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Are you looking around for the Cheapest Indesit Washing machine in the UK? If so, then please make sure to check out our reviewed and researched list of the Cheapest Indesit washing machines which we have come across which hopefully will be of interest to you and help you out in some small way.

Some suppliers may give you a great price but don’t provide the back up support or the full-length warranty so you should always double check this before you make your final decision. Our top 3 Cheapest Indesit washing machines here come from a trusted UK supplier that we recommend that will provide all the back up support you need and they stand over the warranty of 10 years on parts and 1 year on labour which is good to know before you commit to a purchase.

Cheapest Indesit Washing Machines Content:

  • Part 1: Our Top 3 Cheapest options for Indesit Washing Machines
  • Part 2: Price Comparison Options
  • Part 3: Comparison Table (Dimensions etc)
  • Part 4: Conclusion & Feedback

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Before you start, please note that guide prices can only be shown at the time of this cheapest Indesit washing machine review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Part 1: Our Top 3 Cheapest Indesit Washing Machines

Option 1: Indesit White 7kg Spin Washing Machine 1200 - IWC71252

Summary of Features:

Washing capacity of 7kg
Spin speed operation 1200 rpm
Energy Rating A++
20 minute quick-wash
Water Balance technology
Cotton 40 + 60 programmes
Size 85H x 59.5W x 51.7D cm
1-year labour warranty
10 years parts warranty

Cheapest Indesit Washing Machine Overview:

  • Our first researched option that you should take a serious look at is the Indesit 7kg Spin Washing Machine with a spin speed of 1200 reference code IWC71252 which was on sale for less than £200 at the time of this review and in some cases can be discounted for even less than £180 which is great value for what you get. This is also backed with customer support from a reputable supplier and the warranty of 1 year on labour and 10 years on associated parts.
  • Prices quoted include home delivery however recycling and installation services will cost extra. If you don’t want to pay for it all up front, you can choose the credit card plan which helps to spread the cost over a longer period but again there are some extra costs associated to this.
  • The 7kg capacity equates to 25 adult t-shirts and it is designed more for smaller and medium sized families. There are 16 programmes to choose from here for a range of different fabrics such as economy, synthetics, wools and cotton. One of the stand-out features it provides is the Water balance technology to help reduce the water usage and make it go that bit further.
  • Spin speeds and the temperatures can be adjusted, the energy rating provided is A++ and the sports shoe cycle is great for removing odours, bacteria and sweat while maintaining its appearance. For your baby, it can work on various items to remove common allergens and tougher stains.
  • The dimensions to note are 85H by 59.5W by 51.7D cm, there is a quick-wash for 20 minutes so you can wash the next batch done quicker and the weight of the unit is slightly less than 64kg. There are 16 programmes to choose from which include handwash, woollens, sensitives, cottons and eco modes but there are no cycles here for silks, freshening up, easy iron or shorts cycles.
  • The moisture that remains after a cycle is generally around 53% and it can use around 41 litres of water for each cycle. There is no child lock incorporated with this machine and you get a warranty of 10 years on parts and 1 year on specified labour requirements.

Price Guide: Less than £200 from Argos UK

Option 2: Indesit White 8kg Spin Washing Machine 1200 - IWC81252ECO

Summary of Features:

Washing capacity of 8kg
Same spin speed of 1200 rpm
Energy rating also A++
20 minute quick-wash
Water balance technology
Size 85H x 59.5W x 57.2D cm
Specific Sports Cycle in place
10 years parts warranty
1-year labour warranty

Cheapest Indesit Washing Machine Overview:

