Best Chest Freezers UK 2024 – Small & Large


Do you need a reliable large or small Chest Freezer for your home in the coming days? If so, then check out our review for the best Chest Freezers available in the UK at present which can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free which is good to know under the current circumstances. We have included smaller chest freezers around the 100 litre capacity region, medium sized chest freezers in the 250 litre capacity region and also some larger 400+/500+ litre capacity chest freezers so there should be something here that can definitely catch your attention and meet your own needs for your own home.

Most Chest Freezers can be used in garages or outbuildings while a minority need to be kept and used inside your home and they all come with a minimum warranty of 1 year from reputable brands and suppliers – some will offer parts warranties up to 10 years long. To add further clarity on storage capacities, features and dimensions, a comparison table is outlined further down on this page plus a short video summary is also included which will give you a good overview of what these Chest Freezers are all about before you commit to a purchase – this will take just a few minutes of your time…

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Video Summary Overview – Best UK Chest Freezers (few minutes)

Best Chest Freezers UK – 7 Recommendations

Option 1: Hotpoint White Large Chest Freezer - CS1A400FMH

Brief Summary:

Large capacity of 400 litres
Includes counterbalanced lid
Suitable in garages/outbuildings
45 hours of safe storage
(If you have power outages)
Energy rating status A+
Minimal defrosting needed
3 level basket storage ability
Power cable is 2.45m long
Noise level of 42 dB(A)
Size 91.6H x 140.5W x 69.8D cm
10 year parts warranty
1 year labour warranty

Best Chest Freezer Overview:

  • Our first chest freezer that you should seriously consider is the Hotpoint White Large Chest Freezer code reference CS1A400FMH which is extremely popular in the UK at present and has even been endorsed by some well-known names. It has great feedback from customer reviews and it provides a large storage capacity of 400 litres with 3 separate storage baskets for your smaller more frequently used frozen items
  • The 3 storage baskets provide easier accessibility for the most popular items while the longer term and larger frozen items can be stored underneath. Price wise you can usually get your hands on this freezer for less than £430 and sometimes even lower than £400 depending where you look.
  • While it is not fully frost free, there is minimal frost so the job of defrosting the ice build-ups is few and far between. The lid is heavy but comes with the counterbalance system, so you have more control over it when getting your items in and out of the appliance.
  • For easier visibility, it comes with an internal light and the noise level is quite low at just 42 dB(A). For the power supply, it comes with a power cable with 2.45m long so you have more options when it comes to placing it into its final position. There is 45 hours of safe storage available if you have power failures, the energy rating is A+ and this appliance can be used in garages or outbuildings if you don’t have enough space in your home.
  • The dimensions when it comes to installation are 91.6cm high by 140.5cm wide by 69.8cm deep so make sure to double check your available space first as it is wider than you think. In addition to the 3 baskets, the energy usage per year is 319 kWh and it comes backed with a 10 year warranty on parts and a 1 year warranty for associated labour requirements.

Price Guide: Less than £430 @ Argos UK

Option 2: Russell Hobbs Black Small Chest Freezer - RHCF99B

Brief Summary:

Smaller capacity of 99 litres
35 hours of safe storage
(If you have power failures)
Counterbalanced lid included
Adjustable feet & thermostat
Suitable outbuildings or garages
1 storage basket on top
Power cable is 1.8m long
Energy rating status A+
Noise level 42 dB(A)
Size 85H x 56.5W x 52.3D cm
Warranty is 5 years long

Best Chest Freezer Overview:

  • If you only have space for a small chest freezer, then you should consider the smaller Russell Hobbs Black Chest Freezer code reference RHCF99B instead which also has excellent customer reviews and tends to set you back anywhere from £200 to £250 when seen at the time of this review.
  • It is a smaller and compact type chest freezer which is plenty adequate for smaller or medium sized homes and you have the basket on top to store the smaller items which are used most frequently for easier access. As it is smaller, it makes the whole process of portability or mobility a lot easier so you can change its location down the road if needed from its original position.
  • This chest freezer from Russell Hobbs has a storage capacity of 99 litres, an energy rating status of A+ and it can also be placed in a garage or outbuilding if you don’t have adequate space in your home for it. In addition to the wire basket, it comes with an adjustable thermostat for more control plus adjustable feet when it comes to moving it and placing it into its final position.
  • The lid here also works with the counterbalance function to make the job of adding or removing items that bit easier to do and the noise level is fine at just 42 dB(A). Please note though that it will need to be manually defrosted when the ice builds up gets too heavy, but this is minimal from what we have seen. The length of the power cable to the socket is 1.8m long and you get 35 hours of safe storage if you experience any power failures in your locality.
  • As it is smaller, the level of energy used per year is lower at 168 kWh which means lower utility bills at the end of the day for you, it comes with a 5 year warranty and if your preference is for the Russell Hobbs brand, then you don’t need to look much further than this.

