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Are you searching online for a reliable and trustworthy American Fridge Freezer for your home in the coming days? If so, then check out our review for the best American Fridge Freezers in the UK, which can all be delivered to your home hassle free in just a matter of a few days - stock status on these items is quite good at present so you shouldn’t have to worry too about out of stock situations. You should be familiar with most of these brands already as they are well established and recognised as household brands throughout the UK and they come with warranties that you can rely on.

After reviewing over 30 American Fridge Freezers, these are our top 5 appliances so it should make your own online search that bit quicker and easier to do. We also have included price guides on what you can expect to pay for each of them so make sure to use the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information (only guide prices can be published at the time of this review).

To help you get a better understanding on the features and dimensions, feel free to check out the 2 comparison tables below so you can see them side by side and make whatever comparisons you need to make yourself. In addition, we have also included a short video overview to cover the main points and this will help give you a better understanding of what these 5 American Fridge Freezers are all about so feel free to check that out also which will take just a few moments of your time.

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Video Summary – Best UK American Fridge Freezers

Best American Fridge Freezers in the UK – 5 Recommendations

Option 1: Samsung Silver American Fridge Freezer - RF23R62E3SR/EU

Brief Overview

Stainless steel silver finish
Multi door wide opening
Fridge capacity 416 litres
Frozen capacity 123 litres
Power cable 2m long
Zero frost – frost free
Safe storage 10 hours
(If you have power outages)
Water & Ice dispenser
Energy rating A+ status
Size 177.7H x 90.8W x 72.6D cm
5 years labour warranty
5 years parts warranty

Best American Fridge Freezer Overview:

  • Our first American Fridge Freezer that you should definitely consider is the premium upper-class Samsung Silver American Fridge Freezer code reference RF23R62E3SR/EU which is usually available for over £1500 when seen at the time of our review.  It comes backed with several positive customer reviews and it offers a fresh storage capacity of 416 litres and a frozen storage capacity of 123 litres in the 2 compartments on the base (total capacity 539 litres)
  • You will love this American Fridge Freezer from the very start, and it comes with all the premium features that you would expect along with a stylish and sleek design that fits in beautifully to various kitchen layouts. You get the multi door layout design with the internal shelves in the fridge as well as the storage compartments on either side for dairy, eggs, drinks and snacks. It has the smart connectivity for added control as well as the Twin cooling air flows and the dispensers for both water and ice cubes on the external door (no need to open the door which maintains internal temperatures)
  • There is zero frost with this appliance, so you never have to worry about defrosting, and you have 10 hours of safe storage in the event of any local extended power failures or outages. It comes with an energy rating A+ status and the dimensions when it comes to installations are 177.7cm high by 90.8cm wide by 72.6cm deep.
  • There are the internal lights as standard when opened for better visibility, the temperatures are displayed, they can adjusted when needed and the noise level emitted is 42 dB(A). The level of energy used annually is approx. 414 kWh and it comes backed with a 5 year warranty for your protection (parts and labour)

Price Guide: Over £1500 @ Argos UK

Option 2: LG Stainless Steel American Fridge Freezer - GSX960NSVZ

Brief Overview

Silver stainless steel exterior
Door-in-door InstaView
Internal visibility door closed
Fresh storage capacity 405 litres
Frozen 196 Litre capacity
Power cable 1.9m long
Zero frost - no defrosting
Lower noise level 39 dB(A)
Quiet stamp of approval
Safe storage is 10 hours
(If you have power failures)
Ice & water exterior dispenser
Energy rating A++ status
Size 179H x 91.2W x 73.8D cm
2 years warranty protection

Best American Fridge Freezer Overview:

