Indesit Dishwasher Review 2023 – Which Model?


Do you need to know more about Indesit Dishwashers? If so, then make sure to take a look through our Indesit Dishwasher review which will provide you with all the information you need before you commit to any purchase. Our focus for this Indesit dishwasher review will be on 3 different models namely the Full size, the Integrated and the Slimline version so there should be something here to cater for everyone’s needs. Prices tend to be fairly attractive from what we have seen where you should be able to get your hands on one for less than £250 excluding any delivery costs (many delivery costs can be included FOC) depending where you buy.

Our review will also include a video summary to cover the main points you need to know, some FAQ’s that may answer some of the queries you may have plus a comparison table so you can make whatever comparisons you need to make yourself. We will also include the main pros and cons we came across and all of these are outlined further down on this page. For easier navigation, our review will be split into 7 parts as follows…

Indesit Dishwasher Review Content

  • Part 1: General FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Video Recommendations
  • Part 3: Best Indesit Dishwashers – Full Size / Integrated / Slimline
  • Part 4: Overview of Main Pro and Cons
  • Part 5: Comparison Table
  • Part 6: Guidelines on Salt refill, Rinse aid & Cycles
  • Part 7: Conclusion (plus Optional feedback)

As guide prices can only be shown at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information

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Part 1: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How long is the quick wash cycle?
A. The quick wash on the full-size model lasts for just 28 minutes and the Integrated model is 40 minutes
Q2. Is there a half load cycle option for lighter loads?
A. No, unfortunately the full size dishwashers doesn’t give you the option for running a half load cycle but the Integrated and slimline models does
Q3. How much water is used in the cycles?
A. On average, these dishwashers use between 11 to 12 litres of water per cycle.
Q4. What is the length of the drain hose on the rear?
A. The length of the hose on the rear is 1.5m long
Q5. What is the plate size dimensions for the dishwashers?
A. It depends on the model in question but tends to be 9 inches to 11.5 inches on average when the top rack can be adjusted.
Q6. Why is it important to keep the salt filled in?
A. Salt is needed to be topped up regularly to prevent the formation of limescale build up.
Q7. How long are the cycles on the integrated Indesit dishwasher?
A. The rapid cycle is 40 mins, the normal cycle is 2 hours 25 minutes and the economy wash can be 4 hours long
Q8. Does the integrated dishwasher have adjustable legs?
A. No, there is no adjustable feet or legs with the integrated version
Q9. Does he Integrated come with fixing for the front door panel?
A. Yes, while it doesn’t have the door, it comes with the fixings for attaching the door panel
Q10. How long does the economy cycle last for on the Integrated Indesit dishwasher?
A. This cycle is the longest running cycle and will last for approx. 4 hours long

Part 2: Video Recommendations

Part 3: Best Indesit Dishwashers – 3 Recommendations

After reviewing over 10 dishwashers from Indesit, we have narrowed our list to what we believe are the 3 best solutions when it comes to full size dishwashers, Integrated dishwashers and Slimline narrower dishwashers so feel free to skip to the one that interests you the most.

Option 1: Indesit White Full-Size Dishwasher - DFE1B19

Summary of Main Features:

Black & Silver alternatives
One push button Push&Go
Space 13 place settings
Rapid quick wash 28 minutes
6 programmes available
Adjustable top rack basket
Delay starter to 8 hours
Noise level output 49 dB(A)
Size is 85H x 60W x 59D cm
Energy rating status A+
Parts warranty 10 years
Labour warranty 1 year

Indesit Dishwasher Overview:

  • When it comes to full size dishwashers from Indesit, the model that we recommend the most is the Indesit White Full-Size Dishwasher code DFE1B19 which is usually found on sale for less than £250 when seen at the time of this review (excluding delivery costs). This particular code comes in a white finish however there is also black and silver alternatives if you need to look beyond the standard white finish.
  • Home deliveries can be organised as well as recycling and installation services by adding it to your shopping cart if you don’t have a local agent available to do the job for you. It comes with 13 place settings for the average sized family and there is the 28-minute quick wash available if you don’t want to wait over 1 hour to have the dishes cleaned
  • For easier navigation of the controls, you have the Push&Go button which works great and takes away all the complications when running the appliance and the delay starter can be set up to 8 hours into the future at a time that suits you the best.
  • There are 6 programmes provided which include economy, prewash, quick wash and intensive plus it comes with 3 temperature settings along with an Energy A+ rating. The top rack basket is adjustable, and you have the salt refill indicator to manage any limestone deposits.
  • The level of noise is quite low at just 49 dB(A), a cutlery basket is included in the package and the estimated level of water used per cycle is 12 litres on average.
  • For installations, the dimensions to note are 85cm high by 60cm wide by 59cm deep and it comes with a 1-year labour and 10-year parts warranty for your added protection