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £250 (view below)

Option 3: Indesit White Small Chest Freezer - OS1A1002UK

Brief Summary:

Storage capacity 100 litres
Hinged Counterbalanced lid
Garages or outbuildings suitable
22 hours of safe storage
(If you have power problems)
Power cable 1.7m long
Noise level 41 dB(A)
Single storage basket on top
Energy rating also A+ status
Size 86H x 52.7W x 56.9D cm
Warranty is 10 years parts & 1 year labour

Best Chest Freezer Overview:

  • The next chest freezer that we recommend is the small Indesit White Chest Freezer code reference OS1A1002UK which is getting more and more popular due to its reliability and hassle free or problem free experiences. Usually, you can expect this chest freezer to set you back around £200 and in most cases, less than £230 when seen at the time of this review. Some suppliers will be slightly more than this though.
  • Another big advantage here is the fact that this appliance can be placed in an outdoor garage or outbuilding which is ideal if you don’t have enough space for it in your home and it is certainly one of the best when it comes to price level if you are seeking the lowest possible price.
  • This smaller and neater sized chest freezer from Indesit has a storage capacity of 100 litres and it is supported with a basket on top for the smaller and more frequently used items. It also has the super freeze ability when it comes to getting your food items frozen down to the right temperature in the fastest possible way.
  • In addition to the counterbalance hinged lid, this chest freezer has an energy rating A+ status and you can expect around 22 hours of safe storage in the event that you have any problems with power supply or power failures locally. The dimensions when it comes to installations are 86cm high by 52.7cm wide by 56.9cm deep so make sure to double check your available space before you commit to a purchase.
  • Like most other chest freezers, this appliance will need to be defrosted manually in time which is minimal work from what we have seen. The noise level is slightly lower at 41 dB(A), the level of energy used annually is approx. 171 kWh and you get a power cable 1.7m long to the power socket. For the warranty, you get 10 years on parts plus 1 year for labour and again if you want a chest freezer on the lower price scale, then you don’t need to look much further than this appliance in our opinion

Price Guide: Tends to be in the £180 to £230 region

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Comparison Table – Best Chest Freezers

If you need further clarity on the features, capacities and dimensions of these Chest Freezers, then check out the comparison table below where you can compare each of them side by side.

Chest Freezer:Hotpoint 400LRussell Hobbs 99LIndesit 100L
Energy Rating:A+A+A+
Capacity:400 litres99 litres100 litres
Safe storage:45 hours35 hours22 hours
Power cable:2.45m long1.8m long1.7m long
Noise level:42 dB(A)42 dB(A)41 dB(A)
Energy usage:319 kWh/year168 kWh/year171 kWh/year
Parts warranty:10 years5 years10 years
Labour warranty:1 year1 year1 year

Further Best Chest Freezers – Last 4 Recommendations

If the first 3 chest freezers above haven’t ticked all of your boxes just yet or don’t meet all of your requirements, then check out our last 4 recommendation as follows which also include small, medium sized and larger type chest freezers.

Option 4: Zanussi White Medium Chest Freezer - ZCAN26FW1

Brief Summary:

Medium level capacity 254 litres
Smaller 198 litre version available also
Larger 371 litre version available also
Drainage for defrosting included
Suitable for use in outbuildings
Includes internal LED lighting
Temperature control and displayed
Easy mobility with 4 caster wheels
Energy rating A+ & energy usage 249 kWh/year
Dimensions are 84.5H x 96W x 96D cm
Price Guide: £350 to £450 @ Amazon UK

Option 5: Haier White Large Freestanding Chest Freezer - HCE519R

Brief Summary:

Larger chest freezer for larger families
Total capacity is higher at 519 litres
Smaller alternative sizes available
Recycling service is an optional extra
Requires a manual defrost in time
Supported hinged counterbalance lid
Energy rating A+ & energy usage 385kWh/year
Heavier appliance at 76kg weight
Temperature control & 2 baskets included
Dimensions are 84.5H x 165W x 74.5D cm
Price Guide: Tends to be less than £450

Option 6: IceKing White Small 131 Litre Chest Freezer - CF131W

Brief Summary:

Compact chest freezer with 131 litre capacity
Smaller version 97 litre also available
Larger 202 litre version available also
Needs to be defrosted manually in time
Suitable for use in outbuildings or garages
Freestanding Energy rating status A+
Counterbalanced lid and single basket
Lighter weight to manage is only 22kg
Dimensions are 86.5H x 57W x 64D cm
Warranty duration is 2 years long
Price Guide: Less than £250 @ Amazon UK

Option 7: Igenix Small White Freestanding Chest Freezer - IG100

Brief Summary:

Smaller compact size for smaller families
Total storage frozen capacity 100 litres
Includes a single storage basket up top
Can be used in outbuildings or garages
Lid hinged counterbalance design
Energy rating status A+ with a weight 25kg
Requires a manual defrost in time
Maximum lower temperature is minus 28
Dimensions are 85H x 57W x 53D cm
2 year warranty if registered online
Price Guide: Tends to be less than £250

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After completing our review for the best chest freezers in the UK, we hope our work here has helped you out in some small way and given you some ideas to think about when making your own final decision. We have included small chest freezers around 100 litre capacity, medium sized chest freezers and a range of larger chest freezer for larger families with more space so there should be something here to cater for your own needs.

Which one would we choose? To be honest, it would have to be either the Hotpoint or the Zanussi chest freezers outlined above and further information along with todays updated price tags can be double checked below. If I needed something though at the lowest possible price, then the Indesit or the Russell Hobbs would be the preferred options from our experiences

Educate others – Optional Feedback?

Did you find our list of best Chest Freezers in the UK useful in any way? Or did you manage to find a better chest freezer elsewhere at a better price?

If possible, please feel free to share your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also! Take care and best of luck with your online search…

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