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Are you thinking about buying a Breville Kettle for your home in the coming days or weeks? If so, then check out our Breville Kettle review which will outline everything you need to know before you make that all important final buying decision. Our Breville Kettle review will outline a summary of our own experiences plus an overview on various other customer reviews so at least you will get a broader understanding of what these Kettles offer and what the general public have been saying about them.

Throughout our review, we will include a short video summary which covers the main points you need to know in advance of any purchase along with the main pros and cons, some FAQ’s and a comparison table which can add further clarity on specific features related to each individual kettle. Our review will focus on the cheaper and lower priced Breville Jug Stainless steel Kettle (code IKJ988) as this kettle tends to offer one of the lowest prices under this brand but we will also include 2 further alternative Kettles from Breville for those of you who are prepared to spend a little extra.

Breville Kettle Review Content:

  • Part 1: Brief FAQ Session (General questions answered)
  • Part 2: Video Summary Overview (just a few minutes)
  • Part 3: Breville IKJ988 Jug Kettle review (features, pros, cons, customer feedback examples)
  • Part 4: Alternative Breville Kettles (2 further options with comparison table)
  • Part 5: Conclusion with Optional feedback (Have your say!)

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As guide prices can only be published at the time of this Breville Kettle review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information

Kettle Overview

Kettle Brand:Breville
Model:Breville Jug Stainless Steel Kettle (IKJ988)
Capacity:1.7 Litres
Power Level:3000W
Warranty:12 months
Best place to buy:Argos UK – View Stock Availability here
Customer Support:Call 0800 525089 Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm

Internal Cleaning Tips for your Kettle

Some people can get a funny taste from the water when it is used initially with new Kettles and Breville would be no exception. If you have an unusual taste from the water in the initial period, then you should follow these 6 steps to give the internal parts of your kettle a thorough clean out. This system has worked numerous times for us so there is no reason why it can’t work for you either…

  • 1, Buy a bottle of vinegar from your local store (should be minimum size 300-500ml)
  • 2, Fill the kettle to approx. halfway with 2 parts water and one-part vinegar (approx. 300ml of vinegar and 600ml of water)
  • 3, Bring the kettle to the boil and allow it to sit overnight
  • 4, Next morning, clear out the contents, fill the kettle again with clear water and add some lemon juice and bring to the boil again. This time allow it to sit for 1 to 2 hours
  • 5, Empty the contents again and boil with clear clean water and empty into the sink and rinse again.
  • 6, Once the Kettle has been rinsed, instead of using tap water directly – use filtered water or even bottled water for the best possible tasting hot beverage experiences. Overall the kettles should be boiled 3 times and emptied before you start using it for personal use.

Part 1: 10 Frequently Asked Questions - Breville Kettle IKJ988 (10)

Q1. How many cups of tea can you get from the 1.7 litres in this kettle?
A. On average, you can expect to get between 6 and 8 cups depending on individual cup sizes
Q2. Does it have an external water vision window?
A. Yes, it has a water vision window, but it is located at the back in front of the handle instead of the side
Q3. How long is the cable to the base unit?
A. The length of the cable from the base to the power source is 75cm long (29.5 inches)
Q4. Can the excess cable be stored in the base?
A. Yes, you can store unused cable in the base to keep exposed cables to an absolute minimum.
Q5. Is the heat element concealed?
A. Yes, the heat element is concealed from the water
Q6. Are there any plastic parts internally?
A. Plastic parts are kept to a minimum, but the vision window is made from plastic and so is the lid and limescale filter. The frame both internally and externally is made from stainless steel.
Q7. Does the kettle switch off automatically when the water is boiled?
A. Yes, once it reaches boiling temperature, the kettle will switch off automatically
Q8. How can you improve the quality of the water from the kettle?
A. You can prepare water before you add to the kettle by using a water filter and adding a jug of this filtered water to the fridge for a few hours or overnight (instead of pouring the water directly from the tap into the kettle). Another alternative is using bottled water from large containers in your local supermarket
Q9. How can you clear the kettle from limescale deposits?
A. You can use a descaling solution to dissolve the limescale deposits or even use a wire brush and clean thoroughly that way.
Q10. Where are these Breville Kettles made?
A. Breville Kettles are currently made in Australia and are approved by UK and EU manufacturing standards

Part 2: Video Summary Overview

This video covers the main points associated to the 3 kettles in this review which will only take a few moments of your time. The review is mainly for the Breville Jug kettle IKJ988 but the 2 alternatives are also included for your convenience

Part 3: Breville IKJ988 Jug Kettle Review

Option 1: Breville Jug Stainless Steel Kettle - IKJ988

Brief Overview:

Budget stainless steel kettle
Water capacity is 1.7 litres
Power level is 3000W
Quick rapid boil capability
Auto boil dry protection
Internal stainless steel
Exterior stainless steel
Push button lid opener
Water window included
Washable limescale filter
Cable to base is 75cm
Warranty of 1 year applies

Breville Kettle Overview:

  • This stainless steel kettle from Breville is called the Breville Jug Stainless Steel Kettle code IKJ988 which tends to have one of the best prices under this brand and it is ideal for people who are seeking the lowest possible price. While it is not the best kettle we have seen, it certainly works as well if not better than other budget type stainless steel kettles from various other brands.
  • While it is made from stainless steel both internally and externally, there are minor plastic parts associated to this kettle such as the limescale filter, the lid and also the water vision window. The water vision window is located at the back of the kettle beside the handle which at times can be difficult enough to see instead of the side of the kettle. Plus the water window is not illuminated on this model unlike some of the other kettles from Breville.
  • It comes with the rapid boil capability and the boil dry protection, which is good to know, and it gives 3000W of power for quick boiling along with a water capacity holding of 1.7 litres. Even though the water window is not illuminated, the power switch is illuminated so at least you know from a distance when the kettle is on or off
  • The lid can be opened with the push button, the length of the cable to the base is 75cm and any surplus cable can be stored in the base. Finally, it comes backed with a 12-month warranty for your protection