Price Guide: Less than £250 excluding delivery

Option 2: Indesit Stainless Steel Integrated Dishwasher - DSIE2B10UK

Summary of Main Features:

Integrated dishwasher solution
Designed to be built in
Slim narrower build design
Space 10 place settings
Quick wash 40 minutes long
Swift home deliveries
5 programme options
Half load alternative
Salt refill indicator included
Energy rating A+ status
Size 82H x 44.8W x 55.5D cm
Labour warranty 1 year
Parts warranty 10 years

Indesit Dishwasher Overview:

  • If you need an integrated dishwasher instead, then the dishwasher you should consider is the Indesit Stainless Steel Integrated Dishwasher code DSIE2B10UK which is usually available for less than £280/£300 when seen at the time of our review and comes backed with home delivery options as well as recycling and installation services (limited installations are available – you will need to check your eligibility)
  • This dishwasher is designed to be built into your kitchen layout so dimensions are slightly smaller, so you end up a smaller 10 place setting.  As it is integrated, it blends in with your kitchen layout and doesn’t require as much space as a full size dishwasher so space can be saved for other functions and appliances in the kitchen plan.
  • There are 3 temperature settings here along with 5 programmes such as intensive, normal, half load and economy mode and the quick wash solution is slightly longer at 40 minutes duration. The top rack basket is also adjustable which can help with fitting in larger plates underneath.
  • The rapid quick wash cycle is really for lightly soiled crockery without any dried food resides, the intensive mode is ideal for dried heavily soiled crockery so you should avoid putting in delicate glassware or china in this particular cycle. The economy mode is the best in terms of energy usage and water consumption but be prepared to wait for the cycle to finish as this particular cycle runs for 4 hours
  • You get the indicators here for the Rinse aid refill and the salt refill to deal with any limestone deposits and the noise level emitted is 51 dB(A) with an energy A+ energy rating status. It comes with the overflow protection and cutlery basket holder as standard and the amount of water used per cycle is 11.5 litres on average.

Price Guide: Less than £280 excluding delivery

Option 3: Indesit White Slimline Dishwasher - DSFE1B10

Summary of Main Features:

For smaller type kitchens
Narrower slim build design
Install & recycle options
Space for 10 place settings
Quick wash 30 mins long
6 programmes available
Half load & economy modes
Noise level is ~51 dB(A)
Size 84H x 45W x 59D cm
Water usage ~ 11 litres/cycle
Energy rating A+ status
Warranty 10 years for part & 1 year for labour

Indesit Dishwasher Overview:

  • Our third and final option on this short list is for smaller kitchens or apartments and it’s the narrower designed Indesit White Slimline Dishwasher code DSFE1B10 which is 15cm narrower than the full size wider dishwasher and it comes backed with an energy rating A+ status to keep your utility bills as low as they can be.
  • Some of the cycles can be somewhat long to complete but you have the option of using the 30 minutes quick wash solution for lighter and lesser soiled loads of dishes and crockery. The normal cycle and intensive cycles can take over 2 hours to complete so again if you are in a hurry, then get accustomed to the quick wash solution as best you can.
  • Home deliveries are organised within a few working days and the additional services of recycling and installation can be added to your shopping basket if needed which can set you back a further £50 to £100 on average. If you have someone local or a friend that can install it at a bargain price, then make that phone call but make sure they are fully qualified to complete the job properly.
  • As it is narrower, there is a lower number of 10 place settings but again it is designed for people with limited space in their kitchen layout.  There are 6 programmes provided which include prewash, intensive, rapid, economy, normal and the dimensions when it comes to installations are 85cm high by 45cm wide by 59cm deep.
  • The top rack basket is adjustable, the weight of this appliance is 39.5kg and you get 3 temperature settings, a half load option as well as the cutlery basket as standard. Water usage per cycle is 11 litres on average and it comes backed with a 10 year warranty on parts and a 1 year warranty for labour.