  • Next on our list is the very popular LG Stainless Steel American Fridge Freezer code reference GSX960NSVZ which is certainly a very impressive appliance which will meet all of your needs – no stone has been left unturned when designing and building this fantastic American Fridge Freezer. It will however set you back more than £1500 from what we have seen so be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets for this one.
  • One of the standout features here is the ability to look inside the Fridge without having to open the door with the door-in-door InstaView door which also helps to maintain the internal temperatures of the appliance. It comes with a Linear Converter Compressor for overall efficiency and performance along with reducing mechanical losses and supporting direct transmissions.
  • The glass panel on the InstaView door will illuminate when knocked 2 times so you can see straight away what you have inside and it comes with a fantastic air purification system to eliminate any potential odours from the Pure n Fresh filter included in the package. The noise level is also lower than expected at just 39 dB(A) which comes backed with the Quiet stamp of approval.
  • The dimensions when it comes to installations are 179cm high by 91.2cm wide by 73.8cm deep and it comes with the energy rating A++ status, the ice dispenser, a water dispenser as well as the high temperature alert system. For storage, you get a fresh storage capacity of 405 litres and a frozen storage capacity of 196 litres (total fresh and frozen combined is 601 litres)
  • For any power failures locally, this appliance will give you 10 hours of safe storage for your food items and you never have to worry about defrosting as it comes designed with the Zero frost system. It also has the smart connectivity for more control and the energy usage per year tends to be approx. 376 kWh. The power cable to the socket is 1.9m long, it comes backed with a 2 year warranty and you should definitely take a closer look at this option before you make your mind up as it will not disappoint you!

Price Guide: Also tends to be over £1500

Option 3: Hisense Silver American Fridge Freezer - RQ560N4WC1

Brief Overview

Ideal for bargain hunters
Lower capacity of 431 litres
Fresh 289L & Frozen 142L
Power cable is 2m long
Zero frost - zero defrosting
Noise level is 42 dB(A)
Safe storage of 15 hours
(For any local power failures)
Water dispenser included
Non plumbed water set up
Energy rating A+ status
Size 181.2H x 79W x 70D cm
2 years warranty provided

Best American Fridge Freezer Overview:

  • If you need to consider lower priced alternatives, then you should check out the popular Hisense Silver American Fridge Freezer code RQ560N4WC1 which is usually priced anywhere from £600 to £800 when seen at the time of this review. This particular model comes in a silver stainless steel finish, but you can also choose a black coloured alternative in this category if needed from Hisense (similar price levels apply)
  • This American Fridge freezer is smaller than the previous 2 coming in at a total capacity of 431 litres which explains the lower price tag to some degree but this is still a fantastic appliance all the same that will impress you no end. The fresh storage capacity is 289 litres and the frozen capacity is 142 litres so while it is not the biggest around, it certainly is well capable of looking after the average family’s storage needs.
  • Similarly, this appliance is frost free and the multi door design allows lots of options for different food items be it meat, fish, dairy, eggs and veg  and you have the 3 separate temperature controlled sections to get the best possible results. You have the electronic touch control here along with the water dispenser (no plumbing needed) and you have the standard internal LED lighting for better visibility (no ice dispenser is available though)
  • Adjusting the temperatures on the panel works great on the easy to use panel, it has an energy rating A+ and the dimensions for installations is slightly smaller than the previous 2 coming in at 181.2cm high by 79cm wide by 70cm deep. The level of noise emitted is 43 dB(A) which is slightly louder than the previous 2 options and the capacity of the water tank is 3.5 litres. The freezer here has 6 separate storage sections, you have 15 hours of safe power in the event of local power outages and the warranty provided for your investment protection is 2 years long.

