Who makes Indesit Washing Machines?


So, who makes the Indesit Washing Machines? This is a question that we have seen being asked over and over again, so we plan to add some clarity on this topic today. Indesit are a very large company based in Fabriano, Italy with 16,000 employees who manufacture various appliances and they have now been bought over by Whirlpool who are based in the USA.

Whirlpool own a range of other brands that include the likes of Hotpoint that you will already be familiar with along with KitchenAid, Maytag and of course Whirlpool. The company of Indesit was founded back in 1975 and it was listed on the Milan stock exchange in the year of 1987. Their industrial reach goes further than Italy as they also have operations in Russia, Poland and the UK.

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Indesit Brand:

The brand of Indesit would be considered a market leader in many countries across Europe and even Russia and it has also become a very popular brand in the UK. Not only do they make washing machines, but they manufacture a range of other appliances such as Tumblers, dishwashers and fridges. They have washing machines in their portfolio such as 7kg drums up to 10kg and they have a selection of machines in black also along with freestanding and built in washing machine models. The company was founded by Vittorio Merloni and their parent company is now Whirlpool corporation.

Energy Rating:

One thing to note is that not all their washing machines offer a A+++ energy rating status. While scrolling down through some of their models, many of them especially the lower priced model codes only have a A++ energy rating so you will need to double check the appliance code before you commit. Particularly, if you need a washing machine with a A+++ energy rating status, so don’t assume that all their washing machines have this status.

Common Faults:

Generally speaking, you will experience minimal faults with these machines however as time goes by and like other branded washing machines you may experience some common faults. The types of common faults that tend to come up are machine water drainage, doors not closing properly and issues with filling the machine with water. We have not experienced any of these ourselves, but these types of common faults have been reported which tend to be isolated cases only. We will be completing a more detailed review at a later date so check that out in the search bar above.

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Some brands only offer a 12 month warranty while other brands may offer a 5 year warranty. The one thing we liked about the Indesit warranty is that they offer 1 year on labour and 10 years on associated parts so there is a great level of protection to be fair when you are making an investment like this in your home.

Support - UK & ROI:

For any customer support for repairs or even local repair engineers, you can call 03448 111 606 if you are based in the UK or 0818 313 413 if you are based on the Republic of Ireland.

Recommended Indesit Washing Machine:

If you have a larger family and you need a larger drum size Indesit washing machine, then check out our recommendation below which provides you with an A+++ energy rating and a larger 10kg washing drum capacity.

Indesit White 10kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine - XWE101683W

Summary of Features:

Larger washing capacity of 10kg
Energy Rating Status A+++
Faster spin speed 1600 rpm
Push & wash programme included
30-minute quick-wash
16 programmes available
Size is 85H x 59.5W x 60.5D cm
Water balance technology
Water consumption ~ 58L/cycle
10 year warranty for parts
1-year warranty for labour
Install & recycling are available

Indesit Washing Machine Overview:

  • If you need a larger sized washing machine from Indesit, then the model that we recommend is the Indesit White 10kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine reference code XWE101683W which provides plenty of power to remove stubborn stains and plenty of space for washing larger type loads. Unlike many other washing machines that have just the A++ energy rating, this model actually comes with the superior A+++ energy rating for optimum washing results.
  • This machine offers a very easy to use push and wash programme so that wash cycles will perform at their best in a cycle that caters for several washing types where it becomes a one touch type washing solution for your everyday washing needs.
  • Some of the features that stand out here along with the push and wash programme is the water balance technology for optimum water usage, a 30 minute quick wash, 16 programmes to choose from and of course the reliable warranty of 10 years on parts and 1 year for any labour requirements.
  • The dimensions to take note of before you buy is 85H by 59.5W by 60.5D cm so double check your available space in particular the larger depth dimensions. It is also a much heavier machine than your average washing machine coming in at nearly 75kg in weight so a second set of hands will be needed for installations.
  • For wash timings, the max washing time for a 40 degree Celsius cotton wash is 160 minutes but as mentioned earlier, you can choose to use the 30 minute quick-wash instead for clothes that are not heavily stained. It doesn’t include cycles for baby, shorts, easy iron or hand wash but it does include cycles for eco wash, cottons, woollens, delicates, sports and silk cycles – more information is outlined further down on this page

Price Guide: Less than £400 from Argos UK – View Below

Types of Programmes:

A short overview is outlined below of the types of programmes you can expect to get when choosing this 10kg larger Indesit Washing machine – an overview of the programmes that are not included is also outlined…

Programmes Included:

Synthetics cycles
Intensive cycles
Darks cycles
Eco wash cycle
Delicates cycle
Cottons cycle
Woollens cycle
Spin and drain cycle
Sports cycle
Silks cycle

Programmes Not Included:

Mixed cycles
Hand wash cycle
Baby cycle
Shirts cycle
Sensitive cycle
Freshen up cycle
Easy Iron cycle
Pre-wash cycle

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Remaining Moisture:

After the washing machine has run at a 40 degree Celsius programme, the level of moisture retained tends to be 44% on average where many other machines we have seen tend to be over 50%. This is particularly great to know when it comes to getting your clothes dried that bit quicker than normal. The same moisture level of 44% is also achieved when running programmes at the higher temperature level of 60 degree Celsius.

Your Feedback – Educate Others?

Have you ever used an Indesit washing machine yourself in the past? What was the service level like? Do you have anything good or bad to report about Indesit washing machines in general?

If possible, please educate the wider UK community by leaving your feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the community can learn also!


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