  • The second option that we believe you should consider when seeking the cheapest possible Indesit washing machine is the Indesit White 8kg spin washing machine with a spin speed of 1200 rpm and the model code to take note of is IWC81252ECO. This machine is only slightly more expensive than the first option above, but it was still found to be on sale for less than £200 at the time of this review (a discount of £20 was in place)
  • Credit card plans are available to spread the cost over a longer period (extra charges apply) and you can also get the extra services of recycling and installation if you wish which can be anywhere from £30 to £50 extra. This washing machine has a larger drum capacity size of 8kg, the spin speed works to 1200 rpm and it comes with the energy rating A++.
  • Like the first option above, this machine includes the sport cycle which works specifically to remove tougher stains while protecting your fabrics as the same time and the water balance technology helps to reduce the level of water used and helps to make it go that bit further.
  • This is part of the Eco range and the delay timer works great when you need to set the machine to operate at a future time (within a 24 hour window) instead of setting it before bedtime. Ideally you can have it set to finish up as you come home from your activities or from work.
  • The dimensions here are more or less the same at 85H by 59.5W by 57.2D cm, the quick-wash works for 20 minutes and it weighs almost 70kg. There are 16 programmes which include cycles such as sports, eco washing, cottons, delicates and synthetics but there are no cycles for hand wash, mixed, east iron or silk cycles.

Price Guide: Less than £200 from Argos UK – View Below

Option 3: Indesit EcoTime White 7kg Washing Machine - IWC71252W

Summary of Features:

Water Balance sensor tech
Energy Rating A++ Status
20 minute quick-wash also
Washing capacity is 7kg
Same spin speed 1200 rpm
Size 85H x 59.5W x 51.7D cm
10 year warranty on parts
1-year warranty for labour
Install & recycling are available

Cheapest Indesit Washing Machine Overview:

  • Our last option for you to consider which we believe offers one of the cheapest prices around is the Indesit EcoTime White washing machine with a drum capacity volume of 7kg reference code IWC71252W which can be found on sale for less than £200 from time to time depending on promotional activities
  • There is a good range of specialist wash programs to choose from here as there are 16 options in total. It has programmes for synthetics, spin and drain, eco washes, cottons, mixed and baby cycles however there are no cycles for woollens, easy iron, shirts, baby or silk cycles.
  • Similar to the previous options, it comes with the Water balance sensor technology which will only use a specific amount of water specific to the needs to each cycle. The spin speed here is also 1200 rpm and the rotation calibration system helps to remove the more difficult stains while protecting your clothes and fabrics at the same time.
  • The dimensions to note here at 85H by 59.5D by 51.7D cm so double check your available space before you commit to a purchase. The spin speeds are variable, the energy rating status is A++ and the same warranty applies (10 years parts and 1 year labour).
  • Moisture levels attained after the cycle is approx. 53%, there is a pause facility available (but no child lock) and the estimated water consumption level for the cycles is around 46 litres. Costs can be spread over a longer period if you wish using a credit card plan and the options of recycling and installation are also available if needed.

Price Guide: Less than £200 from Argos UK – View Below

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Part 2: Price Comparison Options

If the 3 options provided above so far above haven’t ticked all of your boxes just yet, then make sure to check out the additional option below which is definitely worth a closer look before you make that all important final decision.


Part 3: Comparison Table

To add further clarity on our top 3 in this list, then also check out the comparison table below which outlines all the key features and how all the dimensions compare against each other for easier viewing.

Model:Indesit 7kgIndesit 8kg EcoIndesit 7kg Eco
Model code:IWC71252IWC81252ECOIWC71252W
Drum Capacity:7kg8kg7kg
Spin speed:1200 rpm1200 rpm1200 rpm
Energy Rating:A++A++A++
Labour Warranty:1 year1 year1 year
Parts Warranty:10 years10 years10 years
Programmes: 161616
Quickwash:20 minutes20 minutes20 minutes
Water Consumption:41L / cycle48L / cycle46L / cycle

Part 4: Conclusion & Feedback

After reviewing and researching the cheapest possible Indesit washing machines, we hope that these 3 options have benefited you in some small way – please make sure to double check the prices above though to ensure you have the most up to date price information!

Perhaps you can find better prices than this – if you do, please make sure you double check the small print such as the warranty periods, model numbers and also if that supplier can offer you the recycling and installation services at reasonable prices also.

Feedback – Educate Others?

Did you find our list of the cheapest possible Indesit Washing Machines in the UK useful in any way? Or did you manage to locate a better price elsewhere?

If possible, please share your own feedback or opinions in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!


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