How to Install a Candy Washing Machine


Have you misplaced the Candy washing machine manual, or do you need some tips on how to install your Candy Washing Machine? If so, then check out these steps and video examples which hopefully can help you out in some small way. These installation steps are geared towards the Candy White 8kg 1400 rpm washing machine, but these steps can also be applied to various under washing machines under the Candy brand. The various videos outlined below can also give you some useful tips so make sure to check them out also.

Overview of Features:

Candy is certainly an impressive brand when it comes to washing machine appliances and this washing machine offers a daily 59 minute 60 degree Celsius cycle, a 14 minute quick wash, a KG detector mode to adjust water usage and smart connectivity to your android using the Candy Simply Fi App to mention just a few. While you get 15 programmes as standard, you have the option of downloading an additional 40 programmes with the App which definitely impressed us when it comes to tackling those trickier stains.

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Energy Rating & Warranty:

When it comes to Energy rating, this washing machine ticks all the boxes coming in at A+++ and you get the option of using a 90 degree Celsius cycle, a delay starter and of course a reliable warranty of 10 years for parts and 1 year for labour.


Before you start with the installation, make sure you have adequate space for this appliance which has dimensions of 85cm high by 60cm wide by 54cm deep so get out your measuring tape and double check them before you start anything.

Example 1: How to Install a Washing machine

Control Panel

The display panel is quite easy to manage and everything is laid out with you the consumer in mind. Along with the Smart connectivity on the panel, you get variable spin speeds, variable temperatures, a digital display, a delay timer, a time remaining indicator along with a wide range of programmes to choose from.

Steps for How to Install a Candy Washing Machine

Step 1: Release power Cord & Drain Hose

At the rear of the appliance, remove and release the power cord and drain hose pipe from the clips.

Remove the transportation screws (A) on the rear plus the flat washers

Also remove the plastic spacer tubes (B)

Cover the open transportation holes from the screws with plastic bags included in the plastic bag.

Step 2: Placement of Corrugated Plastic Sheet

When you are unpacking the appliance, you will find a corrugated plastic sheet on top of the appliance. This will need to be placed into the base of the appliance – depending on the model it can either option A, B or C below for the Candy Washing Machine Corrugated Plastic Placement options

  • Candy Washing Machine Option A

Step 3: Water Hose Connection


Next you should connect the water hose pipe to the water supply outlet tap water source.

Only use the hose pipes and fitting supplied and make sure not to use old hose fitting or pipes from older appliances.

Alternative water hose connections may be in place which are outlined further down on the next section

Example 2: How to Install a Washing machine

Alternative Water Hose Connection Hot & Cold

Connect the grey tube to the cold water tap

Connect the red tube to the hot water tap

This system helps to reduce energy requirements and utility bills

Alternative Connections Aquastop / Aquaguard

Helps to stop water if the tube gets into bad condition

When this happens, a red mark will appear in the area A which indicates that it will need to be replaced

Step 4: Setting into final position

Make sure the water hose is not trapped or kinked

Insert the drain hose into a drain pipe that needs to be 50cm to 85cm above floor level

If an under sink connection is used the drain hose must be routed above the sink overfill opening to prevent back siphoning so make sure you plan this correctly

Example 3: How to Install a Washing machine

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Step 5: Appliance Levelling

Adjust the feet to ensure the appliance is completely 100% level.

Turn it clockwise to release the screw and rotate the foot until it reaches the floor

Then lock into position by tightening the screw

Once level and the pipes are in place, then plug in and power up the appliance

For the first cycle, run a cycle with detergent only and no laundry

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