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Do you need a low priced cheap American Fridge Freezer for your home in the coming days or weeks? If so, then take a quick look through our review which outlines what we believe are the best value American Fridge freezers which can be ordered online in the UK at present and delivered to your home in just a few working days. Ordering online is getting more and more popular under the current pandemic circumstances but unfortunately stock availability can be somewhat unpredictable at times. Items can be well stocked but panic buying leaves a situation where stock is cleared a lot sooner than suppliers have expected so you may need to be more patient when it comes to delivery lead times.

Our review for the cheapest possible American Fridge freezers covers several brands and many of these appliances were available for less than £550 at the time of this review and some were even less than £500 which tends to be lower spec models with just the basic attributes. Some of the American fridge freezers here will cost more than the £550 region though but there should be enough cheap options here for you to choose from as you scroll down through this review list.

Further down on this page, we will also include a comparison table which includes all the key features and dimensions that you will need to know and you can make whatever comparisons yourself when you see these appliances side by side. In addition, we have included a short video summary which covers the main points and this will give you a better understanding and overview of what these cheap American Fridge freezers are all about – this will only take a few moments of your time so make sure to check that out…

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Video Overview – Cheap American Fridge Freezers

Cheap American Fridge Freezers Recommendations

Option 1: Bush Black American Fridge Freezer - MSBSB20

Main Points to Note:

Fridge capacity 335 litres
Freezer capacity 175 litres
8 adjustable shelves
6 freezer storage drawers
5 dairy compartments
Vacation mode included
Safe storage of 10 hours
If you have power outages
Frost free appliance
Child lock mode available
Energy rating A+ status
Size 178.8H x 89.5W x 69D cm
Warranty 1 year applies

Cheap American Fridge Freezer Overview:

  • Our first recommendation when seeking the lowest possible price is definitely the Bush Black American Fridge Freezer reference code MSBSB20 which is considered a basic, yet effective appliance and it is usually found on sale for less than £500 when seen at the time of our review.
  • It is not the largest American fridge freezer you will ever come across, but it still has a fridge capacity of 335 litres and a freezer capacity of 175 litres – this is the equivalent of 18 shopping bags in the fridge and approx. 9 shopping bags for the freezer. While you don’t get the water dispenser, you still have 6 shelves in the fridge with 5 dairy compartments, 6 frozen storage compartments and the frost-free function where you never have to worry about defrosting the appliance yourself.
  • You get useful functions here such as the child lock mode and the vacation mode if you intend to be away from your home for any length of time. If you experience any power failures or power outages, then you can expect your safe storage of food will last for approx. 10 hours long.
  • This appliance comes with an energy rating A+ status and the dimensions to note for installation is 178.8cm high by 89.5cm wide by 69cm deep and you also get a reversible door along with a temperature display and an electronic temperature control panel.
  • You get an egg tray and salad or vegetable compartments but unfortunately there is no ice dispenser available. The energy usage gauge is around 405 kWh per year and it comes backed with a 12 month warranty. Finally, the power cable to the socket is 1.7m long so make sure to double check this on your end before you commit.

Price Guide: Less than £500 @ Argos UK

Option 2: Fridgemaster Black American Fridge Freezer - MS83430FFB

Main Points to Note:

Fridge capacity 264 litres
Freezer capacity 164 litres
6 freezer storage baskets
Super freeze functionality
3 dairy compartments
Touch Button Control
Safe storage is 10 hours
If you have power failures
Frost free automatic function
Energy rating status A+
Size 177.7H x 83.2W x 62.3D cm
Warranty guarantee 1 year

Cheap American Fridge Freezer Overview:

