckingham Quiet Boil Kettle instead which is outlined above

The red cup measures are inside so at least you have some idea of the water levels needed but the water vision window is a much better solution in our opinion and a kettle with a push button lid opener would be our preference at the end of the day. The biggest attractions here though for the Adventure kettle is the bargain price and usually it can be found on sale for less than £30 which of course can be double checked below along with further customer reviews...

Optional Feedback – Educate Others?

Did you find this Russell Hobbs Kettle review useful in any way? Have you anything good or bad to report yourself about Russell Hobbs kettles in general?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!

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