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So, what are the best Dishwashers in the UK at present? To find out more, then check out our brief review which will outline what we believe are 7 of the best Dishwashers that can be ordered online and delivered to your home in a matter of a few days. Stock availability can be somewhat unpredictable at times so make sure to book your purchase well in advance to avoid any disappointments.

We have reviewed over 30 dishwashers from various different brands across the UK and we have narrowed it down to just 7 models which will not disappoint you. Some of the prices that you can expect to pay are well over £600 but we have also included other models that tend to be priced for less than £400 so there should be something here that can cater for your own individual budget needs.

For your convenience, we have also included a short video summary which covers all the main features you need to know so feel free to check that out also – it will only take a few moments of your time…

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As guide prices can only be shown at the time of this best dishwasher review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information

Video Summary – Best Dishwasher Recommendations

Best Dishwashers UK - 7 Brand options

Option 1: Bosch White Full Size Dishwasher - SMS67MW00G

Summary of Main Features:

Premium quality appliance
Zeolith technology included
14 place settings provided
VarioDrawer for flexibility
Baskets can be adjusted
Includes 7 programmes
Less energy with PerfectDry
Improved hygiene options
Quick wash is 29 minutes
Plate diameter guide 31cm
Energy rating A+++ status
Size is 84.5H x 60W x 60D cm
5 year warranty applies

Best UK Dishwashers Overview:

  • Our first dishwasher that you should definitely consider is the Bosch White Full Size Dishwasher code reference SMS67MW00G which is usually priced over £600 when seen at the time of this review but it is definitely worth it if you have this level of money to spend.
  • While it will set you back over £600, there is a credit card plan available which allows you to pay for it over a longer term so at least you don’t have to pay for it all up front (additional charges apply). Home deliveries can be organised in a few days and there is the option of adding the recycling and installation services to your shopping basket in the event you don’t have a local agent or plumber available.
  • Some of the key important aspects of this dishwasher that you will enjoy is the higher level of hygiene after the cycle run as that function can be added as an optional extra which works on the basis of additional rinsing. The Variodrawer is also a nice addition to have along with the PerfectDry function which makes sure everything is spotless and dried in the best possible way that you would expect.
  • You get space for 14 place settings with this Bosch dishwasher and it comes with the Zeolith technology which works harder and smarter using less energy to have all the cutlery and tableware completely clean and dry. There is a great selection of 7 programmes to choose from such as prewash, half load, glassware, baby mode, economy mode and intensive and it comes backed with the best possible energy A+++ rating.
  • Basket racks can be adjusted where needed to fit in larger pots and pans. Another bonus here is for removing bacteria and allergy’s using the Hygiene function which works superbly for babies and allergy sufferers.
  • The quick wash provided lasts for 29 minutes long, the size dimensions to note are 85.5cm high by 60cm wide by 60cm deep and it comes backed with a 5 year warranty for extra peace of mind. You also get the rinse aid and salt refill indicators as standard as well as the delay starter for up to 24 hours and a child lock safety protection system for the little ones.

Price Guide: Less than £700 @ the time of this review

Option 2: Whirlpool White Full Size Dishwasher - WFC3C33PFUK

Summary of Main Features:

Recycle & installation options
Home deliveries organised
Low noise silent motor
Include 6th sense technology
Reduced energy consumption
Space for 14 place settings
Vertical pan clean support
Creates more vertical space
Includes 8 programme options
Includes 30-minute quick wash
Energy rating A++ status
Size is 85H x 60W x 59D cm
2 year warranty applies

Best UK Dishwashers Overview:

  • Up next we have the very popular UK Whirlpool White Full Size Dishwasher reference code WFC3C33PFUK which can be easily ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free – installation and recycling are optional extras if you need to use them which will tend to set you back a further £40 to £70 extra.
  • This dishwasher tends to be available for less than £400 and you can double check todays price further below, which in our opinion is great value for the level of money you need to pay. The noise level here is hardly noticeable which is supported with the Silent motor drive technology and of course it comes backed with their 6th Sense technology to get the best possible results while using the least amount of water and energy possible.
  • The quality of the power cleaning results here are exceptional and it provides you with space for 14 place settings and an energy rating of A++. For larger pots that are heavily soiled, you can use the vertical positioning where the water jets can access them a lot easier and more efficiently – this means far less scrubbing of heavily soiled pots and pans on your end after family gatherings.
  • You get a selection of 8 programmes here that include glassware, quick-wash and intensive mode and the quick wash lasts for just 30 minutes for lesser loads that are not too heavily soiled. You get the rinse aid and salt refill indicators as standard along with the delay starter for 24 hours so you can run the appliance at a time that suits you.
  • The dimensions here are 85m high by 60cm wide by 59cm deep and it comes back with a 2 year warranty for parts and labour. There are 3 temperature settings available, the top basket is adjustable, and the level of water used on average per cycle is only approx. 9.5 litres

Price Guide: Less than £400 @ the time or our review

Option 3: Samsung White Series 6 Dishwasher - DW60M6050FW

Summary of Main Features:

Top rack is height adjustable
Place space settings x 14
Racks for utensils & cutlery
7 programmes available
Self-cleaning programme
Quick wash 30 mins long
Half load & baby options
Delay starter 24 hours
Child lock protection function
Energy rating status A++
Size is 84.5H x 59.8W x 60D cm
Warranty is 2 years long

Best UK Dishwashers Overview:

