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Does your home need a reliable and low priced cheap Ceramic Hob in the coming days or weeks? If so, then take a quick look through this researched review in the UK where we have compiled a short list of 5 cheap Ceramic Hobs that offer great value for the amount of money you need to spend. All of these Ceramic Hobs from this list were on sale for less than £200 at the time of our review and some were even available for less than £150 so there should be something here that can cater for your own individual budgetary needs.

As part of this review, we have included a comparison table for the dimensions further down on the page so you can see how they compare side by side and we also have included a short video outline which covers the main points you need to know and will give you a better understanding of what these Ceramic Hobs are all about before you commit to any form of purchase.

Voltage Guidelines

You will need to make sure that the voltage indicated on the rating plates is at the same level as the mains voltage. A guide to the electrical connections, supply voltage and cables are outlined in summary below but all installations and connections should be carried out only by a qualified technician.

  • Supply Voltage 230V: 3 cables x 2.5mm squared
  • Supply Voltage 230V 3: 4 cables x 1.5mm squared
  • Supply Voltage 400V 3N: 5 cables x 1.5mm squared
  • Supply Voltage 400V 2N: 4 cables x 1.5mm squared

Maintaining and Cleaning your Ceramic Hob

Even when the Hob lights have turned out, the Hob can still be hot so always make sure to allow it to cool down fully before handling or cleaning. You should avoid using steam cleaning or any type of high-pressure cleaning as that won’t be covered under warranty – cleaning should be done with a damp cloth or a hand sponge with washing up liquid only. You should also avoid using abrasive products, oven spray cleaner and chlorine-based cleaners as they can possibly damage the exterior surface of the hob. The best practice is to clean after every use to prevent dirt build up and stains developing over time.

Housing Unit Preparation

The work top unit were the Ceramic hob will be placed needs to have a minimum depth of 20mm and a maximum depth of 50mm. If an oven is being placed underneath the Ceramic hob, then a cooling system will need to be installed by your qualified installation technician and they will need to make sure there are no cables or insulation between the oven and the Ceramic hob. Once in place, it can be sealed around the edges with silicone or a wood type glue

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Video Summary – Cheap Ceramic Hobs (Main Points)

Cheap Ceramic Hobs in the UK – 5 Recommendations

Option 1: Bush Black Electric Ceramic Hob - A60CT

Brief Summary:

Budget type Ceramic hob
4 different heating zones
Child lock protection
Burn power 1.2kw to 1.8kw
Residual heat indicators
Size is 59W x 52D cm
Aperture size 56W x 49D cm
Warranty is 1 year long

Cheap Ceramic Hob Overview:

  • Our first recommendation when seeking the lowest possible price for a Ceramic Hob is definitely the Bush Black Electric Ceramic Hob code A60CT where you can generally expect to get your hands on for less than £150 when seen at the time of this Ceramic Hob review. You may not be too familiar with this brand, but they are worth serious consideration due to the high number of positive feedback reviews in the UK
  • Instead of the knob dial controls, you have the Touch control system which leaves a cleaner finish across the worktop and it comes with 4 different heat zones with various heating sizes and burn power output. As there are no knobs, cleaning up afterwards is easier and one thing that you will like is the fact that there is a child lock feature which prevents children switching on the burners accidently.
  • These touch controls are located on the front of the appliance and the level of burn power you can expect ranges from 1.2kw to 1.8kw which comes supported with the residual heat indicators so you know when it is ready to be cleaned. The dimensions of the unit are 59cm high by 52cm deep which will need an aperture dimension plan of 56cm wide by 49cm deep.
  • This Ceramic hob comes backed with a 1-year warranty and if the cheapest possible price is what you are after, then you don’t need to look much further than this in our opinion.

Price Guide: £100 to £150 @ Argos UK

Option 2: Indesit Black Ceramic Electric Hob - RI860C

Brief Summary:

More powerful Ceramic hob
4 heating zones provided
Heat residual indication
Induction direct pan heat
Targeted & efficient heating
Dimensions 58W x 51Dcm
Aperture plan 56W x 49D cm
Parts warranty 10 years
Labour warranty 1 year

Cheap Ceramic Hob Overview:

  • The second low priced best value Ceramic Hob that we recommend is the Indesit Black Ceramic Electric Hob code RI860C which has become more and more popular in recent years and comes backed with lots of positive customer reviews which adds confidence before you commit to any purchase. You get 2 large burner rings and 2 corresponding smaller rings for lower heat output and the level of output is controlled with the raised control dials on the side
  • The added feature worth pointing out here is the fact that this particular Ceramic Hob uses the generation heat from the magnetic field where the burner hotspots becomes activated when it comes into contact with a cooking pan – this focuses the heat temperature and makes the energy usage and burner output more direct to the pan which in turn makes it more efficient – quicker and improved results overall
  • For the installations, the dimensions for the unit itself are 58cm wide by 51cm deep and the dimensions to plan for the aperture opening is 56cm wide by 49cm deep. Lastly, this Ceramic Hob from Indesit comes with a 1 year labour warranty and a 10 year parts warranty to protect your home investment well into the future and it certainly offers good value for what you are getting.