  • If you like the brand of Fridgemaster, then the lowest priced model you should take a closer look at is the Fridgemaster Black American Fridge Freezer code MS83430FFB which comes in a shiny black dark appearance and comes backed with lots of positive customer reviews. At times, you can get this for around £500 region but can be lower than this depending where you look and when promotional discounts are in place.
  • This fridge capacity is lower than the Bush but still offers a fresh capacity of 264 litres and a frozen capacity of 164 litres – a combined capacity of 428 litres all in. There are 5 compartments in both the fresh and frozen departments, and you have the additional storage compartments on the side doors – 3 on the fridge side and 4 on the frozen door side.
  • The shelves are adjustable which offers more flexibility for smaller or larger items, it comes with a Multi air flow technology and it has the Frost free function so you don’t have to worry about manual defrosting. The LED panel works great as well as the internal LED light plus it comes with the Energy rating A+ status. Another useful feature worth noting is the Super freeze technology which gets your items down to temperature in the fastest possible time.
  • In the event of any power failures, you get a safe storage period of 10 hours and the dimensions for installation are 177.7cm high by 83.2cm wide by 62.3cm deep. Please note though that the door here is not reversible and there is also no water dispenser or Ice dispenser available either which you get from higher priced appliances.
  • The sound or noise level emitted is 42 dB(A) and the length of the power cable to the socket is 1.5m long. When delivered, you need to let it settle for 48 hours before switching it on and it also comes backed with a 1 year warranty.

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £500

Option 3: Bush Silver American Fridge Freezer - MSBSWTDX20

Main Points to Note:

Fridge capacity 341 litres
Freezer capacity 175 litres
Includes water dispenser
Reversible door provided
Electronic temperature control
Safe storage is 8 hours
For any power failure outages
4 dairy compartments
Frost free no ice build-ups
Energy rating status A+
Size 177H x 90W x 66D cm
Warranty duration 1 year

Cheap American Fridge Freezer Overview:

  • Another popular low priced option from Bush is the Bush Silver American Fridge Freezer code MSBSWTDX20 which normally costs anywhere from £500 to £550 from what we have seen and this appliance gives you some of those additional extras such as the water dispenser and a useful indoor storage layout to keep everything you need organised the way it should be. This particular code comes in a silver stainless steel finish but there is an alternative in black which may also be of interest to you.
  • The capacity here is slightly larger than the first coming in at 341 litre capacity on the fresh and the same 175 litre on the frozen side and you get a selection of adjustable shelves, extra storage compartments on the side doors either side which include 4 dairy sections, a salad and vegetable section as well as an egg tray. You don’t get the ice dispenser here, but you do get a useful water dispenser as well as the energy A+ status rating and an open-door alert when the temperature needs to be maintained.
  • The speed of the freeze works great to have the necessary temperatures in place, and it includes the frost-free function, so you never have to worry about ice build ups or defrosting manually. In addition to the water dispenser, there is a reversible door option and the dimensions for installations are 177cm high by 90cm wide by 66cm deep which comes with a power cord 1.7m to the socket.
  • You have the option to adjust the temperature for each section on the panel where they are displayed and you have 8 hours of safe storage in the event of prolonged power outages or failures. The level of energy used per year is approx. 414 kWh and again it comes backed with a 1-year warranty.

Price Guide: Less than £550 with free delivery

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Comparison Table – Cheapest American Fridge Freezers

To add further clarity on the various features and dimensions for these 3 appliances, feel free to check out the comparison table below which may help you when it comes to making any final decision.

ModelBush BlackFridgemaster BlackBush Silver
Fridge Capacity:335 litres264 litres341 litres
Freezer Capacity:175 litres164 litres175 litres
Frost Free:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Reversible door:YesNoYes
Safe Storage:10 hours10 hours8 hours
Energy Rating:A+A+A+
Noise level:43 dB(A)42 dB(A)43 dB(A)
Water dispenser:NoneNoneIncluded
Ice dispenser:NoneNoneNone
Power cable:1.7m long1.5m long1.7m long
Energy per year:~405kWh~373kWh~414kWh
Warranty:1 year1 year1 year

Further Cheap American Fridge Freezer options

If the first 3 options above haven’t ticked all your boxes or requirements just yet, then check out 4 more models below which we also recommend. These options tend to cost more than £550 from what we have seen but they will offer you more in terms of features and functions. The last option from Samsung is probably too expensive to be on this list but we have included it here all the same if you are prepared to spend a little extra than the normal.