Price Guide: Less than £250 excluding delivery

Part 4: Overview of Main Pros and Cons to Note

Main Pros Noted:

  • Simple dishwasher to navigate and use – controls are laid out well so even if you have no prior experience of using dishwashers, you will find this appliance as simple as they can get
  • Noise levels are as low as they say they are – you hardly even notice it when it is turned on so we would have to give it a 10 out of 10 in this regard.
  • Cleaning results are excellent across the various programme selections – the power from the spray arms really do get all the various dishwasher items cleaned as they should be.
  • Having the top adjustable basket provides extra flexibility when it comes to fitting in larger plates, pots or pans on the bottom rack
  • The layout of the basket racks and cutlery basket is certainly impressive to accommodate anything that you would possibly need to get cleaned. Overall, it does as good a job as you would expect and provides good value for the money.

Main Cons Noted:

  • No smart NFC connectivity is available unlike more premium models we have seen
  • No cycles for glassware and half load cycles are only available on select models
  • Economy modes and some of the other cycles are far too long – you will need to be patient!
  • There is no child lock function mechanism which is handy to have if you have young children in your home
  • Quick wash solution is really only useful for lighter loads and lighter soiled items – don’t expect heavily soiled dried pots and pans to be fully cleaned after the shorter quick wash.

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Part 5: Comparison Table

If you need further clarity on dimensions and features on these 3 Indesit dishwashers, then check out the comparison table provided below

DishwasherIndesit Full SizeIndesit IntegratedIndesit Slimline
Place settings:131010
Quick wash:28 minutes40 minutes30 minutes
Energy Rating:A+A+A+
Smart connection:N/AN/AN/A
Noise Level:49 dB(A)51 dB(A)51 dB(A)
Delay Starter:8 hoursN/AN/A
Half load:NoneIncludedIncluded
Salt Refill:IndicatorIndicatorNo indicator
Rinse aid:IndicatorIndicatorNo indicator
Child lock:NoneNoneNone
Water/Cycle:~12 litres~11.5 litres~11 litres
Parts warranty:10 years10 years10 years
Labour warranty:1 year1 year1 year

Part 6: Salt, Rinse Aid & Cycle Guidelines

Salt Reservoir Filling:

Keeping the salt reservoir filled will salt will help to minimise any limestone deposits on the internal components and also your dishes and crockery. You should make sure that the salt reservoir is never left empty and give it a quick check once every month. The salt reservoir is located on the base on the internal drum and it should be filled when the green float on the cap of the salt reservoir can no longer be seen. Simply unscrew the reservoir cap and when using it for the first time, fill it with water first. Use a funnel and pour in the salt until it reaches the top edge  - it can take approx. 1kg of salt to reach the edge. Wipe away any spillages and screw the cap back on as tight as you can.

Rinse Aid Guidelines:

When you add rinse aid, it makes the chore of dish drying easier to do. Open the cap and pour it in until the dark optical indicator on the dispenser becomes clear and transparent. As a guide, the maximum rinse you should add is between 100ml and 110ml and make sure it does not overflow. If you have any spillages, make sure to wipe it off with a dry towel or cloth. Once filled in, then press down the cap until you hear the lock click sound.

Cycle Times, Water & Energy Usage:

The diagram below outlines the different programmes available on the Integrated dishwasher and the timings, water usage and energy consumption for each. For example, the Intensive cycle uses a lot more energy than the economy mode but the timings for the intensive is only 2 and half hours while the economy lasts for 4 hours. The rapid quick wash of 40 minutes will use just 8 litres of water and consume one of the lower levels of energy needed. Further information is outlined below so you can see for yourself what to expect from each of these cycles.

Part 7: Brief Conclusion

After completing our review on Indesit dishwashers, we hope our recommendations can help you out in some small way. We have included a full size dishwasher, an Integrated dishwasher and also a slimline version for smaller kitchens so there should be something here that can cater for your needs. Would we recommend Indesit dishwashers? Without a doubt, we have no hesitation in recommending these Indesit dishwashers and further information for our number 1 choice can be checked out further below along with additional customer reviews

Educate others – Optional Feedback:

Did you find our Indesit Dishwasher review useful in any way? Anything positive or negative to report yourself about Indesit Dishwashers?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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