  • Our third UK Dishwasher for you to take a closer look at is the Samsung White Series 6 full size Dishwasher code DW60M6050FW which is certainly one of our top choices from this list based on the range of programmes it provides and the cleaning performance results achieved.
  • Heavily soiled dishes, cutlery, cups, glasses, pots and pans is no problem whatsoever for this dishwasher as it can have everything spotless especially when you choose to use the intensive mode cycle. All your delicate glassware and china get extra care and attention when you choose to use the glassware programme which will not disappoint you.
  • The price range here is a little on the high side however it tends to be available for less than £500 when seen at the time of this review which can be double checked further below. Credit plans are available to spread the cost over a longer term however additional charges will be added for the longer payment term.
  • If you need to use the recycling services or the if you need help with installation, then these additional services can be added to the order basket in the event that you don’t have access to support locally. You get plenty of room internally with the 14 place settings and the third rack can be used for thoroughly cleaning more utensils and cutlery which is certainly impressive.
  • This dishwasher comes with an A++ energy rating to help you reduce your utility bills and the 7 programmes available include options for glassware, baby, economy mode, intensive, half load and quick cycles. Another handy feature to have here is the fact that the top rack is height adjustable which helps you fit in larger items when needed on the bottom racks.
  • You get the self-cleaning function here also to make sure the interior is kept in the best possible condition and you also get the indicators for the salt refill and rinse aid along with the delay starter which works up to 24 hours. The dimensions to note for installation is 84.5cm high by 59.8cm wide by 60cm deep and it comes backed with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Price Guide: Less than £500 @ the time or our review

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Best UK Dishwashers Continued – Options 4 & 5

If the first 3 dishwashers from our list haven’t ticked all of your boxes just yet, then check out our next few recommendations in brief summary outlined as follows. Again, all of these can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free which is normally just a few working days and in most cases, less than 1 week. Stock availability and up to date prices can be double checked using the price checkers provided.

Option 4: Hotpoint White Full-Size Dishwasher - HFO3C22WF

Overview of Main Features:

Premium 3D Zone Washing Technology
Additional 40% wash power available
Works superbly on heavily soiled items
Quick cycle is just 30 minutes long
Water spray jets are pressure calibrated
Economy mode, prewash & intensive modes
Delay starter 24 hours & child lock protection
Includes both rinse aid & salt refill indicators
Higher number of 9 programmes available
14 place space settings & Energy A++ rating
Dimensions are 85H x 60W x 59D cm
Warranty: 10 year parts & 1 year labour
Price Guide: Less than £400 – View Below

Option 5: Hoover White Full-Size Dishwasher - HDPN 2D520PW

Overview of Main Features:

Available in black colour finish also
Installation & recycling extras can be used
Swift home delivery solutions - few days
Optional credit card plans to spread the cost
Higher selection of 9 programmes
Quick wash is lower at just 24 minutes
Larger space 15 place settings
High Hygiene and sterilizing solutions
Half load wash solution for lesser water
Smart connectivity capability Wizard app
Dimensions are 85H x 60W x 60D cm
Warranty is 1 year labour & 10 years parts
Price Guide: Less than £400 – View Below

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Last 2 Best Dishwashers in the UK – Options 6 & 7

If you need to spend slightly less or consider lower priced alternatives, then check out our last 2 dishwasher solutions below which will not disappoint you. Both of these dishwashers are generally available for less than £350 and in some cases less than £300 when local promotional discount activities are in place. The option from Candy provides a larger 16 place setting while the Beko provides a higher energy A+++ rating status.

Option 6: Candy White 16 Place Full Size Dishwasher - CDPN 1L670SW

Overview of Main Features:

Larger space 16 place settings
Ability to carry over 170 items in a load
Smart connectivity capability Smart touch
Higher temperature cleaning solutions
Assists in removing bacteria and germs
Energy rating A+ and just 5 programmes
Delay starter works up to 9 hours long
Economy mode, intensive & glassware
Top basket can be adjusted when needed
Indicators for rinse aid & salt refill
Size dimensions 85H x 60W x 60D cm
10 year parts & 1 year labour warranty
Price Guide: Less than £300/£350 region

Option 7: Beko Graphite Full Size Dishwasher - DFN16430G

Overview of Main Features:

Graphite stylish finish, white alternative
Home delivery, installation & recycling
Higher energy rating A+++ status
Wash adapts to suit particular loads
High performance cleaning every time
30 minute quick wash and 6 programmes
Includes a Quick&Shine programme
Quick wash for lighter soiled items
Half load for lesser energy & water usage
Folding plate supports and adjustable baskets
Space of 14 place settings & LED display
Size dimensions 85H x 59.8W x 60D cm
Price Guide: Less than £330/350 region

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Final Conclusion

After reviewing over 30 dishwashers, we hope this narrowed down list can help you out in some small way and give you some direction on which brand you can work with. You should be familiar with most of these brands already and based on our own experiences and general customer feedback, these are the 7 best dishwashers that we would recommend the most at the present time.

Further customer reviews along with technical information can be checked out below if you need to explore further information

Optional Feedback – Educate Others?

Did you find our list of best Dishwashers in the UK useful in any way? Or did you manage to find a better Dishwasher elsewhere at a better price?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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  1. Hi there, I have read through the buying guide of of these best dishwashers as I am based in the UK and I found this to offer some good suggestions so cheers for that. I must say that this is the most comprehensive guide ever seen online without any of the waffle I have seen elsewhere. I personally would prefer the Bosch Full Size dishwasher as I have other appliances from them and they never let me down and they last a long time – longer than others I have used

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