Option 4: Fridgemaster Silver American Fridge Freezer -MS91515DFF

Brief Summary:

Fresh storage capacity 337 litres
Frozen storage capacity is 177 litres
Total 514 litres or over 20+ bags of shopping
Frost free – zero ice build ups
Energy rating status A+ & water dispenser
Dimensions are 179H x 91W x 64D cm
10 hours safe storage for power failures
Longer 2m power cable to the socket
7 frozen sections, Warranty is 1 year long
Price Guide: Usually £520 to £580

Option 5: Hoover Silver American Fridge Freezer -HHSBSO6174XK

Brief Summary:

Fresh storage capacity 344 litres
Frozen storage capacity is 177 litres
Total capacity 521 litres or 20+ shopping bags
4 of the fridge shelves are adjustable
Zero frost build – Frost free – no defrosting
Digital display with LED lights internally
High Energy A++ rating & 8 hours safe storage
Dimensions are 177H x 90W x 66D cm
Warranty 1 year labour and 10 years parts
Price Guide: Less than £650 @ Argos UK

Option 6: Hisense Silver American Fridge Freezer - RS741N4WC11

Brief Summary:

Total capacity 562 litres fresh & frozen
Fresh storage capacity is 370 litres
Frozen storage capacity is 192 litres
Includes a water dispenser (not for ice)
Frost free with zero frost build internally
No plumbing is required for the water dispenser
8 hours safe storage & 2m long power cable
Energy rating A+ plus a 2 year warranty
Dimensions are 178H x 90.8W x 74.5D cm
Price Guide: Tends to be £600 to £700

Option 7: Samsung Graphite American Fridge Freezer - RS50N3513SA/EU

Brief Summary:

Premium higher priced alternative zero frost
Fresh storage capacity 357 litres
Frozen storage capacity 144 litres
Total capacity fresh & frozen is 501 litres
Digital inverter compressor for efficiency
Temperature display & Energy rating A+ status
Noise level 43 dB(A) & water and ice dispenser
Dimensions are 178.9H x 91.2W x 67.2D cm
Warranty is 5 years for both parts & labour
Price Guide: Normally £800 plus (free delivery)

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After completing our review for the cheapest American Fridge freezers, we hope our short list here can help you out in some small way and hopefully save you some money in the process. Perhaps you can find a lower priced solution than this and if you do – the very best of luck to you! Just make sure you are buying from a reputable supplier that is offering a brand and a warranty that they stand over.

Which one would be choose? After taking everything into consideration, our preference would have to be the Hisense Silver American Fridge Freezer code RS741N4WC11 but if you need the absolute lowest price, then the obvious answer is the Bush Black American Fridge Freezer code MSBSB20 – further information along with more customer reviews can be double checked below

Optional Feedback – Educate Others?

Did you find our list of cheap American Fridge Freezers in the UK useful in any way? Or did you manage to find a cheaper American Fridge freezer elsewhere at a better price?

If possible, please feel free to share your feedback or thoughts in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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  1. Cheap American freezers review is an apt way of advertising the products and the comparison tables goes a long way in highlighting the features of the products on display for easy referencing and decision making. I am worried about the suitability of the products for the British market as it pertains to the voltage ratings – I will assume this is taken care of already before distribution to the end users

  2. As you can see, I decided to surf around your website a little bit and I left my previous comment on your other article on just the general products that you provide on your overall website. But this comment is specific to this refrigerator. I’ve been looking for a decent refrigerator that does not break out on me like the ones that I have had in the past. But I can see that these refrigerators might actually fix that for me so fingers crossed it will last longer than my last one

  3. Thank you for this information on American fridges. I think they look well in any kitchen.  I had one in a previous house and it was a great job. Everything was so easy to find and it had brilliant storage. The price appears to have dropped considerably since then, as I think I paid a lot more than the price of these ones. If anyone is thinking of buying one then go for it, as I can highly recommend them.

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