Price Guide: Less than £800 @ Argos UK

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First Comparison Table – Samsung vs LG vs Hisense

If you need to compare these American Fridge freezers side by side, then check out the comparison table provided below which outlines all the main features, functions, capacities and dimensions for easier viewing and making whatever comparisons you need to make yourself…

American Fridge FreezerSamsungLG Stainless SteelHisense
Energy Rating:A+A++A+
Fridge capacity:416 litres405 litres289 litres
Frozen capacity:123 litres196 litres142 litres
Total capacity:539 litres601 litres431 litres
Frost:Zero FrostZero FrostZero Frost
Safe Storage:10 hours10 hours15 hours
Water Dispenser:IncludedIncludedNon-Plumbed
Ice Dispenser:IncludedIncludedNone
Power cable:2m long1.9m long2m long
Energy Usage:414 kWh/year376 kWh/year373 kWh/year
Smart Connectivity:Wi-fiWi-fiNone
Noise level:42 dB(A)39 dB(A)43 dB(A)
Open door alert:YesYesYes
Parts warranty:5 years2 years2 years
Labour warranty:5 years2 years2 years

Final 2 Best American Fridge Freezers

If the first 3 options above haven’t met all your requirements just yet, then check out our final 2 recommendations below from Hotpoint and Hoover summarised briefly as follows…

Option 4: Hotpoint Frost Free American Fridge Freezer - HQ9M2L

Main Points to Note:

Total capacity is 596 litres combined
Fresh capacity is 380 litres and Frozen 216 litres
Energy rating A++, noise level 41 dB(A)
Frost free – zero defrosting required
Food care zone for added flexibility
Energy usage annually is approx. 376 kWh
Power cable 1.8m long to the socket
Dimensions are 187.4H x 90.5W x 72.4D cm
Warranty 1 year labour & 10 years parts
Price Guide: Over £1500 @ Argos UK

Option 5: Hoover Silver American Fridge Freezer - HHSBSO6174XWDK

Main Points to Note:

Lower priced alternative for tighter budgets
Fresh capacity is 344 litres & Frozen 177 litres
Anti-spill adjustable shelves, Multi door storage
6 shelves in the freezer & 8 hours safe storage
Water dispenser is non plumbed
Energy rating A++ & noise level is 42 dB(A)
Energy usage annually is approx. 376 kWh
Dimensions are 177H x 90W x 66D cm
Warranty 10 years for parts & 1 year labour
Price Guide: Tends to be less than £700

Second Comparison Table – Hotpoint vs Hoover

To add further clarity on these 2 American Fridge Freezers from Hotpoint and Hoover, feel free to check out the 2nd comparison table below were you can see how they compare side by side when it comes to dimensions and features.

American Fridge FreezerHotpointHoover
Energy Rating:A++A++
Fridge capacity:380 litres344 litres
Frozen capacity:216 litres177 litres
Total capacity:596 litres521 litres
Frost:Zero FrostZero Frost
Safe Storage:10 hours8 hours
Water Dispenser:NoneNon plumbed
Ice Dispenser:NoneNone
Power cable:1.8m long2m long
Energy Usage:376 kWh/year325 kWh/year
Smart Connectivity:Wi-fiNone
Noise level:41 dB(A)42 dB(A)
Open door alert:YesYes
Parts warranty:10 years10 years
Labour warranty:1 year1 year

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After completing our review for the best American Fridge Freezers in the UK, we hope this short list can help you out in some small way and give you some ideas to think about. Many higher end American Fridge Freezers will set you back a good deal of money so we have included 2 options above from Hoover and Hisense which are certainly more affordable in our opinion when people need to stick to a tighter or lower type budget.

Which one would we choose? When money is not an option, it would have to be the LG Stainless Steel American Fridge Freezer code GSX960NSVZ due to the InstaView Door in door and higher levels of storage and further information along with todays price can be double checked below

Educate others – Optional Feedback?

Did you find our short list of best American Fridge Freezers in the UK useful in any way? Or are there other American Fridge Freezers that you would prefer to recommend instead yourself?

If possible, please feel free to share your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!!!

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  1. After going through this I think my choice just became a bit harder and for good reason. You’ve given me a lot of valuable information that I didn’t consider before. I really like the fact that I’m not being forced in any particular direction but you given options that can meet both my budget as well as fit my existing needs in terms of space and capacity requirements.

    I think I am in a much better place to review my top choices and make a final decision.  This is a major purchase for me at this time and I’m glad you provided the kind of assistance I needed.

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