Price Guide: Less than £30 (excluding delivery)

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Main Pros to note (4)

  • You get plenty of power from the 3000W and it is well able to boil the water fast and it pours quite well from the spout without experiencing any spillages of boiling water.
  • The length of the cable is more than adequate at 75cm long which tends to be better than some other models we have seen which can be as low as 60cm-63cm long
  • You have the added protection of the boil dry feature where it will turn off automatically if the kettle has been turned on accidentally without any water in it.
  • Attractive price point and it is certainly one of the best priced stainless steel kettles seen available across the market when compared to various other brands

Main Cons to note (4)

  • Location of the water window could be better. It is based in front of the handle instead of the side which can be harder to see from a further distance. Visibility of the water in the window could certainly be a whole lot better as it is darker than expected
  • The warranty is just 12 months long here where we see longer warranties of 24 months available from the likes of Russell Hobbs and a select few other brands.
  • Water capacity volumes of this kettle can be somewhat confusing – some places state it is a 1.5 litre kettle where in actual fact it is a 1.7 litre capacity kettle
  • The level of noise from a full boiling kettle is a bit higher than expected but bearable all the same and you need to ensure the kettle has been cleaned out thoroughly before use to ensure the best possible experience

Customer Feedback Examples (6)

An overview of some general customer reviews is also summarised below. We have included some positive and negative reviews so at least you have a balanced overview of what other people think of this electric Breville kettle.

  1. Clean and professional looking kettle which boils the water quick and fast with a noise level that is bearable. It is a lot more solid and robust than your typical plastic kettle
  2. A funny lingering taste on the water is experienced - should have paid more attention to other reviews that mentioned this. It needs to be boiled 3 times before use and treat with bicarbonate of soda
  3. It doesn’t boil the water all that fast but it still adequate all the same and the delivery was quicker than expected with no unnecessary packaging - great bargain and great value for the money
  4. The water gauge is hidden behind the handle so it is difficult to see the water level – plus the boil is not illuminated so again it can be harder to see how the boil is going. A side view water vision window would be a better design
  5. Great price level and looks great on the counter-top but there seems to be a tainted taste from the boiled water, so it had to be returned. Tried vinegar, bicarbonate soda and lemon juice to solve the problem but the funny taste remained
  6. Despite boiling it over 20 times, the strange taste of chemical plastic / metal remained so it had to be returned and exchanged for another which was done without any hassle whatsoever.

Part 4: Alternative Breville Kettles

If you would prefer to look beyond the Breville IKJ988 kettle and consider other alternatives, then check out 2 further kettles that we preferred from Breville outlined as follows…

Option 2: Breville Stainless Steel Cream Kettle - IKT198

Brief Summary:

Available in various other colours also
Black, silver, grey alternatives
Water capacity 1.7 Litres, Power 3000W
Polished stainless steel & cream gloss
Heat element is concealed, cord storage in base
Limescale filter is removable & washable
Push button lid opening, boil dry protected
Water vision window displayed on the side
Illuminated water window boiling
Interior & exterior from stainless steel
Cable to base is 75cm long, warranty 1 year
Price Guide: Less than £40 (excluding delivery)

Option 3: Breville Classic Black Plastic Kettle - Code VKJ755

Brief Summary:

Available in cream & white colours also
Easy to see blue illumination on boiling
Water window is located on the back
Lid need to be pulled manually
Attractive stylish finish with high gloss
Rapid boil with power level 3000W
Water capacity is 1.7 litres (6-8 cups)
Boil dry protection for any accidents
Surplus cord can be stored in the base
Interior & exterior is made from plastic
Cable to base 75cm, warranty period 1 year
Price Guide: Less than £50 (excluding delivery)

Comparison Table

If you need further clarity on these kettles from Breville, then check out the comparison table outlined below

Breville KettleIKJ988IKT198VKJ755
Material:Stainless steelStainless steelPlastic
Capacity:1.7 Litres1.7 Litres1.7 Litres
Lid opening:Push buttonPush buttonManual Pull
Water Window:RearSideRear
Base:360 degree360 degree360 degree
Limescale filter:YesYesYes
Cord Storage:BaseBaseBase
Boil Dry:ProtectionProtectionProtection

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Part 5: Conclusion with Optional feedback

Do we recommend the Breville Stainless steel Jug Kettle IKJ988? After further research and testing, we would prefer not to recommend it, and this is based on the high level of dissatisfied customers who have been complaining about the funny taste of the water when boiled even when the guidelines were followed. We didn’t experience this funny taste ourselves after using the vinegar and lemon juice technique as outlined earlier above but the high number of complaints seen from the taste of the boiled water is very concerning and worrying.

Sure, if you are after the best possible price and the taste of the water doesn’t bother you all that much, then yes – this kettle will do the trick for you. Just make sure to keep your receipt in a safe place in the event that you may need to return it. This problem with the water appears to be solved with the addition of bicarbonate soda, vinegar or lemon juice and leaving it overnight but this is not a guaranteed problem solver from what we have seen. Our preference would be a kettle from Russell Hobbs (check out our review here) or feel free to double check further customer reviews for the Breville IKJ988 Jug Kettle below…

Have your Say! (Optional Feedback)

Did you find this Breville Kettle review useful in any way? Have you anything good or bad to report yourself about Breville kettles in general or the quality of the boiled water?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!

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