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Which Bosch Kettle should you buy for your own home or which Bosch Kettles are the best for giving as gifts or presents to friends or family? To find out more, then check out our best Bosch Kettle review which will outline out top 5 picks when it comes to choosing a reliable kettle from Bosch. We have reviewed over 15 kettles from Bosch and we have narrowed it down to our top 5 choices, so there should be something here that can cater for your own needs. Many of these kettles will set you back well over £50 but we have included a lower priced solution for those of you who need to work with a budget type solution so make sure to check that out also further down on this page.

We have also included a short FAQ session and a video summary which may help you get a better understanding of what these Bosch Kettles are all about and this will take just a few minutes of your time. Please note also that each of these kettles can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free which is great to know in the current circumstances

Best Bosch Kettle Content:

  • Part 1: Some Frequently Asked Questions
  • Part 2: Video Summary (few minutes)
  • Part 3: Our best 3 Bosch Electric Kettles (plus comparison table)
  • Part 4: Further 2 Bosch Kettles to Consider
  • Part 5: Have your Say – Optional Feedback?

As guide prices can only be published at the time of this best Bosch Kettle review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information

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Part 1: Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What temperatures can the Styline be set to?
A. They can be set to either 100°C, 90°C, 80°C or 70 degrees Celsius
Q2. What are the dimensions for the Styline box?
A. The dimensions for the Styline box are 21L x 17.5W x 26.3D cm
Q3. Are the heating elements concealed?
A. Yes, the heat elements are concealed in the base for limescale protection across all 5 kettles
Q4. How does the keep warm function work?
A. The power from the base unit will keep it warm for up to 30 minutes long
Q5. How do you know when the specific temperature has been reached?
A. An LED light will light up to indicate which temperature setting has been reached

Q6. Can you touch the outer surface when it has boiled?
A. Due to the double wall stainless steel frames, the outer surface will remain cool
Q7. Will the base remain on when the kettle is lifted or removed?
A. No, the unit automatically switches off when the kettle is lifted from the base on the Styline
Q8. Do they have a push button lid opening or do they have to be opened manually?
A. These kettles from Bosch have a push button one touch lid opening build in.
Q9. How long is the cable to the base?
A. On average, the cable to the base is 80cm long while a few others can be slightly shorter than this
Q10. Can any excess or surplus cable be stored in the base?
A. To keep the counter tidy, yes - any excess unused cable can be stored in the base unit underneath

Part 2: Video Summary – Bosch Kettles

A short overview summary is outlined in this video which covers the main points you need to know about our 5 best Bosch Kettles in this review – feel free to check it out which will only take a few moments of your time

Part 3: Our Best 3 Bosch Electric Kettles

Option 1: Bosch Black Styline Cordless Jug Kettle - TWK8633GB

Brief Overview Summary:

Highly popular appliance
4 temperature controls
Keep warm 30 min function
Cordless electric Jug Kettle
Water capacity is 1.5 litres
Stainless steel interior
Classic build plastic exterior
Double wall housing design
Removable limescale filter
Power level is 3000W
Easy one touch lid opening
Cable to base is 80cm
Warranty of 2 years applies

Best Bosch Kettle Overview:

  • Our first Bosch kettle on this list that you should definitely consider is the Bosch Black Styline Cordless Jug Kettle  code TWK8633GB which is backed with lots of positive customer reviews and it usually can be found on sale for less than £70 when seen at the time of this review (can be double checked below)
  • We can see why people prefer Bosch kettles as this appliance is far superior to several other brands in so many different ways. The design and construction are solid and robust and it comes with a double housing effect where you get the stainless steel interior then surrounded by an elegant and professional looking plastic exterior.
  • The power level is standard at 3000W 240 volts, the water capacity is 1.5 litres and the handle is nice and comfortable to hold and grip. One thing that stands out here is the double walled design where the outer surface is cool to touch when the water has been boiled internally – this is great to prevent any accidental burns on your fingers.
  • For the temperature settings, there are 4 options at 70°C,  80°C, 90°C and 100 degrees Celsius and the keep warm function on the side of the panel allows you to keep the water warm for up to 30 minutes instead of having to re-boil the water all over again from the start
  • As you would expect, this kettle comes with the boil dry protection, the hot element is concealed in the base and the power is supported with 3000W. You can boil small volumes for just 1 cup and the excess cable can be stored in the integrated base. A detailed manual is included for operation, the cable length is 80cm long and it comes with a 2 year warranty for your extra peace and mind

Price Guide: Less than £75 @ Amazon UK (free delivery)

Option 2: Bosch Sky Variable Temperature Kettle - TWK7203GB

Brief Overview Summary:

Innovative Sky model kettle
Variable temperature slider
Power level is 3000W / 240V
Keep warm functionality
Rising temperature display
Boil dry protection included
Made from stainless steel
Both interior & exterior
Water window illuminates
Cable to base also 80cm
Easy one touch lid opening
Warranty is 2 years long

Best Bosch Kettle Overview:

  • Our second Bosch kettle that you should take a closer look at is the Bosch Sky variable temperature Kettle reference code TWK7203GB which is probably one of the most expensive kettles you will see and it will set you back well over £70 - even closer towards £100 depending where you look (so be prepared in advance to dig deeper into your pockets!)
  • One good thing is that this kettle does tend to get promoted from time to time at certain times of the year so you can possibly get £10 or £20 off if you are lucky! The big feature that stands out here is the temperature slider settings on the base panel where you can be more specific on which temperatures you wish to use and it will also display the actual temperature increasing so it can do so much more than your average kettle
  • The water capacity here is slightly larger than the previous model at 1.7 litres (200ml extra) and you get the cordless design, an integrated base, a keep warm function for 30 minutes and the same power level of 3000W. If you want an advanced kettle for your home, then you don’t need to look much further than this in our opinion!
  • Along with the temperature slider and keep warm capability, it has the 360 degree base, the limescale filter is removable and washable and the lid is opened easily with a one touch setting. It can boil the water nice and quick without much noise and the water boil window is illuminated for better visibility. Finally, the cable to the base is 80cm long and it is also backed with a 2 year warranty.

Price Guide: Less than £100 @ Argos UK (free delivery)

Option 3: Bosch Stainless Steel DesignLine Kettle - TWK4P440GB

Brief Overview Summary:

Lower priced alternative
Available in various colours
Water capacity level 1.7 litres
Quick rapid boil with 3000W
Includes cup level indicators
Helps reduce carbon footprint
Stainless steel interior exterior
Base & lid stainless steel also
Water windows both sides
Cable to base unit is 80cm
One touch button lid opening
Warranty is 2 years long

Best Bosch Kettle Overview:

  • Our third and lower priced Bosch kettle for you to take a serious look at is the Bosch Stainless Steel DesignLine Kettle code TWK4P440GB which also has several positive reviews from previous buyers in the UK and tends to be priced around £30 to £50 cheaper than the previous 2 models above (promotional discount dependant)
  • One thing that you will like straight away is the cup measurement indicator so more accuracy can be given when adding in the required amount of water to be boiled – this also helps to reduce the level of energy needed to boil the specified volume of water and thus reducing your overall carbon footprint. The power of 3000W gets the water boiled nice and quick without much delay and the level of noise emitted was a lot lower than expected.
  • It doesn’t have the keep warm function or the variable temperatures like the previous 2 models but you do get a reliable and powerful stainless steel kettle which has stainless steel both internally and externally – the lid is also made from stainless still and can be opened easily with the touch of a button.
  • In addition, the base is also made from stainless steel and it comes with the standard water capacity of 1.7 litres but again you have the guide for the cup measurements to reduce unnecessary water being boiled. As you would expect, the limescale filter is removable and washable, it has a cable of 80cm to the base and it comes with the same 2 year warranty as before.

Price Guide: Less than £60 @ Argos UK (free delivery)

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Comparison Table

If you need further clarity on the 3 Bosch Kettles so far in this review, then check out the comparison table outlined below which may help you when making your own final decision

Bosch Kettle:StylineSky VariableDesignLine
Temperatures:4 settingsVariable sliderSingle
Keep Warm:IncludedIncludedN/A
Water capacity:1.5 litres1.7 litres1.7 litres
Interior:Stainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Exterior:PlasticStainless steelStainless steel
Lid opening:One touchOne touchOne touch
Cable to base:80cm80cm80cm
Boil Dry:ProtectedProtectedProtected
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years

Part 4: Further 2 Bosch Kettles to Consider

If the first 3 Bosch kettles in this review haven’t ticked all of your boxes just yet, then check out our last 2 recommendations summarised as follows…

Option 4: Bosch Black Village Kettle - TWK76033GB

Main Features in Summary:

Available in cream finish also
Power level 3000W, capacity 1.7 litres
Includes illuminated water window
Easy push button lid opening
Cable to base is shorter at 70cm
Removable limescale filter & washable
Addition of a safety lock lid system
Made from plastic internally / externally
Minimum cup indicator & boil dry protected
Price Guide: Less than £40 (Argos UK)

Option 5: Bosch Anthracite City Kettle - TWK7105GB

Main Features in Summary:

Attractive sleek, elegant & stylish design
Water capacity is standard at 1.7 litres
Vision water window at the rear
Heat element is concealed in the base
Limescale filter is washable & removable
Indicators included for cup measurements
Boil dry protection and prevention
Power level output 3000W / 240V
Excess cable can be stored in the base
Price Guide: Less than £65 (free delivery)

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Part 5: Conclusion - Have your Say – Optional Feedback?

After completing our review for the best Bosch Kettles in the UK, we hope our work here has helped you out in some small way and given you some ideas on which direction you can follow. These Bosch Kettles don’t come cheap and there are lots of cheaper kettles out there from multiple other brands but the extra money you pay is well warranted with the higher quality design and features you get from this brand.

If you want a Bosch Kettle at the lowest possible price, then the Bosch Black Village Kettle code TWK76033GB tends to be the one that most people prefer to use and you can expect to get your hands on it for less than £40 – further information and today’s updated price can be double checked below…

Optional Feedback – Have your Say?

Did you find our review for the best Bosch Kettles useful in any way? Have you anything good or bad to report about Bosch kettles in general yourself?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!

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