Price Guide: Tends to be £120 to £180 level

Option 3: Hotpoint Black Electric Ceramic Hob - HR651CH

Brief Summary:

Popular budget solution
Heat residual indicators
4 separate heating zones
Timer & Touch controllers
Child lock protection included
Aperture size 56W x 49D cm
Dimensions 58W x 51Dcm
Burner power 1.2kw to 2.1kw
Labour warranty 1 year
Parts warranty 10 years

Cheap Ceramic Hob Overview:

  • You may already be familiar with this Ceramic Hob from Hotpoint which has proven to be a very popular appliance and specifically it’s the Hotpoint Black Electric Ceramic Hob code reference HR651CH that tends to be on sale for less than £200 from what we have seen. This Ceramic hob is certainly one of our favourites on our list and deserves careful consideration as it works perfectly, looks great and gets the pans cooking in no time at all.
  • Instead of the dial knob controllers, you have the touch controls built in and it blends in well to various different types of countertop surfaces. When you have finished cooking, the residual heat indicators remain on, so you know in advance when it is safe to touch them to have them cleaned.
  • You get 9 different power levels which is more than enough and the range of burner power output ranges from 1.2kw to a maximum of 2.1kw – not the most powerful you will ever see but powerful enough nonetheless. In addition to the touch controls, you get the child lock protection to prevent any possible accidents with children.
  • For installations it needs to be hard wired with a separate circuit and the dimensions of the unit itself are 59cm wide by 51cm deep which will need an aperture dimension guide of 56cm by 49cm. For the warranty, you can expect a guarantee of 10 years for parts and 1 year for labour to protect your home investment and give you peace of mind

Price Guide: Tends to be £150 to £200 region

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Comparison Table Ceramic Hobs

To add further clarity on the 3 Ceramic Hobs outlined so far, feel free to check out the comparison table provided below which includes all the dimension information you need to be aware of.

Ceramic HobBushIndesitHotpoint
Code: A60CTRI860CHR651CH
Heating Zones:444
Min Power:1.2kw1.2kw1.2kw
Max Power:1.8kw2.0kw2.1kw
Aperture width:56cm56cm56cm
Aperture depth:49cm49cm49cm
Parts warranty:1 year10 years10 years
Labour warranty:1 year1 year1 year

More Cheap UK Ceramic Hobs – Final 2 Recommendations

If the first 3 options above don’t meet all of your needs just yet, then perhaps our last 2 recommendations from Candy and Russell Hobbs may do the trick for you summarised briefly as follows…

Option 4: Candy Black Ceramic Touch Control Hob - CH64VBT

Brief Overview:

Twin power zone capabilities
Includes an electronic timer
Switches off automatically
Touch controls and safety cut off
Level of burner power 0.7kw to 2.5kw
Indicators for residual heat
Dimensions are 59W x 52D cm
Aperture opening guide 56W x 49D cm
Warranty 1 year labour & 10 year parts
Price Guide: Anywhere from £150 to £200

Option 5: Russell Hobbs Black Ceramic Hob - RH60EH402B

Brief Overview:

Touch control based ceramic hob
Attractive black superior Schott glass
Residual heat indicators for safety
2 rapid zones & 2 semi-rapid zones
Power levels from 1.2kw to 1.8kw
Child lock protection system
Warranty duration is 2 years
Dimensions 59W x 52D cm
Aperture opening guide 56W x 49D cm
Price Guide: £120 to £180 @ Amazon UK

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After completing this list and our short review for the cheapest possible Ceramic Hobs, we hope our work here can give you some direction and possibly give you some ideas to consider for your own home. We have outlined 5 different brands that have excellent reputations in this sector so there should be something here that can cater for your needs.

Which one would we choose? For the cheapest possible price, it would have to be the Bush but if we had more money spend, then it would have to be either the Hotpoint or Russell Hobbs Ceramic Hobs outlined earlier. Further reviews and updated prices can be double checked below if needed…

Optional Feedback – Educate Others?

Did you find this list of cheap Ceramic Hobs in the UK useful in any way? Or did you manage to find a cheaper or better value Ceramic Hob elsewhere?

If possible, please feel free to share your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!!

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